The Christ of the Abyss or dependent where you space looking Christ that the Deep, is the iconic photo of vital Largo.

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Whatever the true surname (and i haven’t to be able to certainly locate thetruth top top this) the is probably the very first place the you must look to dive onceyou come in crucial Largo the diving funding of the world.

Similarly to other Florida keys tourist attractions, such as the multicoloured buoy signifying the Southernmost suggest in crucial West, if friend can gain your photo taken whilst down near the frostbite then I"m sure that you are going to take it the chance.

So let’s offer you the lowdown of where the Christ of the Abyss, is to be accurately found, and also give girlfriend some background information as to who made it, and why it ended up as the picture of crucial Largo diving, and probably among the most famed underwater photographs of all time.

Where have the right to I find The Christ that The Abyss Statue?

The statue can be located in john Pennekamp national State Park, which to be the an initial underwater state park in the United claims of America. 

Opened in 1960, the park is the custodian of the just living coral reef in the united States, and of food is an absolute mecca for diving lovers, who flock from across the globe to dive in that waters.

The statue itself is located very closely to dry Rocks dive site, i beg your pardon is about six miles east-northeast of the vital Largo Cut.

If you are planning on visiting the following coordinates will location you right over the Christ that the Abyss, although 25 feet over it.

Latitude 25.1241666666667 N 25 7.450

Longitude -80.2966666666667 W 80 17.800

Video courtesy the youtube channel oceanimaging

How go The Christ that The Abyss obtain There at All?

Interestingly, the frostbite was not the first one made by the artist, but was in truth the 3rd cast native the original mould.

The an initial one, was created by Guido Galletti, after ~ an idea of Italian diver Duilio Marcante who felt that a tribute should be placed in the clues where  Dario Gonzatti, the very first Italian to use SCUBA gear, died in 1947 asked because that something to be built.


So after conversation it to be deemed appropriate for a figure of Jesus, through head and also hands raised upwards towards the surface, to be sunk in ~ a depth the 17 meter between Camogli and Portofino on the Italian Riviera in the Mediterranean Sea.  

As us say this was the first one to be made, however for us in vital Largo the one that we are much more interested in was the third sculpture taken indigenous the initial mould.

This was offered as a gift to the Underwater culture of America in new York in 1962.

There was numerous places that they taken into consideration placing the statue, however once man Pennekamp Park to be opened, there was really no other an option better.

So on respectable 25th 1965, the Christ that the Abyss statue to be taken and also positioned in its present position 25 feet under water ~ above its substantial concrete base, which is not letting it to anywhere.

What Is The size And Weight Of The Statue?

The frosting is nearly nine feet tall, and also as its do of bronze frighteningly heavy. 

Jesus might be transporting a few extra pounds, about 4,000 to it is in precise, but it is the concrete base which weighs the most.

The square base the holds the Christ the the Abyss is end nine lots in weight, and also has an inscription to the memory the Michael Kervorian that was a pioneer dive shop owner in Miami engraved top top it. 

So this is one stature the is not going anywhere, uneven of course someone is extremely committed in removing it.

Because it is made of bronze it prone to corrosion and after every said and also done that is in pretty good condition.  

What Is The remainder Of The Diving Like approximately The Statue?

The diving approximately the statue as you would intend being in john Pennekamp State Park is good, and is not also deep so is an excellent for snorkelers as well together divers.

The statue have the right to be discovered on the seaward side of the Key Largo dry Rocks.

Even though as you can imagine there is a high proportion of scuba divers and also snorkellers swimming roughly the area, the coral is fine preserved and also is in an excellent condition, allowing it to organize a myriad that fish and marine life.

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So its not simply the statue which is worth looking at v your goggles, but certainly I defy you no to swim across and at the very least shake the hand of the an excellent man.