For Trevor"s character, one with a distorted skeletal frame, Christian Bale had to shed much more than 25 kilograms of human body weight.

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Christian Bale Diet because that The Machinist (Photo credit – Getty Images/Imdb)

Christian Bale is one of the many respected gibbs in Hollywood for a reason. There’s no doubt on his exhilaration chops but an ext than that, it’s his dedication towards his character which provides him directors’ and fans’ favourite.

Bale proceeds to carry a legacy of what we speak to ‘method acting’. Ideal through his entire career, Christian has gifted us number of performances come remember. The most jaw-dropping one is his personality of Trevor Reznik indigenous The Machinist. Released in 2004, the film wasn’t a huge box office hit however it did enough to develop a mark of Bale’s dedication in the industry.

For Trevor’s character, one with a distorted bones frame, Christian Bale had to shed more than 25 kilograms of human body weight. Yes, he did the successfully but there were stages the actor had actually to monitor after seeing not-so-satisfying results. He played a personality of one insomniac industrial worker and to gain in that shape, Bale had actually a time framework of just 4 months.


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Christian Bale started with a diet the sounds as well scary to follow. He had to limit his entry to as much as 200 calories every day. He depended on whiskey and also lots of cigarettes initially. While talking to, the Dark article actor had actually said, “I come up v the for sure brilliant method of simply smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey to shed weight.” yet as the outcomes weren’t rapid as expected, he included black coffee, a solitary apple and a believe of tuna come his everyday routine.

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Christian Bale achieved a bodyweight of 54 kilograms by complying with the above-mentioned diet yet he thought it wasn’t enough and also decided to accomplish a load of 45 kilograms. Thankfully, The Machinist manager Brad Anderson and producers stopped him from cutting down weight anymore together it was really risky for his health.

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