From audacious rock bands favor Sex Pistols to Christian absent bands like Sanctus Real. Absent bands that begin with the letter S room varied. Indigenous the job-related to their targeted audience, "S bands" offer a wide variety in taste and also genres such together Psychedelic Rock, tough Rock, Metal, Folk, R&B, and also even Celtic music and also Nordic individual songs. Below is a compilation of some of the bands that carry a name start with the letter S.

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"The Script" was developed in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland. They space an irish rock tape specializing in soft rock, folk Rock, popular music Rock, Indie Rock, and alternative Rock. The band members room Danny O"Donoghue, note Sheehan, and also Glen Power. They have signed v the document labels Phonogenic Records, epic Records, Columbia Records, and RCA records.

The band deserve to trace its origins back to 1986 once the 12-year-old Daniel O"Donoghue and Mark Sheehan were part of the young band Mytown. They later on moved to Canada prior to working as producers for good artists such together Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, and TLC. After ~ moving earlier to Ireland, Glen strength joined the duo. They created the band the "Script."

The script discography has actually seven studio albums and one film. They additionally have 5 concert tourism in their music repertoire. They winner the best Selling ireland act in the civilization Music Awards in 2008. They brought the awards for "Best irish band" and "Best Album" in the Meteor Ireland Music Awards in 2009. The group has three BMI pop Awards, a Meteor choice Award, and an EBBA Award.

Smashing Pumpkins


The smashing Pumpkins is an alternate rock music band developed in Chicago, Illinois. They have been energetic from 1988 to 2000. They disbanded yet got with each other in 2006. The band has been active since then. The band was first signed v Caroline Records and has worked with Constantinople Records and Virgin Records. Lock have additionally worked v Martha"s, Rocket Science, BMG, and also Reprise. Warner Bros, sub Pop, Napalm, and also Sumerian are likewise on the perform of record labels they have actually signed with.

The wrecking pumpkins discography has actually studio albums that have a collection of gold, platinum, and multiple platinum certifications. They have 5 live albums, six compilation albums, a promotional compilation album, and five extended plays. The wrecking pumpkins also have two promotional EPs and also over thirty exit singles.

Their awards incorporate an American Music award in 1997, two Grammy Awards in 1997 and 1998, an MTV Europe Music compensation in 1996, and also two MTV video clip Music Awards in 1996 because that "1979" and "Tonight Tonight."The wrecking Pumpkins have also won an MVP Award, A Pollstar Concert sector Award.

Sanctus Real


The Sanctus genuine is a Christian absent band the delves right into the category of Christian alternative rock, Christian rock, power pop, and also rock music. It came together in 1996 in Toledo, Ohio. The band members room Chris Rohman, mark Graalman, and Dustin Lolli. Past members incorporate Mart Hammit, Steve Goodrum, Mike Gee, and Jake Rye. Seth Huff, Matt Kollar, Pete Prevost, and Dan Gartley are also past members.

Over the years, Sanctus actual has operated with the record labels Sparrow, Framework, and also Fairtrade. Their discography has eight studio albums, Ten Music videos, and twenty-eight singles. They gained nominated for assorted awards and accolades like the Grammy Awards in 2009 and 2098 for finest Rock Gospel Album and Best Contemporary/Pop Gospel Album. Castle have additionally been nominated for the GMA Dive Awards and also won one award for the very same in 2005 for the category modern Rock Album that the Year.



The "Silverstein" tape gathered in 2000 in Burlington, Ontario. The origin of their surname goes earlier to the book writer Shel Silverstein. The Silverstein tape members room Paul Koehler, mock Bradford, Billy Hamilton, Shane Told, and also Paul Marc Rousseau. The previous band members space Richard McWalter and also Neil Boshart.

The Silverstein band is well-known for music category Emo, Screamo, and also Post-hardcore music. It has a discography the boasts ten studio albums and over twenty concert tours in between 2005 and 2020. They also have two live albums, five extended plays, and eleven singles. The music group has 3 compilation albums and twenty-six music videos.


The Smiths banded in Manchester in 1982. The band members are Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and also Mile Joyce. The band was energetic between 1982 and also 1987 and got signed by rough Trade and Sire Records.

The Smiths specialize in the music genres of indie rock, alternate rock, short article Punk, and Jangle pop. Their music discography has 4 studio albums and also ten compilation albums. They additionally have one live album and also fourteen music videos. The Smiths have one prolonged play and also twenty-two singles.



The Sublime tape was created in 1988 and also lasted till 1996. The tape members to be Bradly Nowel, Eric Wilson, and also Bud Gaugh. Over the years, the band sublime has actually released five compilation albums, three studio albums, and one live album. They gained signed with MCA and also Skunk records. They developed music in the category of Reggae rock and Ska punk.

The group has been connected with action such as the Allstars, long beach dub, and the specials. They are likewise associated through acts such together Marshall Goodman, Sublime v Rome, The Ziggens, and Gwen Stefani, amongst others in a long list.

Swedish residence Mafia

The Swedish residence Mafia is a music supergroup formed in 2008. The group banded in Stockholm, Sweden. They develop music in the category of steady house, electro house, and also house music. The members are Axwell, Steve Angello, and also Sebastian Ingrosso. They are linked with plot such as Pharell Wiliams, Axwell &Ingrosso, man Martin, and Knife Party.

The Swedish residence Mafia has operated with Virgin records, to adjust of sound, Columbia Records, and also Sonic Music. Castle have also worked with EMI, Astralwerks, UMG, and also Polydor Records. Their discography includes two albums and also three tours.

The Swedish home mafia has received miscellaneous awards and also accolades. They encompass nominations in the Billboard Music Awards and also the DJ Awards. They have actually won the european Border Breakers Award and also two Grammis Awards in the best International Success and Best Electronic/Dance Album categories. They have been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards and have won ten worldwide Dance Music Awards. The Swedish home Mafia were likewise nominated because that the Teen an option Awards in 2013 and won 2 MTV europe Music Awards in 2010 and also 2011.



The Saturdays was a girl group developed in 2007 in London, England. The tape members space Franke Bridge, Una Healy, Rochelle Humes, Mollie King, and also Vanessa White. Lock have functioned with the record labels Polydor Records, fascinating Records, Geffen Records, and also Mercury Records. The team specializes in the genres of Pop, ElectroPop, and Dance-Pop. The band was energetic from 2007 to 2014 once they walk on hiatus.

Saturday"s discography has four albums and two prolonged plays. They have actually headlined in four concert tours and were a guest plot in 4 concert tours. Their accomplishments include a fact television series called "Chasing the Saturdays." their music singles have also made it right into charts favor the UK Singles graph by the official Charts Company. They got nominated because that several human being Music Awards. Castle have likewise cinched 2 Glamour Awards for band in 2011 and also 2013.

Secret Garden

The mystery garden is a band v roots in both Ireland and also Norway. Rolf Lovland and Fionnuala Sherry banded with each other to created the band "Secret Garden." The tape came together after win the Eurovision song Contest. Since then, the band has actually delved right into the music genres of brand-new Age music, classic music, Celtic and Nordic folk.

The band discography boasts a studio album the peaked in height positions in the Norwegian charts and also the Billboard new Age Digital track sales. They have actually one live album and also eight compilation albums.

Among their achievements is the Quadruple platinum trophy, one ASCAP Award, and several nominations v a Grammy compensation Nomination in 2014.

Sahara warm Nights


The Sahara Hotnights is one indie absent band. It specialization in the genres of garage rock and also revival music. The band additionally specializes in the formats of power pip and punk. The band members room Maria Anderson, Josephine Forsman, Hennie Asplund and also Johanna Asplund. Lock came with each other in 1992. Castle have functioned with the document labels such as Sony BMG, Speech, RCA Records, and Stand By your Band.

Sahara Hotnights have actually six albums in your discography, one expanded Play, and 20 singles.


The band Shinedown was developed in 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida. The present band members room Brent Smith, Barry Kerch, Zach Meyers, and Eric Bass. The past band members are Nick Perri, Jasin Todd, and Brad Stewart.

The band gained signed with document labels Roadrunner and Atlantic recording Corporation. They cave into hard Rock, pop Rock, alternative Rock, and Metal and also post-grunge music. Their discography boasts 5 studio albums, and also their debut album "Leave a Whisper got released in 2003.

Shine under was nominated as the ideal International newcomers in the Kerrang! Awards. It likewise got nominated in the contemporary Rick Artist of the Year and also Rock Artist that the Tear in the Billboard Music Awards in 2006. They were likewise nominated because that the American Music Awards 2009 and received 7 nominations in the iHeartRadio Music Awards between 2026 and 2021.

Sex Pistols

This English punk rock tape came with each other in 1975 in London, England. Castle were energetic in the years between 1975 and 1978 before breaking up. They came back together in 1996. They broke up again and got earlier together in 2002. Their final breakup was in 2008. They have actually not gotten ago together ever before since.

The band members were Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, glen Matlock, Paul Cook, and Sid Vicious. They worked with the record labels Warner Bros, global Music Group, Virgin Records, A&M, and also EMI records.This incredibly audacious absent band"s discography has actually one studio album certified many platinum in the UK and platinum in the US. Lock have 5 live albums and also seven compilation albums. They additionally have 29 singles amongst which, over there are 5 reissued songs.

Shooting Star


The "Shooting Star" tape came together in 1978 in Kansas, Missouri. The members to be Steve Thomas, Denis Laffoon, Janet Jameson, Todd Pettygrove, and also Chet Galloway. The band"s other members encompass Bill Guffey, van McCain, Ron Verlin, and Charles Waltz, among others top top a lengthy list.

The shoot star band was signed with Arista Records, Virgin Records, Epic documents Geffen, and V&R. They likewise worked with Enigma Records, Renaissance, and also Frontiers Records.The band"s discography contains nine studio albums, one live album, and also five compilation albums. They had actually thirteen singles and six promotional singles released in between 1979 and also 1989. They additionally have two limited edition vinyl solitary reissues.


Shpongle was created in 1996 together a psychedelic digital music project. The team was produced in Chobham, England, and delves into Psybient, Psytrance, and Psydub music. The band members room Simon Posford, Raja Ram, and also Michele Adamson. They first got signed through the document label Twisted UK i beg your pardon released your debut album in 1998. The band has also worked at Kinetic and also Bertelsmann Music Group.

Shpongle has actually a discography that is composed of 6 studio albums. They have actually four extended Play albums, four remixed albums, and three DVD releases. This DVD releases room Live in Concert in ~ the Roundhouse London 2008, Live in London 2014, and Live at Red Rocks Amphitheater.


The R&B team Silk was banded in Atlanta, Georgia. They have actually been active from 1989 come the present. They have signed with the document labels Elektra, liquid 8 and also Shanachie, and also the Silk Music Group. The team members are Tim "Timzo" Cameron, Jimmy Gates, Rasboro, Johnathan "John-John," and Gary "Lil G" Jenkins.

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The Silk team is renowned for the hit single "Freak Me." your discography consists of 7 studio albums, one compilation album, and also eighteen release singles. "Freak Me" was the most successful single with graph appearances at position 1 in the us Billboard hot 100 and also US Billboard warm R&B/Hip-Hop song in 1993.