“Central Park Karen” Amy Cooper declared she exhausted “all options” before shecalled 911 top top a black birdwatcher last year — together she relived in information Tuesday the viral fiasco that’s left she “terrified” come walk she dog in public.

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Cooper tho believes the she had actually no selection but to speak to the cops top top birder Christian Cooper, whom she asserted threatened her and also her dog when she didn’t comply through his request to placed the animal on a leash in central Park.

“I don’t recognize that as a mrs alone in a park that i had one more option,” Amy said on the podcast “Honestly with Bari Weiss” that come out Tuesday.

She declared that she was around to placed the leash on once Christian reportedly told her that if she didn’t comply, he’d carry out something the she was “not going to like.”

“I’m make the efforts to number out, girlfriend know, what does that mean? Is the a physical attack on me? Is that to mine dog? Like, what is he about to do?” she said.

She said Christian, who was holding a bicycle helmet in among his hands, pulled out dog treats and also called the pooch end to him.

Amy Cooper called Bari Weiss she assumed Christian Cooper can lure her dog over and shot to struggle him through his bicycle helmet.Christian Cooper via AP

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh mine gosh, is this man like going to like entice my dog end and try to like hit him through this bicycle helmet?"” she recalled.

At part point, she realized that Christian had begun filming her.

“It’s yes, really weird since he’s still standing there, girlfriend know, same an extremely physical posture, and suddenly out of him come this voice from man who’s been really dominant towards me,” she said.

“Suddenly, friend know, almost this victimized voicing , ‘Don’t come close to me. Don’t come any closer,” she said. “Like, virtually like he’s terrified of me … come me that’s even more terrifying now because you’ve unable to do from screaming in ~ me — if you preserved screaming at me, at the very least it to be consistent, but now his totality verbal demeanor has actually changed.”

The dog owner claimed she inquiry Christian to prevent recording her and when he didn’t listen, she made decision to call 911.

“I’d explored all my options. I tried come leave. Ns tried to look for anyone who’s around,” she recalled. “There was no noise, no sound. And also it was, you know, it to be my last attempt to type of hope that he would step down and also leave me alone.”

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In a now-viral video, Amy can be heard telling the birdwatcher the she is walking to call the cops and also “tell castle there’s an African-American man threatening mine life.”

She to be then viewed taking out her cellphone and telling 911 dispatchers that the male was “recording me and threatening myself and also my dog.”

Amy was later on charged with falsely report an incident, yet the case was tossed ~ she completed 5 therapy sessions.

She stated that the encounter and also the taking place backlash compelled her to flee her home and has left her traumatized about taking she dog outside.

“I’m terrified to take my dog because that a walk, since what if someone sees me get in a home and also realizes it’s whereby I live,” Amy said. “So, occasionally I’ll drive him end to a remote ar or something just to play with him.

“But it’s tho hard. There’s a beautiful long walking trail the I’d love to take it him on. I can’t take it him there because I’m terrified to get in the woods with him anymore.”

Amy Cooper claims that she has not spoken to Christian Cooper (pictured) because she referred to as the police ~ above him last year.William Farrington

Christian could not be automatically reached for discuss Tuesday.

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Amy stated she tho hasn’t spoken to him because the altercation go viral and led to her acquiring fired from she job.

Amy Cooper quiet insists the she had no other option yet to call the police ~ above birder Christian Cooper.Christian Cooper via AP

Asked what she would want to say come him, Amy claimed that she’s thought about it “a lot.”

“I have actually zillion questions of food in mine head or points I’d favor to say, but the one that really, ns really would similar to to start and open this conversation with is, ‘You fear me,"” she said. “And really just leave it there and leave it come him come respond ago to me as to what he desires to say back to that because I think that opens up the door to a conversation.”