The fact is the everyone will hate this list (or at least be angry around some consists or omission), yet the great news behind this arduous task of whittling under the preliminary perform of 500+ that we occurred down come a final 100 is that there is a many of good Christian rock the end there. The bad news, the course, is that a many these titles are out-of-print and probably a tad an overwhelming to find. Maybe the attention this list brings will assist resurrect a title or two. This would be one honor and also a good reward for this tough exercise in rock criticism.

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While the companion/parallel perform we printed in ours “sister” publishing (Heaven’s steel Fanzine’s “Top 100 Christian metal Albums of all Time”) had actually a less complicated and more narrow focus, defining exactly what “Rock” was a tad an ext difficult. The ‘90s revitalized and also catapulted an faint genre referred to as “indie rock,” which definitely threw a wrench right into the far simpler “does it rock or not” litmus test. Lighter, ambient and sometimes atonal experiments in music found their means into the understanding of rockers everywhere and also we’ve tried to reflect the in our list assembly, too.

Ultimately, there space five significant factors that enter judging an album in this light. One is greatness. Did the album touch the skies, so come speak? walk it achieve greatness? This is both subjective and also objective. This is wherein it’s great to meet and also discuss v industry world with either a keen sense of background or a great awareness of existing trends (both is also better). We had actually the aid of friends and compatriots like Brian Quincy Newcomb, kris Hauser, Dr. Tony Shore, as well as some smart and also enthusiastic readers that chimed in on Facebook.

Beyond greatness is that personal, completely subjective aspect of “Do i love it? do I sing follow me to it?” (or play air instruments). Basically, “Is it one of my favorites?” that would just make feeling that your vote because that “best” would certainly be equal to or close to “favorite” together well. This criteria is typically what will placed an album top top the list, and also the other 4 criteria space the sort of factors that will save an album ~ above this list.

One that the biggest factors is the “classic” factor, i m sorry I like to failure to the basic question of, “Will ns be listening to this album five years from now? “In the instance of some at an early stage Jesus absent albums, like just Visiting This planet or so Long back The Garden, the lifespan has practically surpassed 40 years. This is why i rarely give a “5” rating for albums in our Album reviews section. Come me, a “classic” is among those albums that stands the test of time. It still sounds great long after ~ its shelf-life (which is a nice sore subject with me and the Christian music industry, who seems to have no appreciation because that the classics**). The really hard to understand in the current how other is going to fare once it drops into the deep past of just four or 5 years.

Another vast factor is the “historical impact” of one album. Go it put Christian heavy metal top top the map? It might be argued, because that example, that Stryper’s to Hell v The adversary did that v its multi-Platinum sales and mad success on MTV’s Dial MTV. Did that freak the end the facility big-time? This might be claimed for beforehand pioneers, choose Larry Norman, either of the 2 Randy’s (Matthews or Stonehill) or Petra. Did the evolve a scene or take it it to one more level? The human Sacrifice album by Vengeance rising was certainly a historic event.

And finally, i beg your pardon (like the others) could stand on its very own as maybe the most crucial factor (though I’d argue it’s not) is popularity. Walk it market over a million copies? How countless times? go crowds i cry to see the artist on this details album’s tourism or shortly thereafter? Ideally, the top Christian absent Albums of all Time would score in ~ the optimal in every of these five categories. Vice versa, if they failed miserably in any one of these categories, it’d be hard to think about it the best.

So, without further ado, we push on v the list to end all lists. Or – more accurately – the list the started civilization War III in our scene.

In functioning on this list, it’s easy to acquire overwhelmed. The job is enormous. A pair of exercises i’ve taken v my own list, which to be hybrid-ized and conjoined with the lists of other market folks, is to listen to some standard radio. If these albums are going come be referred to as “the best,” then they much better stand the test of time. So, to obtain some perspective, I believed it way to hear to an Eagles track here, a Tom Petty track there. It’s more than likely too high that a standard to live increase to, but even listening come the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and also the roll Stones offer a an excellent benchmark on what is an excellent and what is not.

** A note about out-of-print albums and how they get there: The notion that the Christian music market is to blame because that this lack of evaluation for history is incomplete. You can’t blame the males in the suits at the document companies once you and also I as an audience space equally at fault. Us don’t buy old albums in numbers. Part of that quick attention expectations is the radio and television programming that’s the end there. If no one introduces united state or educates united state on the classics, how are we to know? not everyone has that friend who takes the time to educate you of Christian rock’s rich history. Magazines and also other mediums space guilty, too.

At HM we shot to keep a balance of background and current. We recognize that current is what world want, however we likewise realize that history is the structure of what’s current. Our old managing editor, Jason Dodd, stole the quote from what (I think): “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” together rock doubters we can meet our hunger because that greatness in ~ the same time us dish out existing trends if we have actually a tiny of both.

The formula for when an album becomes “out the print” goes something choose this: when the quantity or cost of warehousing the music (think boxes and boxes the CDs top top a shelf somewhere) over the revenue from sales, it’s significant out-of-print and also flushed the end of the system. Retailers may acquire a possibility at one last order with big discounts and then it’s off to the “junk dealers,” the buy this items in bulk at pennies ~ above the dollar. “I supplied to acquire really bummed out when one of our albums went out of print,” admits T&N’s Brandon Ebel, “but there is one upside to digital” (and that’s maintaining these albums alive).

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#1 U2 – The Joshua Tree|Island|1987

“This CD was the turning point because that me v U2. This album was so inspiring to the world. It to be a universal cry the spirituality and also common sense of human being feelings. On Joshua Tree Bono continued to accumulate me come write moral lyrics, like he did as soon as they an initial came the end in 1980. “I still Haven’t discovered What i’m Looking For” helped carry me the end of my religious insanity. It to be a perfect album in my opinion. The biggest thing ns noticed around this CD was after 4 awesome records there was a brand-new maturity in songwriting. God bless Bono and also U2.” —Doug Pinnick (King’s X)

“The Joshua Tree is no only one of the biggest rock albums of all time, however look at just how its sound has directly influenced modern worship. The influence of U2’s style on the church of today is unquantifiable!” —Paul Q-Pek (One bad Pig)

“Joshua Tree is among my favorite albums of all time.” —Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.)

It’s only fitting that the peak album top top this list is additionally a good candidate (and a an excellent argument) because that the top rock album of every time, duration – spiritual or secular. Offered that rock’s roots walk straight right into the church in the an initial place, it shouldn’t be lot of a surprised that an artist of belief would make some of the best music around, however it’s tho a cool thing.

This album took the band from large to mind-blowing in terms of prominence and also historical impact. The starts off v an unforgettable song that both create tension and brings emotional fulfillment. Favor any good blues song, it laments our current problems as the longs for heaven, where civilization will not gain beat down for life in a particular neighborhood. “Where the Streets have No Name” has actually probably the biggest crescendo in rock in what can be the greatest song in rock and also roll. That builds v a spiraling stress and anxiety that just explodes with shade – favor the transition from black and also white to vibrant stage lighting that the band employed for that performance step in their movie, Rattle and also Hum. Ns think the tape learned around the strength of a hypnotic, structure vibe through the vault album’s showstopper – “Bad.” —Doug valve Pelt