Every wedding moment is emotional in its own way. Indigenous the minute you wake up ~ above the huge Day come the minute you go earlier to your hotel room, this event will be filled through emotion, anxiety, joy, and beauty every at the exact same time.

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Of course, you desire your Father-Daughter dance to be among the highlights that this large life event – yet what are some of the finest Christian Father-Daughter dance song you should absolutely consider?

We have some tips for you – so check out on and find the end more.

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Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella

A sweet, emotional, and absolutely unforgettable song that re-tells the story the a father and also what that feels top top his daughter’s wedding day. Clearly, a tune that’s simply perfect for this kind of moment – and one that will certainly make at least a couple of guests cry tears the emotion once they watch you dancing with your father!


Cindy Morgan – King that the World

This tune is just as emotionally as any type of of the popular Father-Daughter run songs the end there – yet it additionally has a keep in mind of true joy and energy come it that makes it perfect for those that you who don’t necessarily want a an extremely slow tune for this moment. Furthermore, it’s perfect for every bride who had actually a an extremely close, special relationship with she fathers.

Go Fish – you’re My small Girl

No matter just how old you get, and how many children of your very own you will have, friend will always be her daddy’s little girl – and that’s precisely what this song is every about. Lovely, emotional, sweet, and much more than perfect for this unique wedding moment!


Bob Carlisle & Randy cutting board – Butterfly Kisses

By much one of the touchiest dad Daughter songs, “Butterfly Kisses” is a sweet, mellow, and also beautifully written track that will certainly melt anyone hearts. Appreciated by believer (and non-Christians alike), this track is a masterpiece to fill with actual emotion. Also the location of the track is gorgeously composed (referencing the “butterfly kisses” the dad receives every night after his daughter’s prayers). An amazing song come play for the Father-Daughter dance!