FlourishAnyway believes over there is a playlist because that just around any situation and also is ~ above a mission come unite and entertain the civilization through song.

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Secular pop, rock, and also country music is filled through songs around God, faith, and also church. Celebrate your spirituality with renowned music around faith.

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Secular Songs about Faith

My mom didn't see it coming as soon as my 5-year-old nephew looked at her with big doe eyes and also asked, "Nana, carry out you know God?" What a loaded concern for a kid to ask an agnostic. She replied that she had actually heard of Him, then adjusted the subject.

People rarely keep faith to themselves. Castle talk around spirituality through others whether it's welcomed or not. They transfer their beliefs on bumper stickers and also t-shirts. And also yes, they absolutely sing about it.

While us all know what to intend from a gospel song, you might not expect confidence to med pop, rock, and also country song as much as it does. However listen closely due to the fact that it's there. Popular singers room no exception to proselytizing. Over there is lot of of prayer, witnessing for Christ, and also talking to God in secular music.

Make a playlist that inspirational secular songs about God, faith and also church, if that's the way you roll. And also if not, then do this an intellectual an obstacle to see how plenty of of this pop, rock, and also country song you've heard of. We won't judge, either way.

1. "Something in the Water" by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is no stranger to mixing her music through her religion. She thrived up singing in chuch. This 2015 crossover hit won a Grammy and also topped both the country and Christian charts. It explains the adjust that took location in a young woman's life after she was baptized.

2. "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn

In this 2005 country song, a narrator recalls an influential old man from his childhood who was a faithful follower of Christ. The man has actually recently died, leaving the narrator to reflect on life and the everafter:

I can't quote the BookThe chapter or the verseYou can't call me it every endsIn a slow ride in a hearse.

3. "What If God Was among Us?" through Joan Osborne

Look for part thought-provoking inquiries in this 1995 rock song by Joan Osborne, a one-hit wonder. It'll do you think about how girlfriend treat other people. The underlying article is that God is in united state all, imperfect together we might each be.


"I to be as bad as the worst, yet thank God, i am as good as the best." - Walt Whitman, American poet

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4. "You found Me" by The Fray

The narrator in this 2008 rock tune sees God ~ above a street corner and also confronts Him around not being there once tragedies struck. That feels abandoned and is searching for answers about why bad things occur to good people.

5. "Back come God" by Reba McEntire

Country singer Reba McEntire place her belief front and also center through this 2017 song. It urges rather who are experiencing heartbreak, disappointment, and also life tragedies to provide the world earlier to God.

Reba divorced her husband the 26 year in late 2015, and also he began a serious relationship with one of her couple's friends. Ouch.

6. "What I've Done" by Linkin Park

The narrator in this hard rock song from 2007 seeks forgiveness and a break with the sins of the past. That regrets past actions and wants a clean slate: "Let mercy come and also wash away what I've done."

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7. "My Church" through Maren Morris

If girlfriend don't go to church, this 2016 nation song may make you want to. The narrator acknowledges that she has cussed, cheated, and also lied however finds redemption once she listens to country music. Contact her spiritual yet not religious.

8. "When I obtain Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley (Featuring Dolly Parton)

In this 2005 country song, the narrator is looking forward to the job he can shed the early on struggles and pain that have actually been weighing him under in this life. He really hopes that once he meets his Maker, he will certainly sing with the angels, check out his love ones that have actually passed on, and stand in the irradiate forever.

9. "Arms large Open" by Creed

When mine daughter was born, ns felt transformed due to the fact that I wasn't just living for myself anymore. Ns had one more person depending on me because that survival and also mentoring.

The bear of one's first child is an awe-inspiring, life transforming event, and also this 2000 rock track won a Grammy award for good reason. The portrays a brand-new father's earnest prayer to teach his child how to take on the civilization with arms large open.

"God loves every of united state as if there were only one of us." - Saint Augustine

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10. "God's Will" by Martina McBride

The narrator in this 2004 nation song recounts meeting and also getting to understand a physically disabled boy who to be selfless in that he prayed because that everyone however himself. His faithful devotion come God showed her the truth.

11. "I have the right to Only Imagine" through Wyonna Judd

Wyonna Judd it s okay choked up when she sings this touching 2005 nation song. The was very first recorded through Christian rock group MercyMe and also crossed over to tendency charts.

The tune defines the optimistic wondering that what it will certainly be like once the narrator stands before God:

Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel?Will i dance for You Jesus, or in awe of You it is in still?Will ns stand in her presence, or to mine knees will I fall?Will ns sing "hallelujah," will I be able to speak at all?I can only imagine.

12. "Jesus take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood

Driving residence on a snowy night with her infant in the backseat, a young mommy loses control of she car. Fortunately, lock both endure the incident, and also she credits Jesus for steering her to safety. Instantly following the harrowing event, she recommits herself to Christ, letting Him take it the wheel in steering she life.

This 2005 nation ballad was Carrie Underwood's first single on she debut album, and also it won two Grammy Awards. Carrie Underwood to be the 2005 winner that the 4th season the American Idol competition.

13. "Brother" by Needtobreathe (Featuring Gavin DeGraw)

The Christian rock band Needtobreathe accomplished this crossover fight in 2015 through this heartfelt tune. It describes the love kinship that exists between fellow human being beings—a comraderie that mirrors God's love for humanity:

Brother, let me be your shelterNever leave you every aloneI have the right to be the one friend callWhen you’re low.

The stained glass of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France before the structure melted in 2019.

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14. "Shine" by collective Soul

This uplifting rock song from 1993 is a prayer in which the narrator asks God to present him a sign. The asks that the holy Spirit's light shine down on the from heaven and also teach that the way.

In a sad irony, the shooter in the Virginia technology Massacre reportedly listened come this song obsessively and even scrawled some of its text on his dorm room wall. Allowing that tragedy to it is in this song's tradition betrays the pure and spiritual post of this lovely song.

Interesting Facts about Religions

Did girlfriend Know?Did you Know?

Although Judaism, Islam, and also Christianity re-superstructure the belief in one God, many other world religions room polytheistic (e.g., Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism).

The faith with the largest number of followers worldwide is Christianity, followed by Islam and also "unaffiliated."

There are an ext than 4,200 faiths in the world.

The scriptures is the best-selling publication of every time.

Although most religions have some concept of an immortality or reincarnation, some religions execute not (e.g., some sects of Taoism, some traditional African religions). Various other religions teach the heaven or hell is a state of psychic (e.g., Christian Science).

Some religious beliefs refuse contemporary technology such as telephones, computers, and also electricity (e.g., Amish). Others decline medical treatment (e.g., Christian Scientists; Jehovah's angry refuse blood transfusions).

In 2021, less than fifty percent of american belonged to a church.

Atheists are more likely 보다 U.S. Christians to to express a sense of wonder around the universe, according to surveys.

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15. "I witnessed God Today" through George Strait

In this 2008 country song, a new father leaves the hospital wherein his daughter was simply born and sees the fingerprints the God everywhere. The town hall the sunset and a flower advertise up v the crack of a sidewalk, the sees the entire civilization through a brand new lens.