Should Christianity mix v yoga? are yoga poses light if we carry out them but don’t interact in the spiritual practice behind them? This is the question I’m asking my guest, Jessica Smith, who taught yoga for numerous years. Jessica has a distinctive perspective and also a hard biblical view on this modern-day controversy. Yoga is one of the six orthodox colleges of Hindu philosophical traditions, yet plenty of Christians today space practicing yoga v the belief that yoga’s deep ties come Hinduism and also Buddhism can be avoided. I will certainly confess, I assumed the exact same thing—but not any kind of longer. Jessica tested me and also opened my eyes to the truth around this topic. Listen in. Ns pray her heart is blessed and also encouraged together you strive to understand God in a deeper means and bring Him respect in every little thing you do. Be sure and also catch component 2 as well!

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Matthew 11:29Deuteronomy 12:30Romans 16:19Deuteronomy 5:7Deuteronomy 4:39Deuteronomy 12:30-31Deuteronomy 12:3-4

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About Jessica Smith: A paranormal encounter v a psychic relative persuaded Jessica the a spiritual reality external the limit of she Christian upbringing, projecting she on an intense quest for spiritual truth. As the mysterious kingdom of energies and also meditation opened before her, she broadened her exercise by search in–depth training in ~ a Buddhist facility in California, a meditation retreat in south America, and an ashram in India. After a te of passionately pursing spirituality, she became a certified yoga teacher and also a grasp level Reiki practitioner. Jessica then relocated forward through her dream to share these teachings with others, yet strange things began to occur. Prior to her business plan for one instruction center was completed, a terrifying and profound spirituality encounter wrong not only Jessica’s goals, but the really lens v which she perceived the world. Truth was finally uncovered in the one place she had actually refused to look. She establish the holy bible was the only truth and Jesus the only one who can save her from the darkness she had opened herself to.

Since that moment, Jessica has been serious following and also seeking the lord Jesus Christ, and also searching His Word together the just pure source of truth. She goal is to disclose the dark spiritual reality behind yoga, meditation, Reiki, and other progressively popularized new Age techniques that are being masked in our culture and deceivingly presented as something they space not.

Find an ext from Jessica: Website | facebook | her book The Shattering, one Encounter with Truth | True ton Fitness, An different to Yoga

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