In the beforehand years of her career, lot of Christie Brinkley‘s life to be consumed by her status as among the world’s hottest supermodels. These days, however, the lover star has a passion for being the ideal mom come her 3 kids: Alexa beam Joel, Jack Brinkley Cook and Sailor Brinkley-Cook.

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After being married come French artist Jean-François Allaux from 1973 come 1981 — they no have any kind of children throughout their relationship — the actress tied the knot with legendary singer Billy Joel in 1985. The former pair welcomed their an initial and only daughter, Alexa Ray, that same year. However, the duo dubbed it quits much less than a decade complying with their nuptials.

Not long after Christie and also Billie’s divorce to be finalized, the Dancing v the Stars alum stated “I do” to actual estate developer Richard Taubman in 1994. Despite it to be a quick romance, the duo welcomed their son, Jack, in 1995 prior to going your separate ways shortly after.

A 4th marriage came in 1996, as soon as Christie and architect Peter Cook tied the knot. They invited their daughter, sailor Lee, in 1998. Sadly, the National Lampoon’s Vacation alum’s 4th marriage likewise came to an finish in 2008.


Sailor noted she didn’t constantly take she mom’s advice come heart, though. “When i was younger, I’d be like, ‘No, that’s so stupid! smiling doesn’t do you happy,’” she explained. “But if you simply put a laugh on your face and also put your ideal foot forward, that easier. It’s easier to obtain through every one of the negative stuff.”

To learn an ext about Christie’s mixed brood, keep scrolling to accomplish Alexa, Jack and Sailor!


Alexa beam Joel

The eldest of Christie’s kids, Alexa — that was born ~ above December 29, 1985 — took the same route as her hitmaker father. Not only has actually the young mrs released an EP titled “Sketches” in 2006, yet she has also performed in plenty of music festivals, and with Billy. Though it had actually been nearly a decade because Alexa released she last single in 2013, she finished her hiatus once she premiered a new song, “Seven Years,” in April 2021. She debuted a music video for a track the month later.

The “Notice Me” singer’s personal life is just as effective as she career. In December 2017, Alexa got involved to longtime boyfriend Ryan Gleason, whom the tune “Seven Years” is committed to. Although the pair was gearing as much as tie the knot, Christie revealed she daughter’s plans have actually been postponed as result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything’s on organize right now,” the proud mama told Extra in march 2020. Though over there haven’t been any updates on your future nuptials, us can’t wait to check out Alexa walk under the aisle when plans resume!


Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook

Christie ended up being a mother of two after giving birth to Jack on June 2, 1995. Unequal his large sister, Jack strayed from the spotlight as a child. Although that still made rarely appearances with his famed mom here and there, the mainly focused on institution while he acquired older.

After examining marketing in ~ Emerson College for one year, however, Jack transferred to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & movie Institute to examine acting. Aside from education, Jack is likewise a businessman as he and his pal introduced ROVE — an app that concentrates on moving passengers in between lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and also the Hamptons.

While once chatting v People, Christie described why Jack is rarely photographed v their family. “He doesn’t choose to take pictures,” she shared. “, ‘Wow! her son’s gorgeous! Why nothing you attribute him?’ it’s like, ‘I try! ns try, however he shies away.’”

Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook

Born ~ above July 2, 1998, seafarer is a model like she mom. In fact, she has quite the adhering to on she Instagram and also has to be photographed in publications like Vogue and also Sports illustrated.

Most notably, Sailor showed up on the 28th season of Dancing v the Stars after ~ Christie — that was originally actors in the dancing compete — damaged her arm throughout rehearsals. At the time, the PR team because that DWTS announced seafarer would be taking her mom’s location throughout the remainder of the season.

Although she no take home the Mirror ball trophy, sailor excelled throughout her time top top the CBS reality show. ~ being sent out home during the 6th week, Sailor opened up about the “heartbreaking” end of she journey.

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“I was so not ready for this experience to complete so soon, yet wow to be I grateful for every minute that it,” she composed on Instagram. “I loved every sweaty moment in the rehearsal studio advertise myself previous so countless inhibitions and also insecurities, and also laughing my method through that all v my buddies

She may have many modeling gigs and also TV appearances under her belt, yet Sailor when told Closer just how anxious she was walking the runway in ~ the spring 2018 Sherri Hill NYFW Show.

“I was so nervous. Ns hope ns didn’t walk as well fast,” she confessed after the show. “That’s my just concern, and I hope i looked yes — yet I felt like a princess and it’s such an honor. I’m so happy.”

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