Is Christie Brinkley “pining” after her ex-boyfriend John Mellencamp? that’s what one tabloid headline states this week, but it’s no true. Gossip Cop looked right into the claim and found it completely false. Follow to OK!, the supermodel is “hoping for an encore” v Mellencamp, who she dated because that over a year. ~ they damaged up in <…>


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Is Christie Brinkley “pining” after her ex-boyfriend man Mellencamp? That’s what one tabloid headline states this week, however it’s not true. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found it entirely false.

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According come OK!, the supermodel is “hoping because that an encore” through Mellencamp, whom she dated for over a year. After they broke up in 2016, Mellencamp date his ex Meg Ryan for approximately two years, getting involved in 2018 and breaking up in 2019. An alleged “insider” whose relationship to the situation is unclear cases that Brinkley is “making she move” top top the singer again now that he’s newly single: “Christie walk ahead and reached out to him.”

“They had so lot fun together,” the suspicious source continues. “She said it was the ideal relationship she’d had actually in a lengthy time.” The tabloid points out that she hasn’t been romantically involved with an additional man due to the fact that she and also Mellencamp split in 2016. The tipster adds that Brinkley “says if she were ever before to gain married again, it would certainly be come him. And also he’s shown some interest, so she’s hoping they can have a 2nd chance and also pick up wherein they left off.”

The story is pure imagination on OK!’s part. Gossip Cop reached out come Brinkley’s rep, who’s qualified to speak ~ above the star’s behalf, unlike every one of the mysterious “insiders” the tabloids provides for all of its phony reports. The model’s spokesperson confirms for us on the record that the report is false. Brinkley is not trying to get earlier together with Mellencamp, that she split from 4 years ago. Together there has been for sure no proof tying Brinkley to her music star ex in the years since, it’s clean this is just one that the tabloid’s normal attempts come randomly tie celebrities together.

Addtionally, in an interview with Us Weekly last year, Brinkley proclaimed that she did not think she would obtain married again. “I don’t really see a factor for marriage,” she said the magazine. “I always thought of doing it to have actually kids. And since I’m not having actually any more kids, why complicated things?” the statement directly contradicts OK!‘s case that she desires to marry Mellencamp. Clearly, the tabloid’s “source” has no idea what they’re talk about.

The “exes quiet in love” fantasy is a particular favorite for the magazine. In just the past couple of months, Gossip Cop debunked story from the tabloid linking celebrity exes including Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger, and Channing Tatum and also Jenna Dewan. That course, tabloid favourite Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were additionally included plenty of times. Move on, OK! – every one of these previous couples have actually already.


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