The three Brinkley ladies star in a new campaign that shines a spotlight top top the "powerful bonds" in between women.

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Christie Brinkley, Alexa beam Joel, and also Sailor Brinkley-Cook room all featured in a new ad project for denim brand NYDJ.Taylor Hill / Getty Images
Like mother, favor daughter!

Christie Brinkley and her daughters, Alexa ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley-Cook room starring in a new photo shoot just in time for Mother’s Day.

The photograph shoot, caught on video clip for denim brand NYDJ"s 2021 Foundations campaign celebrates the “powerful bonds in between women that room foundational to ... Individuality and also self-confidence," follow to a summary from the apparel company.

The three women rocked number of pairs of NYDJ jeans, mirroring off both your shared and also individual styles. In one clip, Joel wears a caramel-and-white published blouse and also black jeans. To she left is Brinkley — in a floral kimono-style jacket, white top and dark blue blue jeans — and also her sister, who determined to pair her dark blue jeans v a black color leather jacket.

At one point, the trio also pose casually with bare feet and also matching outfits of light blue jeans and also crisp white collarless shirts.

Brinkley opened up up in the video clip about her see on beauty as well and Joel, 35, shared how her mom instilled confidence in ~ her and her siblings as children.

“If beauty beauty doesn’t start in her heart and also soul and include kindness climate it’s not lasting beauty,” the 67-year-old supermodel said.

Joel, that Brinkley shares v her ex-husband Billy Joel, added, “To me, beauty beauty is being creative. It’s flexibility of expression, and my mom really does have that bohemian spirit that she imparted come me and my siblings.”

Brinkley revealed some sage advice that she shared with her two daughters transparent the years. “I always say to my girls, ‘Bloom whereby you’re planted.

“"No issue what’s walking on in your life, there’s constantly something that you can appreciate around it."”


The NYDJ photoshoot no the first time that Brinkley has modeled through her daughters. Brinkley and Brinkley-Cook, 22, took brand-new York Fashion week by storm in February 2019 when they walked at the Elie Tahari show. Part fans thought they were seeing double the mother-daughter duo modeled back-to-back looks and high-fived each other on the runway.

The 2017 Sports depicted swimsuit issue also became a family affair, as soon as all 3 women posed alongside one an additional in swimsuits. At the time, it had actually been nearly four decades after Brinkley very first made history by showing up on the sheathe for three consecutive years in 1979, 1980 and 1981.

“My an initial thought was, ‘At my age? No way!"” Brinkley told world magazine about the shoot in ~ the time. "When i turned 30, i was like, ‘This is the critical time i’m posing in a shower suit!’ as soon as this problem comes out, I’ll it is in 63. Ns thought, ‘Those days space over.’ but to gain to perform it v my girls, ns thought, ‘One critical go!"”


During the photograph shoot with sporting activities Illustrated, Brinkley said it was a “real complete circle moment” for she to be able to make one more appearance in the above issue, especially with she daughters by her side.

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“I can get really emotional about this,” she added. “How plenty of years ago, ns was the insecure girl hoping the I would be good enough for the magazine. Therefore to check out my daughters now having the exact same thoughts i had, and to have the ability to see them actually be over there on the job, was certainly a large moment."

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