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Born:MonroeMichigan...(Show more)Died:February 2, 1954...(Show more)Notable household Members:spouse Billy Joel...(Show more)

Christie Brinkley, in complete Christie Lee Brinkley, initial name Christie Lee Hudson, (born February 2, 1954, Monroe, Michigan, U.S.), American model and also actress who acquired fame for showing up on hundreds of magazine covers, especially a series of Sports Illustrated (SI) swimsuit issues. She represented a new generation of celebrity models who were photographed an ext often in sportswear 보다 in couture fashions.

Christie, whose birth year sometimes shows up as 1953, to be born to Herbert and Marjorie Hudson; the pair later divorced. At an early age she relocated with her household to the Los Angeles area, whereby her mom married Don Brinkley, a effective TV writer that later embraced Christie. While growing up together a self-described “surfer girl,” she take it an attention in French culture and subsequently enrolled in the high institution of the French-oriented Lycée Français de Los Angeles. After graduation and also (by part accounts) a brief duration as a college student, she relocated to Paris in the early 1970s. While studying art and working as an illustrator, Brinkley to be “discovered” by one American photographer and also began she career as a model. She shortly signed v the upstream Model monitoring agency.

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Later in the 1970s Brinkley moved to brand-new York City and also joined the Ford model Agency. Through her healthy looks and athletic physique, she quickly became highly seek after. In 1976 she signed a contract with CoverGirl, coming to be the “face” that the cosmetics firm. The year she was likewise hired as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Brinkley confirmed so famous that SI placed her ~ above the cover of its yearly swimsuit edition for three consecutive years, 1979–81. She additionally graced the covers of Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and many various other magazines. The exposure made she a household name.

After showing up in commercials, Brinkley do her attribute film debut in 1983, v a small component in the comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation. Few acting appearances followed, though she notably had a recurring duty in the TV sitcom Parks and also Recreation. In addition, she made her Broadway phase debut in 2011 as Roxie Hart in the long-running resurgence of the musical play Chicago. She additionally played the personality in the national touring company and ~ above London’s West End.Brinkley reprised the duty in 2019 at the Venetian Theatre, las Vegas.

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Brinkley was married numerous times, many notably to pop singer-songwriter Billy Joel indigenous 1985 come 1994. She had actually previously starred in the music video for his song “Uptown Girl” (1983). Brinkley’s books include Christie Brinkley’s the end Beauty and also Fitness Book (1983) and Timeless Beauty (2015).