A cover model for end 40 years, at period 61, Christie Brinkley reveals her anti-aging secrets. Plus, how to reprogram your taste sprout to crave healthy and balanced food.

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When you"re overwhelmed and also need a break, it"s so crucial to uncover those tiny moments to reset and also reconnect v yourself. Therefore here"s a small recipe that will gain you smiling and also brighten up her day. It"s a three-ingredient teeth whitening treatment you can make best at home with things from your kitchen! You have the right to thank tiktok for this one.

3-Ingredient DIY teeth Whitening treatment

Put a little bit of the complying with ingredients in a bowl:

KiwiCucumberBaking Soda

Mash together and also spread on her teeth.

There are tons of this whitening recipes the end there, so we looked into the scientific research of why this details one might actually work.

Kiwi is actually considered a berry, and the vitamin C in it may aid prevent gum condition and support tooth health.

The cucumber is full of water that could help increase saliva production, i beg your pardon can assist reduce plaque-causing bacteria.

And baking soda is the teeth-whitening ingredient typically found in toothpaste.

So give this DIY this whitening therapy a shot at home and share image of yourself through Dr. Oz on Instagram (

Whatever it is, take some time to reset and reconnect through yourself. And visit our Self-Care principles page for more ways come treat yourself.

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