After high command levels were detected in Hamtramck’s drink water critical week, city and also state officials back passing out complimentary water filter to residents for the 2nd time. They likewise announced crews started replacing lead water currently 2 years ago and will continue.

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Detroit-Windsor Tunnel remaining Cashless After totally Reopening Nov. 8 come Those VaccinatedOfficials to speak the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel will stay cashless top top the Detroit side after completely reopening Monday to vaccinated travelers going come Canada.

Michigan will No much longer Tax Tampons, other Feminine ProductsMichigan will certainly no longer apply the 6% sales taxation to tampons and other menstrual commodities under law signed top top Nov. 4 through Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

General motors To Idle Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant because that 3 Months, Report SaysGeneral motors will idle the Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant for around three months end the following year.

Kellogg's Strike proceeds In battle CreekThe Kellogg's to win continues and earlier this week union leaders sat down v Kellogg’s because that the second time to negotiate your contract.

Michigan Reports 10,094 brand-new COVID-19 Cases, 90 DeathsThe Michigan department of Health and also Human services announced new coronavirus instances and additional deaths in the state. Here's every little thing to know.
Detroit opening COVID Vaccine Appointments For youngsters Ages 5 to 11 beginning Nov. 8With doctors' workplaces receiving an overwhelming quantity of calls indigenous parents because that vaccines, neighborhood counties and also health clinics room opening, and also the City of Detroit is among them.
Beaumont employee Vaccinate Own youngsters 1st, hopes To lull Parents Vaccine WorriesBeaumont health and wellness will start offering the FDA/CDC approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in ~ its Beaumont organization Center and Beaumont Hospital, troy clinics to kids 5 come 11-years-old start Friday, Nov. 12. This particular day staff members had actually their kids vaccinated in really hopes of encouraging other parents to execute so.
First forecast Weather November 5, 2021 (tonight)Partly cloudy and an extremely chilly; it will certainly feel like temps space in the mid-20s.
Police find For GVSU Student who Went absent While Visiting MSUAuthorities still were searching on Friday, Nov. 5, for a college student who was last watched visiting friends at Michigan State college a main ago. Katie Johnston reports.
Medical Minute – Pfizer Antiviral PillBreaking news top top a new treatment for Covid-19. Pfizer has announced it has a very effective brand-new antiviral medicine that reduce the hazard of hospitalization and also death from covid through 89% in high-risk people.
Good News ~ above Covid? will certainly We Skip A Winter Surge?Dr. Oz and Dr. Crupain comment on what the statistical models space indicating about a winter surging of Covid. 
Saved By tik – doctor Fat Shames Patient and Misses she Cancer DiagnosisOne mrs tells Dr. Oz about the trauma she experienced when a doctor body-shamed her and also missed her colon cancer diagnosis.
Detroit Fire department Awards Civilian quote Award To neighbors For Saving mommy And little Kids From home FireOn august 14, 2021 Victoria Witherspoon smelled smoke climate realized her residence was ~ above fire. She ordered her 3 month old and 1 1/2 year old and also attempted come escape native an maximum ground door. She was too far up to jump so neighbors concerned their rescue. The 4 neighbors were honored by Detroit Firefighters this day for conserving their lives.
Joe Dumars Fieldhouse Reopens In Detroit after ~ Closing as result of COVID-19 PandemicThe event space very first opened nearly two decades ago and operated in a 100-year-old building until the was forced to close early the pandemic.
Your favorite Comfort foods items Are Getting an ext ExpensiveTop snack makers Kraft Heinz and Mondelez say they will certainly hike price for retail customers on variety of items start next year.
Ford Unveils 1970s-Inspired electric Pickup TruckFord is unveiling it's all new, however retro looking, 1970s concept electric pickup truck.
DTE energy Announces arrangement For $7 Billion invest In SE Michigan's electrical GridDTE power says that is to plan a five-year $7 billion investment in south east Michigan's electrical grid.
Michigan drivers Will obtain Insurance Refunds; Details ComingAccording come a statement indigenous the association, details top top the certain refund amount every vehicle, and also proposed timeline and also logistics, will certainly be announced in the next few weeks.
Detroit grand Prix to Return Downtown beginning In 2023The Detroit City Council approved a contract to return the Detroit cool Prix downtown indigenous its present home on an island in the middle of the Detroit River.

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Two guys Arrested In Detroit Illegal Dumping BustPolice to speak the men were caught on-camera dumping end 100 tires.