Christina Aguilera listed us with numerous impressive performances and funny slams on other coaches while on The Voice. Yet she has also given united state some weird outfits as well. Right currently she isn’t a coach top top the reality show, yet the void of crazy fashion has actually been filled by Miley Cyrus. However, also with Miley, we don’t gain the dramatic fans or crazy wigs like we would certainly from the power house.

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“I love gift a chameleon when it pertains to fashion and also beauty,” Aguilera called Marie Claire. “People take the stuff method too seriously and it’s really funny to play v looks.” however that doesn’t median that the star doesn’t have any fashion regrets.

“I look back at the looks I’ve had actually over the years,” she said Elle, “I’m proud of myself the I had the courage come experiment through crazy hairstyles and also some fashion things. Would certainly I perform it again? No. Yet that’s part of the learning procedure and gaining from point A to suggest B.”

We can only wonder i m sorry of she looks ~ above the present would go into the group of regret. ~ all, the blonde has taken many fashion risks. Below are 10 that the outfits she wore top top The Voice ranked native worst to best.




Christina Aguilera in The Voice | NBC

What deserve to we say? The popular music star rocked braids and also multi-colored hair back in her “Dirrty” days. She updated the look by walk pink and also having just a few braids braided onto she head. The hair is rather a statement, however not a an excellent one. The outfit itself was pretty casual, but it’s likewise not good.



Christina Aguilera top top The Voice | NBC

The pop star has rocked some seriously amazing dresses top top the show, yet this one looked choose a poor prom dress and also does for sure nothing because that the beauty.



Christina Aguilera top top The Voice | NBC

It looked choose the coach was dressed for the circus quite than the reality show in this outfit.



Christina Aguilera ~ above The Voice | NBC

We have actually a emotion that the coach wanted to go for a “mermaid” look with her red braid and also hair clip the looked like a starfish. The didn’t work-related in her favor.



Christina Aguilera on The Voice | NBC

This disastrous look has actually a lot walk on. From the blue tipped hair come the outfit gift torn and covered with repaint splatter.



Christina Aguilera top top The Voice | NBC

The singer was providing off Cruella de Vil vibes through her blond and black bangs. The remainder of the outfit isn’t bad, but the hair is another failed experiment.



Christina Aguilera on The Voice | NBC

This outfit really walks the tightrope between great and bad. Everything actually looks good including her makeup and outfit, yet the best misstep is the monster headband.



This outfit shows that part fashion threats pay off! The coach looked choose a feminine dominatrix and also it to be really functioning for her.


Once again, Aguilera was able to pull it with each other by maintaining it simple. The black color flattered her, and she doesn’t look boring. The blazer provides her sex appeal and the design on the next of her pants provides the outfit v an interesting twist.


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The pop star made headlines for the steel rings she rocked in her hair, yet we love it. Limiting the ring to one braid retained it native being too much, and her outfit to be pretty sexy.