“Say Something” is a tune by indie band A an excellent Big World. The song became a breakout hit after Christina Aguilera performed that on The Voice.The tune represents the struggle… check out More 
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Say something, I'm offering up top top youI'll it is in the one, if you desire me toAnywhere, i would've followed youSay something, I'm giving up top top youAnd I... Am feeling so smallIt to be over my headI know nothing in ~ allAnd I will stumble and fallI'm still finding out to loveJust beginning to crawlSay something, I'm offering up on youI'm sorry that i couldn't get to youAnywhere, i would've complied with youSay something, I'm giving up ~ above youAnd I will swallow mine prideYou're the one that i loveAnd I'm saying goodbye
Say something, I'm providing up top top youAnd I'm i m really sorry that i couldn't gain to youAnd anywhere, i would've complied with you, oh-ohSay something, I'm providing up ~ above youSay something, I'm providing up top top youSay something...

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“Say Something” is a tune by indie tape A great Big World. The song came to be a breakout hit after Christina Aguilera performed the on The Voice.

The song represents the struggle of someone providing up ~ above a relationship. Providing a plea to their far-ranging other come “say something” to reverse the failing relationship.

“Say Something” reached #4 top top the U.S. Billboard hot 100 and also became a Grammy winner in the best Pop Duo/Group Performance classification at the 57th Grammy Awards in 2015.



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Both artists, Ian Axel and Chad King, were interviewed by songwritersuniverse.com.

Axel said:

We were both going with something quite intense. It was a tune that we just needed come write. (At the time) us were both working day jobs, and also I remember as soon as I was working at mine job, ns couldn’t protect against thinking about the idea in this song…the way it made me feel, due to the fact that it to be so cathartic. And also Chad would accomplish me ~ above my lunch break, and I had my ukulele—that’s what we wrote it on. We would write that in the park throughout a 45-minute break, and also then we would write the after work. It took choose three weeks come come out, due to the fact that we only had like one hour here and there. It felt for this reason urgent, and I psychic crying for this reason much, writing that song. So that was certainly one the the most powerful experiences creating a song.

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Whilst King said:

For me, it likewise felt prefer an arts piece. Ns remember as soon as we were finishing increase the song, and also there was the decision of whether to to speak “Say something I’m providing up top top you” as the critical line. And I psychic Ian saying it, and then saying “No no, don’t say I’m giving up top top you, simply say…Say something.” and I psychic his speak it, and also it felt like that to be it. That felt complete to me. Ns don’t know…there’s something about that song that felt like a item of art. It felt like a painting.