Christina Aguilera has controlled to reinvent herself almost as plenty of times as her musical icon Madonna end the years. A boy of the "80s, Aguilera thrived up throughout the height of the Queen of Pop"s reign, but, together she mutual on The Zane Lowe Show in 2020 (via People), she to be forbidden native listening come Madge"s music as soon as she was young. Xtina only "discovered catalog and her videos and the truth that she had actually such a message" later on on. "That was a huge inspiration because that me to want to readjust it up, to desire to save pushing, to grow," she said.

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The Staten Island-born popular music superstar has been through rather the picture evolution since her Irish-American mother and Ecuadorean father invited her right into the world, and we"ve gained the photos to prove it. From precocious toddler to proud mum, let"s take a look in ~ the stunning transformation of Christina Aguilera.

When Christina Aguilera was six years old, her parents split up. Christina"s mother, Shelly Kearns, left ex-husband Fausto Aguilera since of an alleged violent streak. Kearns told E! (via Daily Mail) the Fausto when lashed out at a young Christina ~ she wake up him from a nap, allegedly drawing blood. The previous U.S. Military sergeant has denied ever elevating a hand come his children, but his renowned daughter has indicated that he was without doubt abusive. "I feeling caged by my childhood," she said W magazine. "And unsafe. Bad things occurred in my home. There to be violence."

It to be a difficult time for Christina, but she learned some vital life lessons. "I watched mine mom have to be submissive, watch she Ps and Qs or she"s gonna obtain beat up," the singer told Paper magazine. "You can either be, unfortunately, therefore damaged through it that you take a revolve for the worse, or you have the right to feel empowered through it and make choices to never ever go under that route." Christina told Latina that she to be considering reconnecting v her estranged dad in 2012, and in 2016 she shared two cute daddy-daughter snaps taken during his army days. The family members moved roughly a lot back then, going wherever Sergeant Aguilera occurred to gain stationed. They live in brand-new Jersey, Texas, and even Japan at one stage. 

Madonna was blacklisted in Christina Aguilera"s residence when she to be a little girl, for this reason she discovered herself a much more age-appropriate function model. The youngster was enamored through Julie Andrews" power in The Sound the Musicand as soon as things got tough at home, she would belt the end songs from the musical at the height of her tiny lungs. "I watched she twirl approximately those mountains, and she was simply so free," Aguilera called W magazine, explaining exactly how the film ended up being "a kind of release" for her. "I would open up my bedroom home window to sing out prefer Maria," she recalled. "In my very own way, I"d be in those hills."

The Sound that Music offered Aguilera some good old fashioned escapism throughout a dark period in her life, but there came a time once she began craving songs she could relate come on a more personal level. That was her maternal grandm who aided scratch this itch, taking her to record stores and also introducing she to music with more serious themes. "At a really early on age I linked with old soul and blues," Aguilera told Newsweek. "There"s a the majority of pain and angst in those songs. They spoke to mine life prior to I relocated in with my grandma — my father, every the abuse i endured."

Christina Aguilera started performing to she stuffed animals when she was simply two year old, and by the period of six, she"d developed to actual human audiences. Encouraged by she grandma, Aguilera began singing at block next in Wexford, the Pittsburgh suburb the her mother grew up in. Aguilera"s mom returned to Wexford v her daughters ~ leaving her husband, and before long, tiny Christina was a local celebrity. "I to be known approximately the ar as the small girl v the large voice, and also I always liked that contrast," she called Newsweek.

According to her mom, Aguilera became "irritable" once she had no occasions to sing at, so once the opportunity to show up on TV talent show Star Search came along, castle jumped at it. "I was eight, and also I sang Whitney Houston"s "Greatest Love of All,"" Aguilera told Rolling Stone, recalling how she cried when she came in second to a 12-year-old called Christopher Eason. "I was told it was fixed, however I"m not going to hold a grudge," she joked. "My mom made me go earlier out and also shake his hand and tell him ns was happy he won. Tears to be running down my face. Awful." Eason go on to come to be a barista in Oklahoma City.

According to Rolling Stone, Christina Aguilera was well-known as "micro-diva" about Wexford by period 10. Her mom knew she to be destined for big things ("I"ve never seen anybody for this reason focused"), and also when that reality dawned top top those approximately Aguilera, the made her a target. She acquired so much hate after she appearance on Star Search that she actually had actually to move schools. "Going come a public school in a little town and also not being approximately kids that did what ns did do me feel prefer an outsider," she recalled. "The jealously gained really bad. Human being just felt threatened." She to be in with "the cheerleader clique" ago then, which only made matters worse: "There was already a many back-stabbing."

Aguilera walk on to reveal that the suffer turned her right into an "introverted" person, despite she tries no to judge her tormentors as well harshly when she looks back at that time in her life. She said the music mag: "Kids didn"t know how to attend to seeing their peer on TV." instead of holding grudges, she offers the pains she went v as catalyst for her music. "I have definitely experienced develops of bullying, and that"s why it"s so essential for me also to write songs favor "Beautiful" and also songs like "Fighter,"" she told Dateline.

Undeterred through the haters, Christina Aguilera started singing the nationwide anthem at various sporting events in Pittsburgh, and also before long her persistence to be rewarded v some good news — Disney want to watch her about The All new Mickey computer mouse Club. Aguilera applied to it is in on the display a couple of years earlier, yet never heard back. "I simply figured i didn"t make it," she called Yahoo!. "But once I was 12 years old I got a speak to back, and they said they had actually held on to mine tape due to the fact that I was as well young for the component before. So i auditioned again, and also I gained one that the six new spots castle filled that year."

Aguilera was component of a particularly talented crop of Mouseketeers. Hollywood actors Ryan Gosling and also Keri Russell were amongst the cast, together were Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Aguilera and also Spears to be pitted against one an additional in the years the followed, and also at times they to be both guilty of fanning the flame. Their famous feud filled plenty of column customs in the "00s, and would continue until Aguilera expanded an olive branch towards the finish of the decade. "We to be silly little girls with each other on The Mickey mouse Club," she told the Daily Mail. "What a trip it has actually been for both the us."

When The All brand-new Mickey mouse Club came to an end, Christina Aguilera returned to Japan to relax her little-known first single, "All i Wanna Do," a duet with Japanese pop star Keizo Nakanishi. The song did well in Japan, however Aguilera stayed a relative unknown in the States. The all adjusted when her manager sent out a makeshift demo of his teenage client singing Whitney Houston"s "Run come You" come Disney HQ. Regardless of the fact that the demo was, together Aguilera told Extra, tape-recorded in her "bathroom ... With a ice cream recorder," the rendition go out execs away. And so, they asked her to record a track for Mulan.

Speaking to the New York Post, "Reflection" writer David Zippel recalled the moment he listened come Aguilera tackle the song for the first time. "When we heard she sing, it was like, "Oh my God,"" the said. "Even then it to be so palpable. She was a perfectionist even as a 17-year-old." The Disney ballad remains one of Aguilera"s most-loved song to this day. She recorded an updated version for the 2020 live action remake of Mulan, and also that likewise went down exceptionally well— the music video was perceived over 16 million time in its first six main on YouTube.

One that the very first people to loss in love v Christina Aguilera"s Mulan song was RCA documents exec Ron Fair, who signed her quickly after hear it. ("I scored "Reflection" and my document deal in the exact same week," Aguilera revealed.) "She is a gibberish genius of singing," fair told Rolling Stone in 1999, once the then-18-year-old Aguilera was blowing up. "She was placed on this earth to sing."

Aguilera"s self titled debut album go eight-times platinum and lead single "Genie in a Bottle" topped the Billboard warm 100 chart for 5 consecutive weeks. She came to be an overnight sensation, however she wasn"t the driving force behind she sound or she image. Speaking to Paper magazine in 2018, Aguilera said that her very first record to be "an older brand head male"s perspective" top top what pop music should be. When she to be interviewed by People the complying with year, the five-time Grammy winner urged up-and-coming artist to follow their very own instincts. "Looking back, i would just say to trust yourself," she said. "Even in your insecurities and your moments of feeling lost, those space all gonna lead you come the ar that you have to be."

Christina Aguilera do the leap from suggestive come unashamedly saucy when she collaborated through Mýa, Lil" Kim, and also Pink top top a number for the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack. The memorable "Lady Marmalade" music video looked choose a blast to film, however these spirit sisters weren"t precisely one big family behind the scenes. Things got off to a poor start once an exec from Aguilera"s label allegedly demanded the she gain the verse v the highest possible vocals. This didn"t go down well through Pink, who revealed what happened next throughout a VH1 Behind the Music special: "I was standing up and I said, "Hi, just how are you? therefore nice of girlfriend to introduce yourself. I"m Pink. She will certainly not be taking that part. Ns think that"s what the f****** meeting"s about.""

Pink has always been well-known for her feistiness, yet Aguilera apparently held her own. "She swung top top me in a club," Pink recalled on Watch What wake up Live v Andy Cohen. "Hilarious! ns was like, "What"s happening right now?"" They hidden the hatchet as soon as they came face to face on The Voice years later. Pink told Cohen: "We ended up being moms. We prospered up. Us hugged that out. It"s the simple. I feel so great about that." Aguilera denied the she do the efforts to punch Pink when she satellite down through Cohen a few years later.

If any doubt stayed after "Lady Marmalade", the music video clip for Christina Aguilera"s "Dirrty" shown once and for all the she was every grown up. The lead single from 2002"s Stripped heralded a brand-new era because that the 21-year-old, who was keen to put her "Genie in a Bottle" days behind her. "At the time, ns was under the ignorance of my label, and also I felt prefer I had to do, say and act out every little thing they inquiry me come do," she called Glamour. "I was trying to you re welcome them and also the public and finally I had to say, "Enough.""

The "Dirrty" video has to be hailed as "an crucial artifact from the well-known music landscape of the at an early stage 2000s" by Billboard, but it had plenty of movie critics at the time, several of whom got pretty personal: Entertainment Weekly called Aguilera "the world"s skeeziest reptile woman" in a create up, if MTV branded she a "pop tart  writhes about in revealing costumes." no one of this appeared to bother Aguilera, who was just happy to lastly be law her own thing. "I came out with "Dirrty", and also that was my "f*** it" moment," she told The ireland Times. "That was me stepping up and also saying i was a mrs that"s proud of mine sexuality."

Christina Aguilera reinvented herself once much more for 2010"s Bionic, however the EDM-inspired album didn"t go over really well v existing fans and also failed come attract brand-new ones. Some accused Aguilera that trying come copy Lady Gaga through her brand-new direction, despite the veteran couldn"t emulate the newcomer"s success. Bionic"s negative performance brought about Aguilera"s big summer tourism being canned, supposedly at the cost of numerous dollars. Her brand was accused considering severing ties and it seemed like things couldn"t acquire much worse for the singer, but they did.

In October 2010, ­Aguilera revealed the she to be leaving she music producer husband Jordan Bratman, dad of her son, Max. Once she spoke to W magazine year later, she defined that she had actually her child in mind once she do the decision. "At one time or one more we to be both no angels," she said. "It got to a suggest where our life at residence was recall me that my very own childhood. I will not have actually my son grow up in a tension-­filled home." It soon became obvious that Aguilera had actually met who else. She reportedly fell for ­production assistant Matt Rutler while functioning on her attribute film debut Burlesque, which, to compound Aguilera"s devastating 2010, failure to impress the critics. The now-engaged pair welcomed a daughter, Summer Rain, in 2014.

Christina Aguilera"s rotten luck ongoing into 2011. The knowledgeable singer inexplicably fluffed a line during her national anthem power at the at sight Bowl, and for a while it looked prefer she would never live that down. The web was abuzz v the scandalous details almost immediately (her Wikipedia page had been updated before the game had also ended), and there was little sympathy. "This to be the greatest performance of her career and she blew it," one eyewitness told MTV. It was a negative time because that Aguilera, but a change in fortune to be just roughly the corner.

A couple of months after her Super key disaster, Aguilera debuted together a coach on The Voice. She to be creator note Burnett"s an initial choice for the panel, and also she was "so excited" to come aboard, she called Entertainment Weekly. Her on-and-off time ~ above The Voice coincided v a job resurgence, but she still threw shade at the present when she left for the last time in 2016. "It ended up being something that i didn"t feel was what I had signed up for in season one," she said Billboard. "You realize it"s not about music. It"s about making great TV moments and also massaging a story."

Christina Aguilera just hung around on The Voice for as long as she did since she was craving some stability. She quit touring after giving birth to she son, Max, and she still didn"t feel like going ~ above the road after the come of she daughter, Summer Rain. "Touring is for this reason frightening come me, due to the fact that I to be a mommy first," she said Billboard. "It"s straightforward to acquire comfortable and cushy in the exact same place and also not have to worry about uprooting your kids." Aguilera would eventually work up the courage to get back out there and show the kids "what Mommy really does" because that a living, following the advice the she gave mothers during an earlier interview with Today.

Speaking after ~ the birth of her daughter, the singer and also budding voice actor (Aguilera played Akiko sparkle in 2017"s The Emoji Movie and will certainly voice Charlotte Pickles in the upcoming Rugrats film) reminded all the moms out there that they don"t have to be identified by your offspring. "As lot as we all love our kids, eventually we all have ourselves that are separate and also it"s crucial to have a release simply for yourself," she said. "We literally give so lot of ourselves. It"s important to make time some to be able to find a an innovative release or pampering release."

Christina Aguilera has gone about cementing her place as a true pop symbol in recent years. She 2018 album Liberation was met with optimistic reviews, and also she was called an main Disney Legend the adhering to year. "This is method cooler than a Grammy," Aguilera stated as she accepted the honor at the D23 Expo (via Entertainment Weekly). The singer was likewise recognized because that her LGBTQ advocacy in 2019, but perhaps the biggest moment of her year occurred on may 31, when she began her ras Vegas residency.

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Aguilera"s cool show, entitled The Xperience, was a big hit through the local press. The Las las vegas Review-Journal called it a "powerful" production that comes through "a forceful article of individuality and empowerment" after catching it on opened night. A collection of reflects was scheduled to take location in November 2020, but Xtina was required to publication her return to Sin City ~ above account that the coronavirus pandemic. "We all have actually to proceed doing our component and acting responsibly," the mother-of-two claimed in one apologetic Instagram post. "Everyone"s health and safety is our optimal priority."

COVID-19 has actually made the future unsure for musicians, however from what us know around Christina Aguilera, she most certainly won"t it is in hanging up the mic anytime soon.