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The creator the a buzzed-about Whitney Houston hologram is speaking out in the wake up of a major setback.

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The Whitney Houston Estate and also NBC have actually agreed come cancel plans come air a formerly taped duet between the hologram and also Christina Aguilera, i m sorry was originally scheduled to debut during the season finale that The Voice next week. In a statement issued exclusively to ET, heritage executor pat Houston said: "Holograms are new technology that take time to perfect, and also we think with artists of this top caliber, it must be perfect. Whitney’s legacy and her specialized fans deserve perfection. After carefully viewing the performance, we decided the hologram to be not all set to air."

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"It walk work, it simply was incomplete," Greek billionaire Alki David, who developed the hologram through his company, Hologram USA, speak ET top top Friday.

Earlier this week, footage surfaced online showing up to present Aguilera performing v the hologram. David claims that what fans saw was "incomplete work."

"Certainly there was more enhancement come the confront that essential to be excellent on the final close-ups that were liked for the TV show, due to the fact that there is a difference in between seeing a live performance and seeing severe close-up," he explains, pointing come those who were lucky sufficient to witness the power in-person.

"There were civilization in the audience that were crying," that says.

The Houston Estate had nothing but rave reviews for Aguilera in the statement, call the 35-year-old singer"s power "absolutely flawless."

Echoed The Voice executive producer, Mark Burnett: "Christina"s performance was brilliant yet unfortunately the hologram did no live as much as the high manufacturing standards that The Voice. Us are proactively investigating wherein this leak originated."

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"I was honored the the Houston family asked me to do a duet v the legend Whitney Houston," Aguilera comment in her very own statement. "Sadly the an innovation could not fulfill up come the talent the Whitney possessed, however I do recognize in time the power the fans and I have been hoping because that will concerned life."

But David insurance claims that Aguilera to be "absolutely furious" once she an initial got the news.

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"Christina threw a fit once she heard that there to be a possibility of the display being canceled," that says. "She"s a perfectionist and also she love what she saw. ... She"s furious. For sure furious."

The display will walk on for Houston"s legacy, through David revealing more details about a to plan headlining gig for the hologram.

"We"re working on a full-length display that will tour together a tour," that says, "and that will certainly be a one-hour present that will display Whitney at various stages of she life."

EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Houston Hologram Duet through Christina Aguilera Axed per Late Singer's legacy

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