September 2010: The El Moussas invited their an initial child, daughter Taylor Reese.

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April 2013: The couple"s HGTV show, Flip or Flop, premiered.August 2015: Their son, Brayden James, was born.May 2016: Christina and Tarek be separated privately, and also in December, publicly. January 2018: Christina and Tarek"s divorce was finalized. May 31, 2018: The first season the Flip or Flop due to the fact that the split aired.December 22, 2018: Christina married Ant Anstead and also is changing her name to Christina Anstead.


There"s a factor so countless HGTV collection are centered on husband-and-wife duos. Past the beautiful transformations, it"s the personal moments in between that make home renovations so lot fun to watch. Yet what happens when the marriage is no more? If you"re Tarek and also Christina El Moussa, the show goes on.

In 2016, the pair separated after seven years the marriage. Still, they"ve continued working together on Flip or Flop. The first season filmed post-split premiered in May, and it did therefore well the HGTV ordered another. Season 8 is slated for this spring, together is Christina"s new solo show, Christina on the Coast, which will provide a peek at she life with new husband Ant Anstead. We"re looking ago at the El Moussas" partnership timeline—and what caused their divorce.

How Christina and Tarek Met

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It have to come together no surprised that the El Moussas" common love of real estate is what lugged them together in the very first place. Having earned his real estate license at the beforehand age that 21, Tarek cut his expert teeth marketing mansions, says HGTV. Similarly, Christina (then Christina Meursinge Haack) began working in the market after college.

"We met at a real estate office, for this reason we began our connection working together," Christina defined in one old promotional video clip for their eventual show.

Christina and also Tarek Tie the Knot

In spring 2009, 26-year-old Christina and 28-year-old Tarek married during a wedding in Coronado Island, san Diego, California.

Just together the El Moussas" connection was beginning, though, the impacts of the housing bubble burst were spreading throughout the country. That"s when the newlyweds turned to what would come to be their bread and butter: flipping foreclosed and also distressed houses around Orange County, California.

"We"re able to work together due to the fact that we"re best friends," Tarek stated in the promo. "We love what we do, and we love every other."

Around this time, they likewise welcomed their an initial child, a girl called Taylor Reese, in September 2010.

How Christina and also Tarek were Discovered


While some HGTV couples were found on social media or blogs, the El Moussas took matters into their very own hands. "We just started flipping houses and we take it a long shot and also sent a production agency an e-mail," Tarek said in 2016. "They chosen us and also said come send a house video. We did, and they favored it. A year-and-a-half later, HGTV picked united state up because that a pilot."

But your success was practically short-lived. "Midway v season one, the present was almost cancelled since someone high up in ~ HGTV believed it would fail," he continued. "It didn"t."

That"s one understatement. Through 2016, an ext than 2.5 million civilization tuned in to watch Flip or Flop, and it"s due to the fact that inspired numerous spin-offs.

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Struggles with Cancer and also Infertility

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