El Moussa — who freshly announced she separation indigenous husband and "Flip or Flop" co-star Tarek El Moussa — has damaged up with household contractor Gary Anderson,Us Weeklyreported, citing a source.

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"Christina is solitary and gift in a relationship is the last point on her mind," her rep Cassandra Zebisch called the daily News. "She is acquisition this time to focus on she children and herself."

Christina and also Tarek announced their highly publicized split in December but had supposedly been separated because May. They revealed in a share statement to human being last year the they had already begun dating other world even before announcing your breakup, and Christina to be quickly linked to Anderson.


Gary Anderson and also Christina El Moussa have reportedly split. (JEROD HARRIS/GETTY photos FOR LA/FIRSTTEAM.COM)

Tarek and Christina have actually been squarely in the public eye because a may gun-related event where cops were dubbed to their home was revealed.

Christina, 33, apparently dubbed police come report a possible suicidal male v a gun, through the man transforming out to it is in Tarek. He has insisted ever due to the fact that that that was not suicidal the day, and also was just carrying the weapon to defend himself throughout a hike.

InTouch magazine reported that the event was sparked through Tarek finding inappropriate text messages in between Christina and also Gary, yet the pair has denied the either suspected the other was gift unfaithful.

The 2 stars — who proceed to co-star on their famous home development show despite the split —appeared on competing morning reflects Tuesday to food on what it"s favor working with their ex.


Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced their separation in December. (Jerod Harris/Getty photos for Lakewood Center)

"We met at work," Christina said on "Good Morning America," revealing they movie at the very least three episodes together each week. "We functioned together before we ever before started dating. It"s ours normal."

"I"m no gonna say it to be easy. It"s like anything, there"s obstacles in life," he said on the "Today" show.

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Christina and Tarek — who have actually two youngsters together — have been married because that eight years. Tarek official filed because that divorce earlier this year.