Christina Anstead’s dating life has been the topic of fascination because that years now, not least as result of her unconventional choice to co-star with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa in reality showFlip or Floplong after your romance fizzled. But it was one more show that Christina’s,Christina on the Coast, that introduced us to her more recent ex-husband Ant Anstead, who appeared for a while choose the happily-ever-after she had actually been feather for. When trouble in paradise struck there too, and with the scenarios of her divorce native Tarek still remaining somewhat mysterious, numerous have looked back to Christina’s dating background and wondered what they might have missed in the watch happy weeks that led up to both unexpected splits.

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Come 2020, Christina and Ant are both single agents co-parenting your 1-year-old child Hudson, if ex Tarek is involved to fiancée heather Rae Young, who’s also co-parenting boy Brayden and also daughter Taylor v Christina. It’s a modern family because that sure, and also one we have actually the luxury of watching throughout multiple fact shows (including Heather’s Selling Sunset). Yet as Christina takes part time to decide that her following partner could be, we’re looking earlier at the blonde stunner’s facility history of heartbreak, breakups, and new love.

Tarek El Moussa, Oct. 2006 – Dec. 2016

Before we ever knew Christina Anstead, us knew Christina El Moussa (née Christina Meursinge Haack, have to anyone be wondering like we were). She and Tarek very first met when he was date someone else and they to be both functioning in real estate after ~ college, therefore the date they met isn’t the day they started dating — but luckily, Christina noted that for united state too.

“The work Tarek and I officially began dating, which was October 9, 2006, we moved in together,” Christina year later, the pair married in 2009 and welcomed your daughter Taylor in 2010. By 2013, they were kicking off their hit genuine estate showFlip or Flop— but the year carried serious heartache come the pair too.

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That year, Tarek was diagnosed with cancer via a nurse spotting a lump on his thyroid ~ above Flip or Flopand arguing he seek medical help. He and also Christina were likewise trying to develop a 2nd child, having lost one pregnancy in 2014 and undergoing one more round that in vitro fertilization at the same time that Tarek was in cancer treatment.

“I lost 60 pounds, i was ~ above Vicodin every day,” Tarek told The Dr. Drew Podcast the those years. “On height of that, mine hormones are off, I’m on pains meds and narcotics, and also I’m filming and working. It to be a really stormy three, four years … It to be a horrifying experience.”

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In 2015, lock welcomed son Brayden, however their moment of bliss was short-lived as the pressures of working full time caved earlier in ~ above both of them. The pair underwent counseling after ~ a frightening incident in 2016 that associated the police showing up after Tarek left the home with a gun (he later claimed it was a misunderstanding). They sought counseling, however ultimately break-up in December 2016, with Tarek filing for divorce in January 2017 and citing irreconcilable differences.

Gary Anderson, Jan. – march 2017

Around 2015, which we now understand to be a not-so-stable time for Tarek and also Christina, they rental a contractor named Gary Anderson to job-related on their pool. In the months the followed, resources toldInTouchthat Tarek was farming jealous the Christina’s attentions toward Anderson.

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“Tarek experienced Christina’s phone and over there was part inappropriate text massage going on in between Christina and also Gary,” the source claimed, including that they thought their notorious 2016 occurrence was sparked by this conflict. Once Christina and Tarek separation for good in 2016, castle denied this rumors, stating: “Neither of us was connected in a romantic relationship with any 3rd party before our separation, or to trust the other was.”

But simply a few months after their split, Christina revealed the she was date Anderson, and the match was reportedly tough for Tarek come stomach.

“It’s hard for Tarek to view Christina dating, but it’s even worse the Gary is the guy she’s with,” another resource told InTouch. “There’s nothing that could be more upsetting to Tarek than to check out her with a man who is like him but far better — and that’s Gary. He’s in the same market as Tarek, however he’s enlarge and more established and also has more money.”

Fortunately for Tarek, this partnership didn’t critical long and also they were on the rocks by May, through a friend of Anderson’s explain the contractor “doesn’t even like being approximately ” prefer Taylor and also Brayden. And also that certain sounds prefer a an excellent reason because that a solitary mom to rest up with someone come us.

Nate Thompson, in march – April 2017

Our next suitor because that Ms. Christina? Anaheim ducks hockey player Nate Thompson, who also had a short-lived romance through Real Housewives of new York City star Bethenny Frankel. This blip in Christina’s dating history was basically over as soon as that happened, with her enduring love because that Ducks gamings leading fans to think the partnership went top top for longer than it really did.

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“Nothing dramatic occurred — it was super casual indigenous the start, and they were never ever an official couple to start with,” one resource toldEntertainment Tonightin 2017.“Bad timing on both their ends never really let it evolve into something serious. They continue to be friends and there are no poor feelings in between them in ~ all.”

Doug Spedding, June – Oct. 2017

While Christina very first dated Doug Spedding in she 23-and-under work (otherwise well-known as B.T., or before Tarek), us mainly understand him together the male she to be cuddled up through on the fourth of July the year after she Tarek divorce. This relationship, while much longer than she fling v Thompson, only lasted approximately five months prior to life got in the way, this time in the type of Spedding checking right into an inpatient rehabilitation center for addiction that October.

“Christina supports Doug’s decision to look for treatment and also remains in call to support his recovery,” her representative toldUs Weeklyat the time.

Ant Anstead, Jan. 2018 – Sept. 2020

And then there was Ant. In January 2018,Us Weeklyconfirmed that Christina was dating the UK-bornWheelers Dealershost, that shared kids Amelie and Archie with ex-wife Louise Herbert.

“Tarek likes him,” Christina called Us at the time. “What’s no to like? everyone likes him. He’s a great guy. love him. His youngsters are amazing. Like I said, he’s a an excellent dad … His kids are really grounded and they’re very polite. They’re good kids.”

By December 2018, Ant and Christina had actually tied the node at their California residence in an intimate setting, and also told the world that your meeting v a common friend to be fate. By January 2019, Christina El Moussa had end up being Christina Anstead, and by march 2019, Christina was reflecting off the very first ultrasound because that the baby who would end up being Hudson Anstead.

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In September 2019, they invited baby Hudson, and his first seemed indigenous the external to be complete of grateful family members moments and also exciting milestones. But just a year later, the pair announced they were separating in September 2020.

“Ant and also I have actually made the daunting decision come separate,” Christina composed on Instagram. “We room grateful for each other and also as always, our kids will continue to be our priority. We appreciate your support and ask because that privacy for us and also our household as us navigate the future.”

In November, she filed for divorce indigenous the TV host and also has due to the fact that resumed filmingFlip or Flopwith ex Tarek El Moussa. Ant has actually hinted on social media the the split was not his idea, but because seems cursed to relocating on and also putting infant Hudson’s demands first.

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Thus far, over there doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in a Gary Anderson figure on the horizon who we could expect come debut their relationship with Christina in coming weeks. Between co-parenting through her very first ex-husband and co-parenting with her 2nd ex-husband, she’s gained a lot of on her plate. And also with the whirlwind history we’ve just laid out, we’re in full support the her acquisition a breaking from date for however long she needs.

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