Tarek El Moussa is predicting that his ex-wife, Christina Haack, is walking to obtain married again.

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The “Flip or Flop” star wouldn’t check whether his HGTV co-star is involved to friend Joshua Hall, yet he wouldn’t be surprised.

“If a ring is top top a girl’s finger and it looks favor an engagement ring and she’s with her man, what does that mean?” El Moussa told united state Weekly of page Six’s exclusive image of Haack put on what showed up to it is in an engagement ring on her left hand.

“I’m not a psychic reader, I’m simply saying, they’re good together. Ns hope the finest for them.”

Haack, 38,first sparked rumorsthat she and also her realtor beau were engaged by accidentally posting a picture of her wearing a diamond ring — similar to the one in the new photos — earlier in August.

Tarek El Moussa sweet in on the rumors that his ex-wife, Christina Haack, is engaged to friend Joshua Hall.Getty Images; TheImageDirect

She quickly deleted the picture — just toshare a very similar imagesans the headline-making ring. The replacement photo is the one that still shows up on her profile.

Page Sixexclusively evidenced in Julythat Haack and Hall had “been dating for the last couple of months” after being spotted together at LAX Airport. Haack later said the she met room after a night of smoking cigarettes toad venom.

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On Sunday, Haack paid tribute to room on his birthday with a photo and also emotional caption around their love.

Page Six previously published exclusive photos of Haack attract what showed up to be an engagement ring.TheImageDirect.com

“Happy birthday baby.