Christina Anstead has come to be one the HGTV"s most famous personalities, many thanks to the success the hit remodeling series Flip or Flop. Launching in 2013, Flip or Flop adhered to Anstead, that was originally known as Christina El Moussa, and then-husband Tarek El Moussa as they purchased run-down properties and also transformed them right into stunning dream dwellings they can then sell at a profit. 

When the pair filed because that divorce, the show continued as the exes preserved their expert relationship also if their an individual had one crumbled. Adhering to the split, the didn"t take lengthy for Anstead to bounce back, with the next few years pass a new husband, the arrival of a baby, and also a brand-new HGTV struggle of her very own.

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Christina Anstead"s story is just one of intense highs and lows, and also her trip from anonymity to television stardom has been far from typical. There room a the majority of things you don"t know around Christina Anstead. Find out an ext about this fascinating media personality by trying out the stunning revolution of Christina Anstead.

According to the California bear Index, Christina Anstead was born Christina Meursinge Haack in California"s Orange County, the setting for Fox"s hit teenager drama The O.C, on July 9, 1983. The oldest of two, Anstead has a sister, Carly Haack, who is ten year younger 보다 her, but, together Anstead created on Instagram, they"re "friends for eternity" despite the decade-long period difference.

As a teenager, Anstead to visit Canyon High school in Anaheim, and she has kept up v her high college friends due to the fact that leaving college behind. According to E! News, in 2017, she attended an Anaheim duck home game at the Honda Center, where a source said she was joined by "some old friends from high school" during the game. The account noted that Anstead and also her old girlfriend "had a great time." Sounds choose Anstead developed lifelong friendships as a teen! 

After high school, listed Good Housekeeping, Anstead attended San Diego State University. Top top graduating, she wasted no time jumping into the company world by landing a task in a real estate office. It to be there, she thorough in a 2014 promotional video for Flip or Flop, that the then-22-year-old met the male who would certainly be her future husband and TV co-star.

While functioning in a real estate office, Christina Anstead met Tarek El Moussa, one ambitious young realtor that earned his real estate license as soon as he was simply 21 year old, according to his website. "We met in ~ work and also we"ve always been functioning together," she said Entertainment Tonight of how she met she future husband. Their romance was a whirlwind. "The job Tarek and I officially started dating, which to be October 9, 2006, we relocated in together," Anstead explained in one interview with Good Housekeeping.

Anstead embraced El Moussa"s ideology of dreaming big. Together she said Good Housekeeping, the pair crafted a dream board the they put in your office, special a wedding ring, an extravagant residence with a pool, a Bentley, a exclusive jet, and "some Mercedes" El Moussa had actually is eye on. "The weird part is, by the moment I turned 31, we had every one of it," she said.

In 2009, the couple got married in a ceremony held on Coronado Island turn off the coast of San Diego, Calif. They to be partners in life and in business, through Anstead noting in an HGTV promo video clip that they had actually simply "started partnership working together."

Hit difficult by the recession of the so late 2000s, Christina Anstead was amongst many in real estate that were influenced when the real estate bubble popped. As she and then-husband Tarek El Moussa said The Orange ar Register, they were forced to downgrade their way of living significantly. Gone to be their home with the mortgage the $6,000 a month; instead, lock moved into a $700-per-month apartment they shared with a roommate.

That was as soon as Anstead an initial got into house-flipping through El Moussa, buying residences at foreclosure auctions, fixing them up, and also selling them at a profit. In addition to their service partner, Pete De Best, the pair purchased their first investment residential property for a reasonably modest $115,000. After flipping the home and divvying up a $34,000 profit, they preserved at it.

Anstead"s house-flipping endeavors with her partner were not easy. Occasionally the people about to it is in evicted would certainly trash the place prior to they left; Anstead recalled one building they purchased in which the inhabitants poured concrete in toilets, not correct windows, and also bashed hardwood floors v a hammer, leading to $30,000 in damage.

After bouncing back from the recession with their house-flipping success, Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead thought their resides as husband-and-wife flippers would make a an excellent premise because that an HGTV series. According to The Orange county Register, El Moussa determined on a whim to do a demo ice cream of the pair, utilizing a obtained camera and enlisting a girlfriend to modify it. As Anstead told Good Housekeeping, she was 7 months pregnant in ~ the time.

After sending out the demo, the couple received a solution from Pie city Productions, which produces such HGTV access time as House Hunters and spinoffs like House Hunters International. The firm was interested and also signed the pair to buy, renovate, and flip 13 houses in 13 episodes. The present was titled Flip or Flop, v the Register revealing the couple was payment $10,000 per illustration for that very first season. 

As Anstead recalled come Good Housekeeping, the all occurred so quickly she could barely procedure it. "I just remember driving come an auction and also thinking there"s just no way this is yes, really going come happen," she said. "Then, all of the sudden, HGTV want a pilot Flip or Flop>, and the pilot obtained picked up and it was a series, overnight."

During a marathon transfer of the very first season in 2013, viewer Ryan Reade — a registered nurse — noticed what appeared to be a bump on Tarek El Moussa"s neck. Figuring it was "something that essential to be brought to his attention," Reade told Today that she contacted the show"s producers urging El Moussa to view a doctor. As soon as the Flip or Flop star was examined, he obtained a sobering diagnosis: El Moussa had stage 2 thyroid cancer. To make matters worse, he was likewise diagnosed with testicular cancer, although that didn"t make that diagnosis public till years later.

Understandably, this duration proved to be a do the efforts one for Christina Anstead, particularly given just how the couple was also raising a 2-year-old daughter in the midst of she husband"s cancer treatments. "I was simply feeling completely overwhelmed about losing him, him having to go v treatments, our daughter," she admitted to Today.

While viewers watched Christina Anstead banter her way through home flips ~ above HGTV v Tarek El Moussa as Flip or Flop grew in popularity, the truth that they confronted when the cameras turned turn off was really different. In the midst of El Moussa"s cancer treatment, the 2 were likewise trying to have another baby via in vitro fertilization. In 2014, Anstead ended up being pregnant, only to suffer a miscarriage. She told People in 2017, "We went through a lot of in a quick amount the time."

After that heartbreak, Anstead lastly conceived, and also in respectable 2015, she provided birth to child Brayden, together reported by PopSugar. However, what should have been a joyous time to be far an ext fraught 보다 outsiders may have realized. Together Anstead told People, the requirements of your business and a hectic Flip or Flop schedule led her to return to work just four weeks after offering birth. "It was too quickly for me," she admitted. "I to be overwhelmed. The tension between me and also Tarek to be high."

As she revealed to People, interaction with her husband had actually become daunting as they discovered themselves drifting apart. "It gained to the suggest where us weren"t even driving to set together," Anstead recalled.

While Christina Anstead"s personal life was filled with the turmoil unleashed by her husband"s cancer battle, a new baby, and a demanding job-related schedule, Flip or Flop was coming to be a major hit because that HGTV. 

During the show"s second season in 2014, Multichannel News reported the a broadcast of the present garnered Flip or Flop"s greatest rating come date, attracting 1.7 million viewers for a single episode. Not just was that a new record because that an episode of Flip or Flop, yet it was likewise the network"s highest-rated primetime episode in a year. 

Ratings simply kept top top growing. According to a succeeding report from Multichannel News, viewership continued to climb, with an ext than 16 million full viewers watching Flip or Flop"s fourth season. In fact, the show had officially come to be the highest-rated cable series in that is Thursday night time slot amongst viewers 25-54. There to be no denying that Flip or Flop was quickly ending up being one the HGTV"s most renowned series, and Christina Anstead was among the network"s many recognizable and beloved personalities. Yet in the midst of all the success, a storm was impending behind the scenes that endangered everything.

In might 2016, Us Weekly reported the 11 deputies were dubbed to Christina Anstead"s home after she and also then-husband Tarek El Moussa had an "explosive fight," responding come reports that a "possibly suicidal male through a gun." Police seized several weapons from the home. El Moussa later told police the "had no intention of hurting himself."

In December of the year, the pair jointly announced they had actually separated. "Like numerous couples, we have actually had challenges in our marriage," the declare read. "We had actually an unfortunately misunderstanding about six months earlier and the police were called to our home in an abundance of caution. There to be no violence and also no charges to be filed." The statement likewise revealed they attempted marriage counseling, however had ultimately made decision to call it quits. "We will proceed to occupational through this process civilly and cooperatively," the statement concluded, "and arrangement to continue our professional life together."

Looking ago at that unstable time, Anstead told People she felt fully overwhelmed. "I felt prefer I was drowning. I was simply trying come stay over water, just doing everything I could come just obtain through the day."

Tarek El Moussa filed because that divorce in January 2017, return he and also Christina Anstead had actually secretly separated number of months earlier. Once the documents were lastly filed, she told People that she didn"t feel sadness. Instead she feel relief. "I think the separation process begins long before people in reality separate," Anstead explained. "So by the moment we official did, i felt like a weight was lifted turn off me." to add there to be a couple of reasons why the Flip or Flop stars divorced.

Anstead tried to look in ~ the positive side that the situation. Instead of see an ending, she desired to think that her case as a beginning. "It"s invigorating to know I am beginning over," she added. "It"s funny to be able to create my very own destiny ideal now."

She expressed similar sentiments in an interview with Good Morning America"s Michael Strahan. "Despite the everything, I"m act really, yes, really good," she said, insisting that the "primary focus" will constantly be their two children. "We"re simply normal, nice human being who just, friend know, desire to it is in the best parents and coworkers the we can be."

With Christina Anstead and also Tarek El Moussa divorced, pan of Flip or Flop were easy to understand curious about the fate the the show. When the couple"s separation statement shown they would certainly "continue experienced life together," the question on viewers" minds was, "How"s that gonna work?"

At the exact same time the pair announced your separation, HGTV issued a declare indicating that, despite whatever was acquisition place in between the show"s stars, the was service as usual for Flip or Flop. "We admire and appreciate Tarek and also Christina"s an excellent work top top Flip or Flop," read a explain issued to Us Weekly. "When it pertains to matters regarded their own family, we respect your privacy and honor any type of decision that works ideal for them and their children. HGTV is at this time airing episodes of Flip or Flop and also the series will proceed production as scheduled."

As it turned out, HGTV in reality leaned right into the couple"s separation when cultivating the 2018 season. "It"s all brand-new territory," claimed Anstead in HGTV"s push release at the time. "When our marriage dropped apart it was more public 보다 we could have imagined. Yet we"re picking up the pieces and we"ll still job-related together to support our kids."

When the saturday season of Flip or Flop debuted in 2018, all the off-camera drama that had been filling the pages of tabloids led to a lot of curiosity about how Christina Anstead and ex Tarek El Moussa would connect after your split. The curiosity led to even bigger ratings, with HGTV revealing that viewership for Season 7 had risen 18 percent over the vault season. The co-stars, the seemed, were more popular divorced 보다 they were married.

In fact, the display had end up being so effective that the network announced it was ordering 15 much more episodes for the season. "We"re eager to see just how they continue to run their flipping business, co-parent your children and start brand-new chapters in their experienced and personal lives," stated HGTV chairman Allison page in the announcement.

Ironically, the ex-spouses actually obtained along better after your divorce 보다 they did once they were married. "Tarek and I are in a really great place right now," Anstead told E! News. As she told Good Housekeeping, in spite of the split, she and her ex still managed to job-related well together. "We met at work, and also we actually probably gain along finest at work," she explained.

At the finish of 2017, Christina Anstead — then well-known as Christina El Moussa — met british TV hold Ant Antstead through common friends, and sparks flew. They to be a full-fledged pair when she sent out him a sweet Instagram greeting to mark his 39th birthday in march 2018. In December of that year, the couple tied the node in a an enig "winter wonderland" wedding, as reported by People, come which Anstead wore a totally unique wedding dress. As she later on wrote on Instagram, "Life has actually a funny method of letting things autumn into ar when you least expect it."

With Christina Anstead acquisition her new husband"s name, the two blended their families, through her two children and his two youngsters (from his ahead marriage) all moving in together into a new home. "All that the kids are so excited," she told People. "I love all the chaos that a full house."

Meanwhile, the couple had even an ext news to share as soon as they later on revealed they were expecting their very first child together. In September 2019, the Ansteads invited a son. "Ant and I are so excited to welcome Hudson London Anstead right into the world," she wrote on Instagram along with a photograph of their brand-new arrival. "Our hearts space SO full of love and also joy!" 

After landing a new husband, welcoming a new baby, and buying a brand-new home, Christina Anstead then moved on come launching her own present for HGTV. When she and also ex-husband Tarek El Moussa would continue to film Flip or Flop, she debuted she solo effort, Christina top top the Coast, in spring 2019. There was no house-flipping in the new show, i m sorry instead concentrated on she fledgling design business, through Anstead using her flair for an imaginative design come reinvent spaces in clients" homes. 

As HGTV discussed in that is announcement, the show also offered viewers something that Flip or Flop didn"t: a glimpse into her personal life, including behind-the-scenes clip of her wedding to Ant Anstead. "I had a lot walking on last year, and I thought it would be exciting to display a little bit an ext of my real life," she said the New York Post.

Viewers love what they saw, and HGTV declared Christina top top the Coast to be a ratings smash, drawing 12 million full viewers in its first season. In respectable 2019, Christina Anstead took to Instagram to expose that the network had actually ordered a 2nd season. "SO beyond excited," she created of the Season 2 renewal.

Through every one of Christina Anstead"s ups and downs, there"s to be one continuous in she life: best friend Cassie Zebisch. According to House Beautiful, the BFFs have known each various other for more than 20 years. Zebisch is not just Anstead"s publicist, but she"s also godmother come the Flip or Flop star"s daughter, Taylor. 

Back in 2015, Anstead took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of the duo in the back of a limo come celebrate Zebisch"s birthday. "True friend are difficult to find... Ns am happy to have you by mine side through thick and thin!!" Anstead wrote in the caption, adding, "This shouldn"t must be stated however this is one OLD PHOTO!!!!"

When Anstead released Christina top top the Coast for HGTV, the very first project she took on to be for Zebisch, that revealed ~ above Instagram that the designer was transforming her "childhood residence into a gorgeous California modern dream home." relenten what the was favor to be on camera v her bestie, Zebisch told House Beautiful the process was organic. "Christina and I have actually such great chemistry in genuine life, and we just did our thing, like we perform every work together," she said.

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Clearly, once you"re in with Christina Anstead, you"re in because that life.

Christina Anstead's 2nd marriage ended before their 2nd anniversary

While Christina Anstead"s fans saw a photo of residential bliss, her marital relationship to Ant Anstead was crumbling behind the scenes. That came to light in September 2020, as soon as she approve an Instagram write-up announcing, "Ant and also I have actually made the complicated decision to separate."

A week later, she approve a lengthy follow-up post addressing the split, accompanying a glum-looking selfie. "I never ever thought i would have one divorce allow alone two," she wrote. "I never thought I would have 2 infant daddies — yet sometimes life throws united state curve balls." While admitting she life was daunting at the moment, she added, "I select to look in ~ these challenges as opportunities to grow. For this reason while some may judge me and also throw approximately rumors around me, many of you assistance me. ... I"m messy, I"m real and I"m functioning on healing."

Ant Anstead soon available his very first comment top top the breakup. When Christina wrote that they had mutually agreed come separate, Ant shown the decision wasn"t his. "I have actually remained silent while holding on to hope. I never offered up ~ above us," he created on Instagram. "I pray Christina"s decision brings she happiness."