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Tarek El Moussa isn"t permanently closing the door top top his connection with his estranged wife and Flip or Flop co-star, Christina El Moussa.

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ET sat down specifically with Tarek on Friday, when he opened up up about everything from Christina"s partnership with contractor Gary Anderson, the ups and downs that working with each other while going through a divorce as well as where their partnership stands today. Tarek claims he learned around Christina and Gary"s recent break-up through the internet, in ~ the exact same time as everybody else.

"I found out indigenous the internet, friend know? I do not ask an individual questions," Tarek speak ET"s Nischelle Turner, revealing the he and Christina never disputed it. "I carry out not desire to get involved. The best thing because that me is to emphasis on myself, and also not worry what she is doing. So, the only reason I uncovered out about the break-up is since it came out in the media."

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The 35-year-old truth star admits it was difficult for the to resolve Christina dating Gary. Gary remodeled the former couple"s backyard, and also according come police reports, to be a witness to Tarek and also Christina"s large blow-up this previous May, once police confirmed up come the couple"s house upon receiving a speak to of a "possibly suicidal male v a gun."

"You know, it simply took a many strength, and it is among those things where you have to stay positive, stay strong, focus on the kids and also just no think about it," Tarek shares around how he initially encountered Christina"s new relationship after their split.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Flip or Flop' Star Tarek El Moussa on Christina's Breakup native Gary Anderson

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Clearly, Tarek still has actually deep respect for 33-year-old Christina, who he calls a "great mom" to their two kids -- 6-year-old Taylor and 1-year-old Brayden. He states the two are still "great friends," and also doesn"t shut the end the opportunity of them ever before getting back together again.

"Maybe, like, 10 year from now," Tarek muses. "Honestly, it take it a lot of work to acquire to a great place because that both the us, that ns think we room at the point where us aren"t looking back, we are looking in the direction of our future."

"I don"t recognize where the future is walking to take it me, but you never ever know," that adds.

Tarek quiet has great memories of his connection with Christina, and also says she to be his "soul mate."

"You know, us just had chemistry," the recalls. "If i look back, we were absolute ideal friends, us were soul mates. We were eight in arm and for many, plenty of years, we were the couple that other couples would be jealousy of. Every the married friends would say, "Man, you males are the best, you obtain along so well," and also over time, it just started come fade."

These days, Tarek and Christina are focusing on co-parenting and also still being a family members for your children. The pair has remained amicable while continuing to film Flip or Flop together, despite Tarek admits the isn"t constantly smooth sailing.

"You know, it"s like anything -- there room challenges," Tarek acknowledges. "There are an excellent days, bad days, but, friend know, it"s ours job. We love what we do, so us fight through it. We understand what we have to do to support our family and also continue ours career."

As because that Tarek and also Christina"s divorce potentially getting facility due come Tarek requesting spousal support from her in his divorce petition -- as well as requesting that she salary his lawyer fees -- Tarek states he doesn"t actually want alimony native his estranged wife.

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"I just checked a box, at this point, ns don"t need to go after any type of alimony," Tarek says. "I mean, us do every little thing jointly."

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Currently, things definitely show up to be amicable in between Tarek and also Christina. ~ above Thursday, the two were every smiles when filming their hit HGTV display in Garden Grove, California, sharing a laugh top top set.

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