The music community is remembering Christina Grimmie with relocating on-stage tributes ~ The Voice singer"s death. From an individual friends prefer Selena Gomez and also Charlie Puth come performers who"d just met her in passing, young stars continue to express their condolences to Grimmie"s family and fans after ~ the 22-year-old was tragically shot so late Friday.

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Selena Gomez

Gomez has a personal connection to Grimmie and her story — Grimmie"s longtime manager Brian Teefey is Gomez" stepfather.

At she concert in Miami top top Saturday, the night after ~ Grimmie"s death, Gomez damaged down in tears onstage remembering her friend.

Transfiguration come Grimmie. "It’s not around her religion, and also it’s no about good deeds. It’s simply that she had faith. And I don’t really understand just how this happened, however I would prefer to dedicate this following song to her.”

Justin Bieber

At his concert in Winnipeg Saturday night, Bieber snuck in a remembrance to Grimmie.

Fan-shot video captures Bieber singing, "Grimmie, can you hear me?" in a soaring moment during his rendition that Purpose.


During her performance at a proud celebration in Pittsburgh, Kesha honored Grimmie and her love ones.

"Send a little come the family, friends and also fans the Christina Grimmie," she claimed as the group cheered.

Fifth Harmony

The 5 women of fifth Harmony remembered Grimmie throughout their power at 106.1"s BLI"s Summer Jam in brand-new York with a minute of silence.

"She to be nothing yet nice to us, therefore humble," 5H"s Normani Kordei shared with the crowd. "We love you. We"re praying for your family and also we understand that you"re smiling under from above."

Charlie Puth

Also performing at Summer Jam was Puth, who committed an acoustic rendition that his struggle See friend Again come Grimmie.

"I was reading the news critical night and also heard that my good friend Christina Grimmie to be killed, and I desire to dedicate this track to her tonight," the said.

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"I"ve been upset around this all day, mainly due to the fact that I simply never obtained to to speak what I want to say to her, and also I feel choose this track perfectly records that."

Rachel Platten

Platten toured v Grimmie earlier this year, and remembered the singer onstage in new York, before singing Fight Song in she honor.

"I gained to recognize her very well and we"re still in a lot of shock and also it"s hard to make sense of these kinds of things," she said fans. "She made this world a better place for this reason I want to dedicate this to she tonight. Christina, I recognize that you"re listening and also we love you."