She married french singer M. Pokora critical year, but how many youngsters do they have together - and who is the dad of Milian’s an initial child?


Christina Milian welcomed her very first child come the civilization in 2010Credit: Getty - Contributor

How many youngsters does Christina Milian have?

Christina Milian has three kids.

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Christina invited her first child into the people on February 26 2010 - a girl named Violet.

Violet, whose complete name is Violet Madison Nash, is the daughter of Milian and also her ex-husband, rapper The-Dream.

Violet is currently 11 year old.

Although she to be Milian’s very first child, The-Dream currently had three youngsters with his ex-wife Nivea when Violet to be born.

Today, the rapper has actually 9 youngsters in total.

Isaiah Pokora

Seven years after the birth of her first child, Milian announced she to be expecting again - this time with her now-husband, french singer Matt Pokora.

On January 20, 2020 their child Isaiah Pokora was born, making him just 1 year old today.

Kenna Tota

Kenna Tota is the newest addition to the Milian household - and also he’s the singer’s second child through husband Matt Pokora.

Milian’s second son, Kenna, came down on April 23, 2021 - meaning he’s still simply three month old!

Who is Christina Milian’s husband Matt Pokora?

Christina and Matt gained together in august 2017, and also married just over 3 years later in December 2020 - but not prior to welcoming their very first son, Isaiah earlier that year.

Matt is a french singer and also songwriter, working under the stage name M. Pokora or Matt Pokora who currently acts as a coach top top The Voice children France.

Before that, he was a member that French R&B group Mic Unity.

His real name is Matthieu Tota.

His dad was expert footballer Andre Tota, and also Matt revealed he had actually originally hope to follow in his Dad’s footsteps before discovering a love that music.

Who is Christina Milian’s ex-husband The-Dream?

Before meeting Matt, Christina to be married come rapper The-Dream, that she share daughter Violet with.

The two started dating in February 2009 and eloped in a vegas chapel simply over six months later.

But it wasn’t destined to be happily ever after - they separated 3 months later, before the birth of their daughter.

Their divorce was finalised in October 2011.

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Christina also dated comedian Nick Cannon and rapper Lil Wayne before settling down v husband Matthew.



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