The Wheeler Dealers host separation from his second wife, HGTV star Christina Haack, in September after much less than two years the marriage



The U.K. Native and also host of Wheeler Dealers came to be a familiar confront as Christina Haack's car-loving, jokester husband on she HGTV display Christina ~ above the Coast. But 8 month after the couple announced their separation in September after much less than 2 years of marriage, Anstead has moved on through the Oscar winner.

You are watching: Christina on the coast husband job confirmed Zellweger, 52, and Anstead, 42, space dating ~ meeting previously this month on the set of his forthcoming Discovery+ present Celebrity IOU: Joyride, in i beg your pardon she appears. TMZ to be the first outlet to report top top the brand-new couple.

But Anstead had actually a fascinating life on and off-screen, long prior to his high-profile romances. How much perform you know about the comfortable Brit beyond the headlines? review on because that 8 surprising facts around Ant Anstead.

Before transforming his love of cars right into a full time job, Ant was a police officer earlier in his native England. His legislation enforcement job started as soon as he was 18 and also ended at 25. He came to be one the the U.K.'s youngest armed police police officers when he join the tactical fire-arm unit at 23.

"I knew ns didn’t want to go down the education and learning route v University etc., so ended up a copper, and I can honestly say, it’s the ideal decision ns have ever made," Ant said Influx in 2016. "I loved being in the police ... I got two commendations for bravery and also have faced a variety of life-threatening events – really opened my eye to what humans are qualified of. When you’re standing in former of someone equipped – that’s real fear – it kind of makes standing on stage or in front of a camera easy."

The TV star likewise has a enthusiasm for writing. He has penned two books to date and mentioned plans because that a third. In 2018, he exit Cops and also Robbers: The Story of the british Police automobile and Petrol Head Parenting: just how to Diagnose and also Nurture a Petrolhead — a children’s book for budding automobile lovers.

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A true Brit, Ant is likewise a an excellent "football" player. Throughout his athletic career, he played over 700 gamings in the Ryman organization in the location of goalkeeper and striker.

Ant is watched on episodes of Christina top top the Coast playing in a to chat soccer league in California, v his household cheering the on native the sidelines.

Anstead starred in the U.K. Series For the Love that Cars, in i beg your pardon he served as a repair expert, starting in 2014. He's additionally been the charismatic mechanic ~ above Wheelers and Dealers, another auto-centric show, created for exploration U.K. And also Velocity Channel in the U.S. (He moved to California upon joining the show’s 14th season in 2017, but revealed in November 2020 that he'd be leaving the series.) In enhancement to Joyride, which will likewise feature mar J. Blige, Octavia Spencer and also James Marsden; Anstead will appear alongside property Brothers' attracted Scott top top Drew's Dream Car, coming quickly to Discovery+.

While ~ above a pilgrimage to London early in his relationship with Christina, he documented being known on through a fan (coincidentally, a police officer) while on a pedicab ride in the city.

Ant holds the human being Record for the most expensive straight-six Aston Martin ever sold in ~ auction. He revitalized then marketed the sports auto for £150,000 (approximately $193,275).

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The dad of 3 — he has two children, Amelie, 17, and also Archie, 14, indigenous his first marriage and shares boy Hudson, 1, through Haack — started his own production company, dubbed Ant Anstead Limited, in 2014, follow to IMDb. The produced and starred in a TV documentary referred to as The World's many Expensive Cars in 2017.

Ant has said the he loved to build and also fix something he could get his hand on as a child, walking as much as structure his very first car from a kit in ~ 16.

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"Cars have always been mine guilty pleasure," the told Influx. "I didn’t also have a steering license yet knew I wanted to build cars. I remember together a 14-year-old, walking come the local cattle market and also buying a lawnmower to strength my wooden soapbox…"

The TV star actively supports Harrison’s Fund, a charity that hopes to find a cure because that Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The company is named for a boy at this time fighting the disease.

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A former Cop and also Children"s Author? 8 how amazing Things around Renée Zellweger"s brand-new Flame Ant Anstead