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Only ET"s Keltie knight was invited inside the HGTV star"s home as she opened up up around her life, career and also blended family -- and also introduced united state to her infant boy, Hudson.

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"Welcome to my nursery," Christina said, taking united state inside the stunning room, complete with dream catchers and also a starry mobile. As she noted, our tour would be Hudson"s TV debut.

"I"m pregnant season two Christina ~ above the Coast>," she shared. " the sex reveal, informing the youngsters for the very first time, life the pregnant dream."

Christina and her husband, Ant, married in a surprised wedding at your Newport Beach house just over a year ago. Their kid Hudson to be born in September, authorized Christina"s children Taylor and also Brayden from her marriage to Tarek El Moussa and also Ant"s children Amelie and also Archie, from a vault relationship.

"Hudson watch British. He simply looks favor a mini Ant, like, laugh up at me," she said, comparing she newborn come the Wheeler Dealers host. "They look yes, really similar, for this reason it"s really cute."

"Going from 2 to 3 is hard," Christina noted, yet she couldn"t it is in happier.

"It"s awesome to have actually a baby again. Babies space wonderful. Despite how difficult it is obviously, it"s wonderful that Ant and I obtain to have actually a kid together. That"s so special," she gushed. "Especially throughout the holidays, for this reason fun. Everything about it is awesome."

For Christina and Ant, the secret to managing their busy family members is "divide and also conquer" -- and constantly put the children first.

"I"ve been trying to spend a the majority of one-on-one time with each that them and taking them on dates due to the fact that it is a huge transition," she said of making certain every son feels special v a brand-new baby at home -- Taylor, 9, and Brayden, 4, especially. Archie, 13, and Amelie, 16, visit when they can, yet in August, the family will all obtain together because that a expedition to Maui.

"I just take it one day at a time. Ns do shot to schedule out the week and I do make sure that once I obtain home, I"m done. That"s as soon as my emails can gain really backed up since when I gain home I need to be entirely present for the kids. There"s just means too lot going on," she explained.

"Then top top the weekends, very same thing, we just make sure were doing lots of household time. My youngsters love small things choose board games. They love swimming, so thank god because that the pool, and also that keeps castle pretty distracted," she added. "It"s simply one day in ~ a time."

While season twoof Christina top top the coastline is premiering, the designer is still working on Flip or Flop with her ex, Tarek. The pair have actually made their organization as lot a priority as preserving a healthy relationship for their kids.

"I think any divorce family deals with that kind of stuff. Sometimes, things have the right to be difficult, however at the finish of the day, the children love to see every one of us together all the time. So, that"s what works," she reasoned.

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"There"s no huge secret," Christina said. "It"s simply whatever"s finest for the kids is simply what functions for everybody."

Season two of Christina ~ above the Coast premieres Thursday on HGTV.


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