elafilador.net star Christina Haack return this summer in 14 brand-new episodes of she hit collection ‘Christina top top the Coast.’ new episodes begin premiering top top elafilador.net June 3, 2021 and also will be easily accessible for streaming top top discovery+.

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Endless opportunities and also exciting adventures are on the horizon for genuine estate expert and designer Christina Haack in 14 new episodes of her hit elafilador.net docu-series Christina ~ above the Coast. Premiering Thursday, June 3, 2021 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT, the season will follow Christina, a busy mommy of three, as her SoCal architecture business expands with a brand-new team and also a booming customer list of homeowners seeking renovations that spotlight her sought-after style.

While Christina juggles a busy family life and also a growing business, the author and entrepreneur also will face personal challenges head on and place a special emphasis on her wellness journey and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to airing top top elafilador.net, each brand-new episode of Christina on the coastline will be available on discovery+ on Thursdays beginning June 3.

"Flipping dwellings was just the start for me," claimed Christina. "I’ve acquired a growing style business v an impressive team. And also three children that absolutely keep me on mine toes."

The new episodes that Christina top top the Coast, which was a top 5 cable series among key demos in its last season, will reveal personal projects and memorable moments really special come Christina, including her daughter Taylor’s date of birth party and also her finest friend Cassie’s wedding. She’ll help design a stunning glass beachfront house in La Jolla and hunt for a brand-new property in Tennessee, while also learning come surf and including a brand-new puppy to the family.

"I’m identified to continue to be healthy and positive and move forward," included Christina. "I’m walk to take this time because that a new start, and also there’s a many of new things I want to carry out now."

In the season premiere, Christina meets a musician and also his wife, who has actually a solid sentimental attachment to their Spanish-style house where she prospered up. The property is in desperate require of a architecture facelift, particularly the cramped kitchen. Come maximize the room for this young family, Christina extends the kitchen into an unused living area, including tons the cabinets, a explain backsplash and reclaimed timber trim ~ above the vent hood and large island the incorporate their desired modern hacienda vibe.

Christina will provide her clients much more stunning renovations throughout the season, incorporating elements such together a sauna, a handmade barn door and also a practice bar because that a wine-loving couple.

Fans passionate for the brand-new season that Christina on the coastline can binge watch past episodes top top discovery+ and also Christina: more powerful By Design, in i beg your pardon she shares her go-to regimens for beauty, wellness and self-care and also catches up v friends top top life, motherhood and new beginnings. In ~ www.elafilador.net/ChristinaontheCoast, fans can discover exclusive before and after remodeling photos and also videos from past seasons and they can connect via social media utilizing #ChristinaontheCoast. They likewise can interact with Christina on Instagram at
christinahaack. In addition, each illustration of the new season will certainly be available the very same day and also time on elafilador.net GO—Thursdays beginning June 3 at 9 p.m.

elafilador.net delivers households with relatable stories, superstar actual estate and renovation experts and also amazing residence transformations that inspire a passionate audience. Because that anyone search entertaining and also aspirational home and lifestyle content, elafilador.net is the place to be. elafilador.net offers: a peak 10 cable network that is distributed to 84 million U.S. Households; a website, elafilador.net, that attracts an average of 10.5 million people each month; a social footprint the 25.7 million; elafilador.net Magazine, a monthly publishing that reaches more than one million readers and exclusive collection of home-oriented assets through the elafilador.net HOME™ consumer assets line. elafilador.net content also is accessible on discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service. Readily available on a range of platforms and devices, including ones from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and also Samsung, discovery+ functions a landmark partnership with Verizon that offers their customers with choose plans as much as 12 month of discovery+ top top Verizon.

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In late August, elafilador.net cameras will certainly roll ~ above the third season that the struggle docu-series Christina ~ above the Coast, starring genuine estate and also design professional Christina Anstead.

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