Message indigenous Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - November 21, 2018Words are not adequate to thank all of you who sustained me due to the fact that I came forward to tell the Senate the I had actually been sexually struck by Brett Kavanaugh. Your incredible outpouring of support and kind letters have actually made it possible for united state to cope with the immeasurable stress, specifically the disruption come our safety and also privacy. Since of her support, i feel optimistic that our stays will go back to normal.The accumulation you have sent v have actually been a godsend. Her donations have permitted us to take it reasonable actions to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and also my family, and also to enhance the defense for our home. We offered your generous contributions to pay for a security service, which started on September 19 and has recently started to taper off; a residence security system; housing and also security expenses incurred in Washington DC, and local housing for component of the time we have been displaced. Component of the time we have actually been may be to remain with our protection team in a residence generously loaned come us.With immense gratitude, ns am close up door this account to further contributions. All funds unused after perfect of protection expenditures will certainly be donated to organizations that assistance trauma survivors. Ns am at this time researching institutions where the funds can finest be used. We will use this an are to allow you recognize when that process is complete.Although coming forward to be terrifying, and also caused disruption to our lives, ns am thankful to have had actually the possibility to satisfy my public duty. Having actually done so, ns am in awe that the numerous women and men who have actually written me to share similar life experiences, and also now have bravely shared their suffer with friends and family, plenty of for the very first time. Ns send you mine heartfelt love and also support.I wish I could thank each and also every one of you individually. Thank you.Christine_____________________________________________________________________________Message from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - October 3, 2018I cannot express how grateful i am for the outpouring of support and also generosity that we have actually received v this account. Ns believed and still believe that it was my civic duty come come forward, yet this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, lot harder also than I assumed it would be. And also not simply for me, yet for mine husband and also our sons, for my family members who quiet live in the Washington area, and also the friends who have actually stood increase on my behalf.I feeling like all of you who have made a contribution space on this journey v me, which is really heartening. And also some journey it has been and also continues come be. Us have already had to move 4 times, our movements are limited even through security, and the threats are ongoing. Thanks to you, ns am may be to feeling safe, my family members can be together, and also my children can continue to walk to school.The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than us anticipated and they execute not present signs that letting up. Funds obtained via this account will certainly be provided to help us pay because that these mounting expenses.Please know exactly how much we evaluate your moral support and your contribution,Christine_____________________________________________________________________________Christine Blasey Ford prove a vast amount of ship speaking the end this week. She go not originally come forward due to the fact that she was scared that the response. She was best to it is in scared. No only has actually the appropriate wing smear machine started, yet she is receiving serious threats versus her and has had to interact a security pressure to defend her family. This is all yes, really expensive and she demands our help. We require to defend the voices of brave people who speak the end - especially when lock are part of our community.Christine is a Palo Alto mom, a lovely professor and mentor and also friend. This fundraiser is funded by she neighbors and colleagues.

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She is truly thankful for your support!Please keep in mind that we will certainly not withdraw any type of of this funds. The family members has been named the single beneficiary and also her husband will take the funds straight from