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Issuu Scribe 1984/Holton arms Christine Blasey’s page in ‘Scribe 1984’ her yearbook indigenous Holton arms School. On her web page she estimates song lyrics, to write a letter to her family and also includes a photograph of her and her brothers.

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Note: The Holton-Arms yearbook Scribe 1984 was virtual on the site when this short article was written beginning Monday late morning. Every the images are screenshots. The yearbook has actually now been gotten rid of from the site so links no much longer work.

Songs currently 15 years old by then were no less an effective for the soon-to-be high institution graduate the she included lyrics the had an interpretation to her together she all set to leave Holton-Arms.

In her yearbook, Blasey composed a letter to she family, text from Elton John’s ‘Your Song.’

Dear Mom, Dad, Tom and Ralph,

“My gift is mine song, and this one’s because that youAnd you can tell everyone this is your songIt may be fairly simple, however now that it’s doneI expect you don’t mind, ns hope girlfriend don’t mind that I put down in wordsHow wonderful life is if you’re in the world.”


Christine Blasey as a young boy with her brothers, a picture she mutual in her yearbook

Blasey additionally quoted at size lyrics from Stephen Stills’ “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” and other Crosby, Stills & Nash songs including “Helplessly Hoping.”

2. Blasey to be a Holton-Arms Cheerleader


In the summer ‘14 issue of the college magazine Doorways, college student writers claimed that end the reunion weekend in April of the year, Blasey spoke with students throughout a presentation that what particularly is no clear and also there’s no quickly located summary of she remarks, however the newspaper did operation a blurb and featured photo of her and also her class of 1984 compatriots.

Student magazine editors wrote that Blasey “…was may be to inspire students in ~ Holton-Arms when she presented at the Holton Upper school Alumnae Assembly in April end reunion weekend.”

And Doorways editors wrote, “She security the bulk of her work-related time teaching and also mentoring college student who are seeking to become either research study or clinical psychologists.”

4. It’s ‘Not every Work’ for phd & Ivy League academic & Author, Doorways Wrote: Blasey is a Surfer. Or at least She was up until 2014. She does Love a good ‘Science Party’

As was written by student editors, Blasey is a professor that psychology and statistics, is a professor at Palo Alto University, has actually been v Stanford University because 1988 where she taught bio-statistics, and also conducted medical research both in ~ Stanford and also at personal biotech suppliers in Silicon Valley.

“It’s not all about work though,” through Blasey Ford, college student editors wrote. “While she has actually co-authored over 50 scientific publications, book chapters and also books, she is one avid surfer, and also she and her family spend a great deal the time surfing in the Santa Cruz and San Francisco areas,” she said Doorways in 2014.

During the mountain Francisco just Area in march for scientific research in 2017, Blasey Ford, who was put on a “elaborately knitted cap of the human mind — yarn turned right into a supersized cerebral cortex,” she called The Mercury News, “It’s a scientific research party!”

In a story about the press descending ~ above her house in Palo Alto, a neighbor confirmed that Blasey Ford is a “big sports fan who frequently goes surfing in Santa Cruz.”

5. Holton-Arms Head of college Susanna A. Jones Praised Blasey Ford 'Using her Voice’

It was reported the this is the statement of Holton-Arms Head of college Susanna A. Jones.

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“In a recent write-up The Washington article described supposed assault of among our alumnae by can be fried Court nominee Brent M Kavanagh that occurred in the at an early stage 1980s, if she was a college student at Holton-Arms. In these cases, the is imperative that all voices are heard. As a school that empowers females to use their voices, we space proud that this alumna for using hers.”

Following the 2014 reunion weekend, Jones wrote around Blasey’s speech where she admitted her very first two year of college, no unlike many others she said, were characterized by indecision and lack of direction until in she junior year, she uncovered psychology.

“Finally, throughout her small year in college, a challenging remonstrance from a friend lugged her to her senses and also she started to use herself. She had actually a the majority of slacking to consist of for; psychology available the easiest significant to complete and also graduate ~ above time. Everything the reason for she choice, it suited her, and she walk on to knife a masters and a PhD. She has taught in ~ Stanford because 1988 wherein she is currently a full professor. An ext recently, she emerged an interest in biostastics and also earned a masters in that field in 2009. When she’s no teaching or act research, she test the safety and efficacy that drugs for FDA approval. Clearly someone who eventually uncovered a way and do one, her biggest satisfaction originates from mentoring, helping others to find the appropriate path.”