Republicans might try to usage the yearbooks come discredit her, but they have no bearing on even if it is she was sexually assaulted.

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford sits before the Senate Judiciary committee top top September 27, 2018. Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty pictures
Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook recently became component of the conversation about sexual misconduct allegations versus him. Currently Republicans in Congress have tracked under Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbooks and also are reportedly ready to use them to inquiry her credibility once she testifies prior to the Senate on Thursday concerning her allegations of misconduct by Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh defined himself on his page of the Georgetown Preparatory school yearbook together a “Renate Alumnius,” i m sorry some previous classmates speak was component of a pattern in i beg your pardon Kavanaugh and other guys bragged around having sex through a girl called Renate Schroeder (now Renate Schroeder Dolphin). Kavanaugh’s lawyer currently says the phrase was a referral to a kiss, and nothing more. Dolphin states she never kissed Kavanaugh and also has dubbed the yearbook hoax “horrible, hurtful and simply untrue.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the website RealClearInvestigations reported that staffers for the Senate Judiciary Committee had obtained yearbooks indigenous Ford’s time as a student at Holton-Arms School, near Georgetown Prep.

Kavanaugh’s yearbook, at least according to some previous classmates, argues that the made sexually demeaning jokes around girls, component of a bigger pattern that allegations that he enjoyed sexually humiliating girls for his own and other boys’ amusement. Ford’s yearbooks, meanwhile, suggest that she perhaps drank alcohol at parties. One is appropriate to Thursday’s hearing; the various other is not.

Whether Ford drank alcohol has actually no bearing on whether she was assaulted

A staffer because that the judiciary committee, speaking anonymously, called RealClearInvestigations the Ford’s yearbooks could cast doubt on she character, and also that prosecutor Rachel Mitchell might lug them increase on Thursday. Ford “will not make a good witness,” the staffer said.

But the contents of the yearbooks, at the very least as report by RealClearInvestigations, has actually no bearing on whether Ford’s allegations space true. Amongst the reported revelations in the books are the following:

“a photo of an underage Ford attending at the very least one party, alongside a subtitle boasting of girl passing the end from party drinking”references to “sexually promiscuous behavior” by girl at Holton-Arms, consisting of with guys at Georgetown Prep“beer bottles and also beer cans and also scenes the boys and girls drinking at parties”“a picture of Ford and also other girl at a Halloween party alongside a subtitle boasting of ‘pass out’ after play ‘Quarters’ and other binge-drinking games”“the young Holton coeds dressed together Playboy bunnies and also posing seductively atop desks, school-uniform skirts hiked up”

Many of the images and captions referenced by RealClearInvestigations don’t show up to directly include Ford, but even if castle did, even if it is she drank (even when underage) or had actually sex with boys at Georgetown prepare is not relevant to the question of whether Kavanaugh sexually attacked her.

It has long been usual for movie critics to dig with the previous of those that come front to report sexual assault, spring for evidence of drinking or sexual habits that have the right to be used to repaint them as unreliable. This is one factor survivors are frequently afraid come come forward around their assaults. State legislators have actually increasingly well-known that previous drinking or sexual habits in no method invalidates a report of sex-related assault, and also have imposed rape shield regulations to prevent such details from comes up in court.

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No together laws apply to Thursday’s hearing since it is not a criminal trial, and it’s not yet clean whether Ford’s yearbooks will come up. What is clean is that, in ~ least based upon what we recognize from RealClearInvestigations, nothing in them should speak to her testimony right into question.

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