"I did no feel courageous. I was simply doing mine duty together a citizen," she called the ACLU of southerly California.

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Christine Blasey Ford speak at the ACLU of southern California's yearly Bill of legal rights Dinner in Beverly Hills top top Nov. 17, 2019.Richard Shotwell / AP
Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor that accused can be fried Court justice Brett Kavanaugh of having sexually assaulted her once they to be teenagers, claimed in a rarely public appearance Sunday night that she had a obligation to the country to speak out.

Ford, a professor of psychology in ~ Palo Alto university in north California, welcomed the Rodger Baldwin Courage compensation from the ACLU of southern California in Beverly Hills, close to Los Angeles. She appearance at the occasion wasn"t disclosed front of time.

"When I came forward last September, ns did not feel courageous. I was simply doing my duty together a citizen," she said.

"I construed that no everyone would certainly welcome my information, and I was all set for a variety of outcomes, consisting of being dismissed," she said.

Ford testified in September 2018 prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which to be reviewing Kavanaugh"s nomination come the supreme Court, that he struck her throughout a gathering of teenagers in suburban Maryland in 1982.


She alleged the Kavanaugh pinned her down, groped she over her clothing prior to trying to remove it and also put his hand over her mouth once she tried to scream.

Kavanaugh, that strongly denied the allegation, to be narrowly shown to the court the next month.

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Ford has actually made couple of public appearances due to the fact that she testified. A project to progressive money for she last year claimed that after she testimony, she obtained threats and also "had to communicate a security pressure to protect her family."


Late critical month, she showed up in Santa Clara, California, to receive a comparable award indigenous the YWCA that Silicon Valley.

Speaking of her Senate testimony, Ford claimed at the Santa Clara event that "I merely thought the it was my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my place would execute the very same thing."

Kavanaugh also has rarely appeared in public due to the fact that he was shown last year.

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On Friday in Washington, as soon as he addressed the Federalist Society, a conservative legit foundation, Kavanaugh to be greeted through protesters dressed as the reproductive slaves in the dystopian novel "The Handmaid"s Tale" while Ford"s Senate testimony was played ~ above a huge video display outside the venue.