If she looking come dine the end over the holidays, the followingrestaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day roughly Las las vegas in 2020. Appointments are strongly recommended wherein accepted, and they space booking up quickly.

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If she dining out, be sure to inspect to check out if they have actually a gift card bonus offer! At plenty of restaurants, you deserve to buy a gift card (for a gift or yourself) and also get a bonus gift map or various other special. Inspect out our list of Gift card Bonus offers here!


Fine Dining Restaurants open up on Christmas

Delmonico Steakhouse– The Venetian. Emeril’s restaurant is holding continuous hours for Christmas eve & Christmas Day.

Hank’s fine Steak in ~ GVR– vacation Menu: December 25, 2PM – 11PM, price varies.

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar– Red rock Casino.Christmas– celebrate the holidays with us! Thu, December 24th 5-9pm & Fri, December 25th 2-10pm girlfriend can additionally order your Holiday feast come go, and also pick increase Christmas eve or Christmas Day.

Lagasse’s Stadium– The Palazzo. An additional of Emeril’s restaurants holding consistent hours for Christmas night & Christmas Day.

Mon Ami Gabi– This year, permit Mon Ami Gabi relax the pressure of hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas day Dinner. Executive, management Chef Vincent Pouessel will certainly serve a unique holiday prix-fixe feast indigenous 4:00 pm to 11:00 afternoon on Monday, December 24th and also Tuesday, December 25th. Reap the vacation prix fixe food selection for just $49.95 per person(plus tax and also gratuity). Continual menu available 7Am- 11PM daily.

Oscar’s Steakhouse- Downtown las Vegas, reservations required, check out the link.


Casual Dining Restaurants open Christmas Day

Benihana-Open Christmas Eve from 11:00 am – 9 pm and also Christmas Day from 11:00 am – 9 pm.

BJ’s Brewhouse-Open Christmas eve (call come verify hrs for location), close up door on Christmas Day.

Bonefish Grill-Open Christmas Eve; 4 pm – 10 p.m. Through reservations

Brio Tuscan Grille-Open Christmas Eve, 11 to be – 9 pm & Christmas Day, 11 am – 9 pm

Buca di BeppoOpen Christmas Eve: 11 to be – 10 afternoon & Christmas Day: 11 am – 10 pm. Conventional menu, and Buca come Go.

Chili’s- Most locations are open on Christmas Eve and are closed on Christmas Day. Current Special: get a funny Berry Rita because that $5 in the month that December.

Hash home a go Go– try their Peppermint Bark Pancake – a classic HH buttermilk pancake blended with crushed candy canes and also chocolate chips, topped through whipped cream, and also other holiday specials. HOLIDAY HOURS: LINQ- Dec 24: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m, Dec 25: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m, & Dec 31 and also Jan 1: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Plaza- Dec 24: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m, Dec 25 & 31, and Jan 1: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sahara and also Henderson-Dec 24, 25, & 31, and Jan 1: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Appointments are required.Breakfast and also brunch will be served in addition to the vacation specials. The continuous dinner menu will likewise be obtainable after 5 p.m.

Marie Callendar’s– Adult’s $22.99– an option of 6 entrees. Children meals because that $8.99. Or order your feast ahead and also take that home, inspect out every one of the options here.


Note: plenty of Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas, for this reason if you have a favorite, examine their hours! friend can likewise check many of this restaurants for to-go alternatives and dine at home for the holidays without all the work.

This perform is right now being updated for 2020, and also there are countless I could add, so check earlier soon for an ext restaurants open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

NOTE: not all places offer the same national promotions. As a result, price and participation might vary. It’s constantly wise to call ahead for verification in her area.

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