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GettyPope Francis watch on next to the figurine of infant Jesus during a massive on Christmas night on December 24, 2017 at St Peter"s basilica in the Vatican.

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Christmas is celebrated as a religious holiday about the human being on December 25. The Vatican’s Christmas Mass because that 2019 will be held on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, in ~ 9:30pm local time in St. Peter’s Basilica. For those in the Eastern conventional Time Zone, the is 3:30pm.

St. Peter’s Basilica is located in Vatican City near Rome, Italy, and can only fit a finite number of worshippers within its walls. The being said, the mass will be live-streamed so that those interested have the right to watch the mass as it’s being ceded by Pope Francis, no issue where castle are throughout the globe.

The midnight mass, “Solemnity of the Nativity the the Lord,” will be live-streamed via the Vatican News YouTube account. Clock the Vatican Christmas Mass together it is provided in St. Peter’s Basilica below:

Catholic TV features what they speak to “Papal Programming,” and the channel will additionally be airing the Vatican Christmas mass. According to your programming schedule, the organization airs at 8pm and ends at 10pm. The Vatican’s official website has also linked the Christmas eve Mass live stream for those looking for a location to watch it.

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On Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, Pope Francis will attend to the crowds of people that gather yearly on Christmas in St. Peter’s Square and give the “urbi et orbi” blessing come the city and also the human being at 12pm regional time.

The Vatican proceeds a vacation schedule of special masses and also blessings even after Christmas job passes. Top top December 31, an evening prayer will be celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica in ~ 5pm local time, and the “Te Deum” will be sung as a say thanks to you come God because that the year together it concerns a close. In the brand-new Year top top January 1, a mass will be hosted at 10am. Follow to, the mass is “the feast of Mary, mother of God, and the human being Day of Prayer because that Peace, in St Peter’s Basilica.”

On January 6, the 12th work of Christmas and the finish of the religious holiday’s season, a mass will certainly be hosted in St. Peter’s Basilica in ~ 10am to celebrate the feast that the Epiphany.

In breakthrough of the Christmas holiday, Pope Francis took to Twitter to reflect ~ above the season and what the means. In one tweet, he created “In 3 days’ time it will certainly be #Christmas and also my think go especially to families, who are reunited in these festive days. May holy Christmas it is in a fraternal time for everyone, one of development in the faith and of actions of solidarity toward those who are in need.”

While you wait because that the 2019 Christmas Mass, NBC News common the Pope’s almost two-hour Christmas Eve business from 2017 on your YouTube account. The mass, in full, have the right to be watched below:

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