My sister in regulations mother has actually terminal cancer and also I would love to offer her a little gift to let her recognize we care. Any type of ideas of great thoughtful gifts would be yes, really appreciated. 


2 Dec 2018 17:58

Gift principles for someone with terminal cancer

2 Dec 2018 17:58 in an answer to Jessp08

Hi Jess,

My mum has terminal cancer and so I have the right to understand the challenge with this! 

> Expierience days always go well, if you email the company directly and also explain you room buying for someone who has a bucket perform they will certainly normally enable that human to cancel critical minute/ rebook if they aren’t filling the best that day! 

>If castle a lady points like comprise or beauty products (providing it doesn’t irritate their skin/nails) really help confidence. For example, nail polishes for people who offered to stay gels/acrylics or really nice head scarfs for civilization who have lost their hair.

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> Donating come a charity of their choice- plenty of terminal cancer patients have been on clinical trials that have given them a little an ext time and so they tend to ask people to donate money to that trial that assisted them! 


I hope this helps! 

D x



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27 Nov 2018

17 Dec 2018 07:59

Gift concepts for someone v terminal cancer

17 Dec 2018 07:59 in solution to Jessp08


my Dad was diagnosed with terminal mind cancer and also doesn’t have long come live. I wanted to gain him something the was valuable until his end and also found a wonderful storage blanket. It’s native a site referred to as Bags of love. I took photos from all his family and also put on the so the he will have his family approximately him at all times. He loves the blanket and also sits through it every day looking at all his children and grandchildren. It’s wonderful to view him laugh at it.



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26 Nov 2018

17 Dec 2018 08:41

Gift concepts for someone with terminal cancer

17 Dec 2018 08:41 in an answer to Jessp08

My grandmother to be diagnosed v terminal cancer in 2016, unfortunately she didn"t have actually much time and also as her date of birth was draw close I wanted to carry out something different, something i knew she would certainly love. Ns made her a personalised photograph album, bought a blank book and handcrafted the former cover then gained individual pics of family and friends and got them all to leaving her a wee personal message then filled up the blank pages with photos that supposed a lot to both her and also us. She loved it so lot she cried. She i m so sad passed away not too long after this yet the picture album is still in the family and it"s a nice point to look at every as soon as in a while. Expect this was useful. 



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27 Aug 2018

17 Dec 2018 08:44

Gift ideas for someone through terminal cancer

17 Dec 2018 08:44 in response to Jessp08

Hi Jess 

l love the present ideas currently shared by various other members. 

Not sure if this will help...but I once read a diary extract indigenous a cancer patient end Christmas. She to be a lady and had progressed illness. I can’t remember wherein I observed it and I’m probably gaining some the the finer details wrong!...but the jist the it was she said something like, “even though ns terminally ill i still want the diamond earrings mine husband promised me this Christmas”. I think she was indicating the she want to be treated as she would have actually been without disease at Christmas time xx same dos!


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17 Dec 2018 11:05

Gift concepts for someone with terminal cancer

17 Dec 2018 11:05 in response to Jessp08

Hello Jessp08,

It is very thoughtful of girlfriend to get your sister in law"s mom a gift. The Christmas period can it is in a difficult time because that many, for this reason the appropriate gift will absolutely make her feeling special.

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I assumed you might like come look in ~ our cancer care range. There room some lovely principles for practical and unusual presents designed because that anyone going v a cancer experience. Hopefully it will give you part inspiration.

With an extremely best wishes,

Moderator Anastasia


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18 jan 2019

18 jan 2019 16:26

Gift ideas for someone v terminal cancer

18 jan 2019 16:26 in solution to Jessp08

Hi Jess 

I recognize this is a bit late because that Christmas yet have friend thought about Once my Dad was diagnoised v cancer in 2015 we were called he had 6 month at the most. I decided then to invest as much time through him make memories. And we did! i took him and also my mum top top outings, an enig car trip, which he loved, we travelled approximately the city were us live detect the house he to be born in, his an initial school and so on ........there were so countless lovely stories he told about his childhood. Time is therefore precious and when our love ones leave us we are just left v wonderful once we have lots of them the we have actually made with a large treasure chest. Expect this helps


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27 Nov 2019

27 Nov 2019 07:59

Gift concepts for someone with terminal cancer

27 Nov 2019 07:59 in response to jobomba

Hi Jobomba,

We have just found out mine mum has progressed cancer, we room not sure exactly how long we have actually left with her yet yet I desire to try and make this Christmas extra special. I love your idea of day trips and also experiences, the attach to the website you noted doesn’t work - carry out you have actually a different website address? X


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11 Mar 2021

11 Mar 2021 02:26

Gift principles for someone with terminal cancer

11 Mar 2021 02:26 in an answer to MichelleL

Thank girlfriend it"s mine Dad"s 80th very soon and also I had actually no clue . I"m hope he will certainly still be through us. 


I"ve bespeak a blanket ns loved the idea xxthanks again 





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