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Hallmark fans are excited around a packed schedule the movies for The Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July 2021 event. Review on come learn about all the movies you’ll obtain to watch during this seasonal celebration.

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If you’re not certain what channel Hallmark is on for you, there’s one easy way to discover out. Just click right here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then adjust the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your regional provider. You’ll be able to scroll under to view what channel Hallmark is on because that you.

The Hallmark Channel’s occasion runs from July 9 to July 31, starting off best as Hallmark movies & Mysteries’ Christmas in July event concludes.

Hallmark Premieres a new Movie, ‘Crashing through the Snow’ ~ above July 10

Hallmark traditionally premieres at the very least one new Christmas movie in July throughout its marathon that Christmas movies. Hallmark’s new Christmas because that July 2021 is called “Crashing with the Snow.” it premieres July 10 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific top top The Hallmark Channel. The movie stars Amy Acker, Warren Christie, and Brooke Nevin.

The synopsis reads: “Maggie and also Sam space crashing Christmas. As soon as he proposes they team up against his sister’s perfect Christmas, neither of them are all set for the mixed family challenges that lie ahead.”

The movie premiers July 10 at 9 p.m. Eastern, and then encores air July 11 in ~ 7 p.m., July 15 16 11 p.m., July 18 at 1 p.m., and July 24 at 5 p.m.

The complete Christmas in July Schedule Is Below

Here is the complete schedule because that Hallmark’s Christmas in July 2021, courtesy the Crown Media. Please keep in mind that these days are topic to change.

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All times are Eastern.

Friday, July 9, 2021

11 a.m.: 12 gifts of Christmas1 p.m.: Chateau Christmas3 p.m.: jingle Bell Bride5 p.m.: The Nine stays of Christmas7 p.m.: Christmas next Door9 p.m.: A Christmas Detour11 p.m.: Christmas Town

Saturday, July 10:

9 a.m.: love of the Holidays11 a.m.: Christmas comes Twice1 p.m.: A Christmas Carousel3 p.m.: A Nashville Christmas Carol5 p.m.: Christmas by Starlight7 p.m.: If ns Only had actually Christmas9 p.m.: Crashing v the eye (NEW)11 p.m.: One imperial Holiday

Sunday, July 11:

9 a.m.: A Christmas Tree grows in Colorado11 a.m.: Love, Lights, Hanukkah!1 p.m.: Christmas She Wrote3 p.m.: Christmas with the Darlings5 p.m.: top top the 12th day of Christmas7 p.m.: Crashing v the Snow9 p.m.: good Witch10 p.m.: A Timeless Christmas

Monday, July 12:

11 a.m.: miss Christmas1 p.m.: recognize Santa3 p.m.: The Christmas Cure5 p.m.: A really Merry Mix-Up7 p.m.: Welcome to Christmas9 p.m.: Christmas in Rome11 p.m.: The Christmas Doctor

Tuesday, July 13:

11 a.m.: Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 21 p.m.: A shoe Addict’s Christmas3 p.m.: The Mistletoe Promise5 p.m.: as soon as Upon a Holiday7 p.m.: vacation Date9 p.m.: Christmas Waltz11 p.m.: The sweetest Christmas

Wednesday, July 14:

11 a.m.: Let the Snow1 p.m.: twin Holiday3 p.m.: Christmas wishes & Mistletoe Kisses5 p.m.: on the Twelfth job of Christmas7 p.m.: Write before Christmas9 p.m.: once Upon a Christmas Miracle11 p.m.: The point of view Tree

Thursday, July 15:

11 a.m.: Hats turn off to Christmas1 p.m.: It’s beginning to watch a Lot favor Christmas3 p.m.: Christmas in ~ Pemberley Manor5 p.m.: Christmas Under Wraps7 p.m.: examine Inn come Christmas9 p.m.: Christmas in ~ the Plaza11 p.m.: Crashing with the Snow

Friday, July 16

11 a.m.: Christmas Made come Order1 p.m.: Christmas Connection3 p.m.: Mingle every the Way5 p.m.: Christmas Getaway7 p.m.: Holly & Ivy9 p.m.: Christmas She Wrote11 p.m.: Crown for Christmas

Saturday, July 17:

9 a.m.: Christmas in ~ the Palace11 a.m.: A tiny Christmas Charm1 p.m.: rejoined at Christmas3 p.m.: Switched for Christmas5 p.m.: Sense, Sensibility, & Snowmen7 p.m.: Christmas Town9 p.m.: never Kiss a guy in a Christmas Sweater11 p.m.: The Christmas House

Sunday, July 18:

9 a.m.: The Christmas Club11 a.m.: A Christmas Duet1 p.m.: Crashing v the Snow3 p.m.: Christmas next Door5 p.m.: an excellent Morning Christmas!7 p.m.: five Star Christmas9 p.m.: good Witch10 p.m.: Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe

Monday, July 19:

11 a.m.: It’s Christmas, Eve1 p.m.: Sleigh Bells Ring3 p.m.: The Mistletoe Promise5 p.m.: Christmas in ~ Dollywood7 p.m.: on the Twelfth job of Christmas9 p.m.: picture a Perfect Christmas11 p.m.: The Christmas Cottage

Tuesday, July 20:

11 a.m.: A Dream of Christmas1 p.m.: Christmas in ~ Cartwright’s3 p.m.: Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings the Joy5 p.m.: A Wish for Christmas7 p.m.: One imperial Holiday9 p.m.: Christmas comes Twice11 p.m.: If i Only had Christmas

Wednesday, July 21:

11 a.m.: Christmas Cookies1 p.m.: Christmas List3 p.m.: Christmas by Starlight5 p.m.: A Christmas Tree grow in Colorado7 p.m.: A Timeless Christmas9 p.m.: Christmas Made to Order11 p.m.: Time for us to Come home for Christmas

Thursday, July 22:

11 a.m.: get married Me at Christmas1 p.m.: Love You favor Christmas3 p.m.: Jingle approximately the Clock5 p.m.: share Christmas7 p.m.: fulfill Me in ~ Christmas9 p.m.: reunited at Christmas11 p.m.: Christmas on my Mind

Friday, July 23:

11 a.m.: Christmas in Homestead1 p.m.: A Nashville Christmas Carol3 p.m.: Christmas Scavenger Hunt5 p.m.: love of the Holidays7 p.m.: A Christmas Carousel9 p.m.: The Christmas House11 p.m.: Cranberry Christmas

Saturday, July 24:

9 a.m.: as soon as Upon a Holiday11 a.m.: ~ above the Twelfth day of Christmas1 p.m.: eye Bride3 p.m.: A Christmas Detour5 p.m.: Crashing v the Snow7 p.m.: Crown for Christmas9 p.m.: The many Wonderful Time that the Year11 p.m.: The Christmas Card

Sunday, July 25:

9 a.m.: A really Merry Mix-Up11 a.m.: Christmas Land1 p.m.: Let the Snow3 p.m.: 12 presents of Christmas5 p.m.: A royal Christmas7 p.m.: Christmas Under Wraps9 p.m.: good Witch10 p.m.: The Nine resides of Christmas

Monday, July 26:

11 a.m.: road to Christmas1 p.m.: Sense, Sensibility, & Snowmen3 p.m.: my Christmas Love5 p.m.: Christmas at Graceland: home for the Holidays7 p.m.: five Star Christmas9 p.m.: examine Inn come Christmas11 p.m.: The Christmas Bow

Tuesday, July 27:

11 a.m.: A Bride for Christmas1 p.m.: A December Bride3 p.m.: The Christmas Club5 p.m.: Chateau Christmas7 p.m.: Coming home for Christmas9 p.m.: Christmas desire & Mistletoe Kisses11 p.m.: Christmas by Starlight

Wednesday, July 28:

11 a.m.: A you re welcome Christmas1 p.m.: Christmas Joy3 p.m.: Christmas in Rome5 p.m.: Christmas in ~ Pemberley Manor7 p.m.: Love, Lights, Hanukkah!9 p.m.: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe11 p.m.: A small Christmas Charm

Thursday, July 29:

11 a.m.: vacation Date1 p.m.: A Christmas Duet3 p.m.: The sweetest Christmas5 p.m.: A shoes Addict’s Christmas7 p.m.: Christmas in ~ Holly Lodge9 p.m.: Welcome come Christmas11 p.m.: 12 gifts of Christmas

Friday, July 30:

11 a.m.: merry & Bright1 p.m.: Christmas in Vienna3 p.m.: Switched because that Christmas5 p.m.: through Love, Christmas7 p.m.: never ever Kiss a guy in a Christmas Sweater9 p.m.: jingle Bell Bride11 p.m.: Christmas in ~ the Palace

Saturday, July 31:

9 a.m.: Christmas in ~ Dolllywood11 a.m.: snapshot a Perfect Christmas1 p.m.: ~ above the 12th day of Christmas3 p.m.: Christmas Waltz5 p.m.: Christmas at the Plaza7 p.m.: Cross country Christmas9 p.m.: Love, For real (New movie premiere, however not a Christmas movie)11 p.m.: A Glenbrooke Christmas

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