The longest Christmas season in the earth is in Puerto Rico. The kick-off in the smallest of the greater Antilles is ~ above Thanksgiving and also the festivities execute not end prior to January 14, eight work after the Epiphany through what is dubbed “Octavitas”.

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The Christmas solemn event in Puerto Rico is a mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Spanish and also African traditions. The most far-ranging influence of the United says is possibly the odor of pine that fills the totality country; decorated Christmas trees, usual of nations with cold climate, are existing in every home of the tropical island.

The supposed arrival that the Nordic Santa Claus (pronounced in an excellent Puerto Rican “Santaclóh”) has actually somewhat overshadowed the most characteristic Puerto Rican Christmas celebration, yet many children are still waiting patiently top top January 5 to obtain their gifts from the hands of the way Men. It method that the job of Three queens is a legacy of more identity for Puerto Ricans and also even it originates from Spanish Christmas, it has distinctive characteristics.

The an initial of these peculiarities is the Three queens go ~ above horseback, instead of top top camels like in the remainder of the world. That is specifically for these steeds that children put little boxes complete of grass under your beds.

The 2nd peculiarity is in Borinquén “Their Majesties” are considered as saints by the people. Due to the fact that they belong come the stays of the saints space born the “Promises the Kings”, religious and festive rituals in i beg your pardon the devotees ask for favors come the Wise guys which, as soon as paid, space fulfilled many thanks to a promise. During this liturgy, which has actually much to perform with Santeria’s offerings of african origin, candles space lit, human being pray and also sing for the kings in prior of an altar.

The third peculiarity is the surname of 2 of the kings is different with regard to Europe. In Puerto Rico prefer in Cuba, Melchior is brown, not Gaspar, and King Baltasar is represented as the old male with white hair and beard.

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The prominence of Christmas food

The Christmas menu is repetitive throughout the holidays and consists of classic roasted suckling pig, small ham v pineapple, tarts (tamales with banana or cassava stuffed v pork or chicken), rice and pigeon peas and potato salad. Desserts such together “dulce de lechosa” (dessert made with papaya), “tembleque” or rice pudding give delight that the greediest. Revelers (Parranderos) and guests at the Christmas banquet likewise enjoy the “coquito” (a thick drink made v coconut and also rum ) or the famous and controversial “pitorro” which is some brandy made v rum, the each residence elaborates through hand with number of fruits and ingredients. The homemade “pitorro” is no authorized because that sale since of that high alcohol content. ~ above December 31, the Puerto Ricans sign up with with their families and friends to say goodbye to the year. All about the island, the roar of rockets welcome the new Year makes deaf even the most reveler and the negative frightened pet run and also hide in the most mystery corners the the house. ~ the countdown and midnight, on the radio is broadcast “El Brindis del Bohemio” (Speech the the Bohemian), a nostalgic city of Mexican beginning that overcome borders. Although the “Octavitas” officially marks the end of Christmas in Puerto Rico, in mountain Juan (the capital) this feast still continues just a small bit more with the patron saint festivities of san Sebastián Street, the take location usually the weekend after ~ the advent ends.