When a young woman drops in love and also develops a long-distance partnership with a soldier in active duty, her protective mom tries her finest to steer her daughter away from heartache.

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Building ~ above the success that the Hallmark movie franchise, the an excellent Witch series follows enchanting Cassie Nightingale as she navigates to run her very own business, falling in love, and also raising her teenage daughter.

A group of adults have sworn off partaking in holiday events. Upon showing up at their destination, they find it"s a Christmas themed ranch. V no flight out, the team stays. Stars Nicky Whelan, mockery Kelly.

Miranda leaves Seattle to sign up with her lengthy lost family members in Carlton Heath. She is warmly invited by the Whitcomb family and also Ian makes a proposal and picks the end a cottage wherein they deserve to live. Stars Erin Krakow, Niall Matter.

Tom is "Mr. Christmas," the man who can uncover the perfect gift for that unique someone. But when the agrees to aid a friend uncover his girlfriend"s Christmas wish, he end up getting too close, and she end up falling for him.

A motivational speak learns the true meaning of Christmas as soon as she is rescued from a close to fatal accident by a stranger. Stars Natalie Knepp, Michael Rady, Bonnie Bedelia, Steve Bacic.
An actress is actors in her last Broadway show before giving up and also moving home. When the theater wherein they do loses its lease and the present is collection to fold, she needs a Christmas miracle. Stars Maggie Lawson, Brennan Elliott.
Single mom Maggie is trying come be specialized to boy Jordan while having a career. Jordan meets Casey, a tutor. Lock bond. What the wishes many is for his mother to find happiness and also love at Christmas. Stars Jill Wagner, Luke Macfarlane.
A armed forces widow rents an apartment to an military Captain recovering indigenous an injury. As they team increase to conserve the town"s military museum v a Christmas event, these two "wounded birds" find themselves falling in love.
Sarah Davis top to she uncle’s struggling ranch to escape brand-new York and also the spotlight indigenous a recent breakup. Returning house for the an initial time since her aunt passed, symptom arise when Graham, an entitled Hollywood star, come at the ranch to prepare because that his next film. Together Sarah and Graham begin to bond, Sarah might get an ext for Christmas than she bargained for. Stars Kristoffer Polaha, Lindy Booth, and Treat Williams.
Believing his so late father to be swindled through his nurse, Finn go undercover to find the truth. Finn learns that this single mother do a huge impression top top his father"s life. Stars fall Reeser, David Haydn-Jones.
Organizer Lydia meets Robert, Chicago toy inventor with two young kids. When his firm is request to existing their brand-new Christmas toy heat to a large superstore in 12 days, Robert requirements Lydia"s help. Stars Catherine Bell, Eric Close.
Publishing executive, management Marie finds her Christmas spirit reawakened together her mother starts sending she the family"s ornaments. Together each ornament arrives, it bring a positive adjust to Marie"s life. Stars Jessica Lowndes, Brendan Penny.
Guardian angel Gabby loves the town hall humans discover true love. On assignment native the head angel, Gabby is sent out to the town of Angel drops in really hopes of restoring it"s Christmas Spirit. Stars Rachel Boston, Paul Greene.
When popstar Adelaide Kay sneaks off the tour, she finds herself stranded in Pennsylvania. If there, Adelaide attracts the attention of a family, the Lapps, who take her in in ~ Christmas. Stars Becca Tobin, Kevin McGarry.

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Watch a preview because that the Hallmark movies & Mysteries original, "Karen Kingsbury"s Maggie"s Christmas Miracle."