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Can girlfriend imagine loving her beautiful Christmas lights? we have worked with hundreds of local Bakersfield residents for 10 years and also counting.

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Galen & Krista

“Thank you Brendan and the entirety team!! every we can say is that you go an remarkable job… more


jane Mina-Swiss

“I wish all of my residence improvements were this easy and also fast! ns called and got a same… more


Martha Madrid

“I have used The Light men 2 years now and also am an extremely happy with their work. Castle are… more


Fairy Godmother

“The Light guys hung our lamp at our office because that Christmas, they walk a great job. Lock were… more

Ricky Montoya

“I recently hired the light men to download string lights in mine backyard for a party. Lock had… more

Tiffany Hurst

“The light guys did such a an excellent job on my moms backyard in prep because that my sister wedding!… more

We"re in Bakersfield We do amazing Christmas lights

Here in ~ the irradiate Guys, ours team of holiday lighting installer elves does terrific Christmas light displays! indigenous hanging vibrant Christmas lamp to elaborate lighting displays and everything in between, ours magical holiday lighting installer elves are always the ones to call. We have a wide selection of white and also colored Christmas lights, displays, wreaths, garland, and other species of decorations the we’ll lease to you because that a in the name fee. Now, doesn’t that sound much more manageable than trying to deal with all this on her own?

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Our Elves provide Expert Christmas light installation

It’s an unfortunate reality that civilization are seriously hurt while installing Christmas lights and displays every single year. To prevent winding increase in the hospital, why no let our team of Christmas lighting installer elves take treatment of your lighting screen this year? every of our holiday lighting installer professionals is well-trained, experienced, and standing by come safely download any number of Christmas lamp on your home this vacation season.

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End of Season vacation lighting take down

One the the last things anyone desires to do once the holidays have come to a close is to climb a ladder and painstakingly remove thousands of holiday lamp from their rooftops. To conserve yourself the trouble, when you hire us for her Christmas light needs, we will come the end after the holidays and safely eliminate all the lights because that you. Again, what might be easier than letting our team of holiday magic-spreading elves handles all your Christmas bright needs?

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Annual Christmas light leasing

One of the finest things around leasing lights is the if for whatever reason you’re somehow unsatisfied with your bright display, then you deserve to always adjust it up next year. In fact, when you lease lights from us, we’ll contact you next season to comment on what types of lights and also displays you’d choose us to install for you. We always have the latest and also greatest lights for you to pick from. Once you lease indigenous us, you’re guaranteed to acquire the highest quality lamp around! call our elves this day to collection up a time wherein we deserve to come out and also design a display screen that’s important worthy of the Christmas season!

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October or November. We perform tend to publication up at an early stage in the season and as the season continues, our scheduling flexibility diminishes. We extremely recommend having your lights installed early. We will execute everything feasible to accommodate your desired installation date.

The Light males lease all decorations, lights, expansion cords and materials needed. This ensures all decorations and also lighting are in peak condition, approved for out use and also prepared appropriately for the season. You have the right to read all around our organization on the What we execute page.

The lights can usually be installed according to your preference. However, we execute tend to publication up at an early stage in the season and as the season continues, ours scheduling versatility diminishes. We highly recommend having your lights mounted early. We will execute everything feasible to accommodate your wanted installation date.

Starting January 2nd, our office will contact you to arrange a day and also time to remove your lighting and also décor. Generally you deserve to expect your lights to be gotten rid of within the very first two main of January. If you desire your lights off earlier, you have the right to simply unplug the photocell timers or speak to the office to have one of ours technicians do it because that you.

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