Me and my friend Emma have so much fun trying brand-new photoshoot concepts together! therefore naturally, we were therefore excited to plan our vacation photoshoots this year. Critical year we hit a bunch the bucket-list photo spots, and this year we were able come hit also more.

With all of these images, I had the ability to compile the ultimate ideal Friend vacation Photoshoot Bucketlist! If you’re in search of holiday photoshoot concepts with friends, Christmas card photo ideas with friends, or anything in between, this blog post is for you.

If friend use any kind of of this ideas, we would love to watch what girlfriend create! Tag us on Instagram, or usage #elafilador.netcreate and also #EmmaInspired – and also check the end Emmas 10 best Friend holiday Photoshoot principles blog post, or my holiday Photoshoot Bucketlist for even an ext inspo!

1. Warm up in a car

Whether in her backyard or top top a winter adventure, creating a cozy setup in the tribe of your car is a perfect and also fun means to storage the holidays v your bestie!

(on right) pullover via T.J. Maxx, beanie from Love her Melon

2. Under the Christmas Tree

This is such a fun way to celebrate the holidays! attitude under your tree with gifts or any type of other props. If friend don’t storage Christmas, try to pose with a vacation symbol the is coherent to you!

Beanie (on left) from Urban OutfittersBeanie (on left) from Urban Outfitters

3. Vacation Flatlay

Lay down through your bestie and your favorite vacation props, and pose! even if it is you include gifts, ornaments, or a cup the cocoa, you deserve to make a cute holiday setup.

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4. Baking Cookies

Even if friend can’t bake, you can constantly pretend! Emma and also I ordered some cookie dough indigenous a grocery store and rolled it out… and boom! prompt holiday photo.

Apron, bowl, and also rolling pen all from T.J. Maxx

5. In her Holiday PJ’s!

Grab her favorite pair of equivalent comfy PJ’s and pose away. Bonus points if you have actually a fun fireplace to set up at!

PJ’s from Target, mugs native T.J. MaxxPJ’s native Target, mugs native T.J. Maxx

6. Cheers!

Celebrate 2020 comes to an end with a fun “cheers” photo! and also yes… our cups are simply filled v Marshmallows.

PJ’s indigenous Target, mugs from T.J. Maxx

7. In ~ a Christmas Tree Farm

Running amongst the Christmas Tree’s is the ultimate holiday experience! fun fact, while acquisition these photos last year ns threw the end my knee… yikes!

Location: Swanson’s Nursery Seattle

8. In Santa’s Sleigh

You’re currently at a Christmas Tree farm, might also take advantage of it! plenty of Christmas Tree farm’s and also nursery’s have actually fun holiday displays, just like this sleigh. So hop top top in, we’re going come the phibìc Pole!

Location: Swanson’s Nursery Seattle

9. Surrounding by Tinsel

The Nursery us visited had actually this at sight cute Tinsel frame! This is super basic to recreate at home. All you need is tinsel and also cardboard. Cut the cardboard the end to look like a frame, and also wrap the tinsel around. Boom! basic photoshoot!

Location: Swanson’s Nursery Seattle

10. Cram Tinsel in ~ the Camera

You’ve currently got her tinsel, might as well make the many of it! have actually your photographer seize one end of the tinsel, and toss the rest of the over your shoulders. This is a good way to include dimension to her photo!

Plaid jacket native SheIn

11. Throw accessories

Another fun means to include motion to her photo? Throw some ornaments! You can even uncover plastic ones the won’t break conveniently at your regional Dollar Tree.

Plaid jacket indigenous SheInPlaid jacket native SheIn

12. Jumping in the Snow

If you get snow wherein you live, you’re in fortune! Jumping about in the snow is together a fun method to gain the winter weather and snap a few cute holiday photos.

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And there you have actually it- your ideal Friend vacation Photoshoot Bucketlist! i hope these aided you with your vacation photoshoots this year. If girlfriend use any type of of these as inspo, we would certainly love to watch the images you create! Tag united state on Instagram, or use #elafilador.netcreate or #EmmaInspired.