Composer frank Loesser with his wife and also musical partner, Lynn Garland, in 1956 in new York. Years later, Loesser"s "Baby, It"s Cold Outside" is gift banned through radio stations. Anthony Camerano/AP hide caption

Composer open minded Loesser with his wife and also musical partner, Lynn Garland, in 1956 in new York. Years later, Loesser"s "Baby, It"s Cold Outside" is gift banned by radio stations.

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Anthony Camerano/AP

This #MeToo-era-cum-yuletide-season, radio stations space pulling the plug on the holiday earworm v lyrics that, come some, ring date-rape warning bells, fairly than evoking innocent snow-bound flirtation.

The tune "Baby, It"s Cold Outside," with words that appeared charming when FDR was in office, may land with a tone-deaf thud ~ above the ear of today"s listener.

But the stations banning the song have been met with a dispute of their own.

Written by frank Loesser in 1944, "Baby, It"s Cold Outside" featured in the 1949 movie Neptune"s Daughter, winning the Oscar for ideal original song.

The call and an answer duet has actually a woman voice trying to tear herself far from her day in myriad ways: "I"ve gained to walk away ... Hey, what"s in this drink?" and finally, "The prize is no."

yet her declarations the "no" are much from final, with the male voice, wheedling "Mind if I move in closer ... Gosh, her lips room delicious ... How have the right to you execute this point to me?"

Cleveland"s WDOK placed its foot down where the female voice could not, announcing its half of the track last week.

"I execute realize that when the song was created in 1944, it was a different time, but now while reading it, the seems really manipulative and also wrong," hold Glenn Anderson wrote on the station"s internet site. "The human being we live in is extra sensitive now, and also people get quickly offended, yet in a world where #MeToo has ultimately given females the voice lock deserve, the song has actually no place."

Brian Figula, program director the KOIT saw the headlines and also determined the tune would have actually no place at his san Francisco station. He banned it on Monday.

But the told the he had no idea that the "tornado" he would face: hundreds of emails demanding the track be put back in rotation, much more than ten times the number of requests he said he fielded questioning him to yank it.

"People are unbelievably passionate about their Christmas music, it"s the one thing that you can"t chaos with," Figula said, adding that listeners rely on that "to reminisce to the an excellent old days as soon as life was easy and simple."

Finding usual ground on "Baby, It"s Cold Outside" has actually been anything but simple.

A feminist defense the the text points out that once they were written a woman with a great reputation had to protest a man"s advances, even if she actually welcomed them, and also the song"s figurative mrs is in reality expressing her sexuality in a veiled era-appropriate way.

Furthering the ambiguity, KOSI in Denver has done one about-face, first banning the song on Monday, then opening up a poll to placed the decision to listeners. The results were unequivocal: the vast bulk of the 15,000 respondents demanded the song"s return, the station said.

"While we room sensitive come those who might be uncomfortable by several of the lyrics, the majority of our listeners have expressed their interpretation of the tune to be non-offensive," regime Director Jim Lawson stated in a statement.

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In san Francisco, KOIT is additionally now reconsidering that is decision and may carry the song back, depending upon the results of its own poll. Listeners have actually until Dec. 10 come decide.