15 surprise Details girlfriend Missed In The Polar refer The Polar Express is one of those Christmas movies we can"t assist but love. Let"s take it a trip with Tom hanks and check out the details you missed.

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The Polar Express has to be chugging along our Christmas watchlists because 2004 and also though the motion-capture animation strikes united state a little bit strange nowadays, the still proceeds to be one of the most beloved movies of the vacation season. Because that some, your Christmas isn"t complete until they"ve take away a ride through Tom Hanks come the phibìc Pole.

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The movie has been watched and also rewatched nearly every Christmas because it premiered, but in spite of the fact, we"ve picked up a few interesting tidbits ~ above our recent viewing. There"s an ext than Christmas spirit powering this great train, and we"re here to re-superstructure the secrets and also surprises of The Polar Express.

Updated on December 16th, 2020 through Zach Gass: Even despite the visuals and effects can not age incredibly well, the wonder adventure that The Polar Express proceeds to enchant and also delight viewers old and brand-new to this really day. However just what is it around this wonder train ride to the north Pole that keeps us all coming ago for another round expedition year ~ year? perhaps it"s the childlike wonder the the season, or perhaps it"s the sentimental mood the washes over prefer a heat bath, or probably it"s the tiny details that administer that extra dose of magic v each viewing. One of two people way, we"ve constantly got our ticket ready.

the polar express
Not exactly a surprise detail, yet one that absolutely has to be mentioned. Before audiences gained the likes of Monster House, Beowulf, or even Rise of the earth of the Apes, The Polar Express was the an initial feature movie made totally with motion-capture animation.

While the feat might not seem like much with today"s modern-day filmmaking and also animation techniques, it was a pretty superior feat in 2004. Robert Zemeckis"s creative, yet uncanny, format of movie-making was novel for the time however it simply couldn"t stick approximately long sufficient to effectively evolve. The was superior while it lasted, though.

Boy Polar Express
Honestly, it"s a wonder most viewers didn"t capture this little detail, or lack thereof, sooner. If they can be a small too captured up in the story to an alert it top top the an initial viewing, watchers can pick up the the boy who leads the story has actually no name.

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That"s right, the main character, the heroic protagonist, the one that goes ~ above this life-changing, magical, and momentous trip to the phibìc Pole and back has for sure no name. Also in the film"s finish credits, the personality is only credited as "Hero Boy," as if the filmmakers themselves even skipped on that small detail. Possibly Santa should carry him one next Christmas?

Cynics and also stickler"s alike are constantly quick come criticize any movie based on or motivated by a publication by how close the sticks to the resource material. In the situation of the Children"s book written by kris Van Allsburg, the occasions of the publication actually do take place in the movie, though through some serious development on the component of the writers and also director.

The train"s suddenly appearance, the wolves, the warm chocolate, and also the massive gathering of elves in ~ the peak of the world all take place in the book. So, technically, the movie interpretation leaves nearly nothing out from the source material.

12 The Train is it is provided by a Flux Capacitor

the title might sound favor a ludicrous statement however not only have the right to Doc Brown"s Flux Capacitor be viewed in the engine"s cab, it additionally explains just how the Polar express is able come travel around the civilization and earlier again over the course of a single night. It doesn"t just run ~ above tracks, yet on time as well.

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During the descent down Glacier Gulch, just prior to the technician pulls the bobby pin from his fixed of red hair, a tiny Flux Capacitor can briefly it is in seen amongst the gauges and knobs that make up the train"s within workings. Yet the true question is can it yes, really go 1.21 gigawatts?

because that someone who doesn"t show up until the last act the the film, Santa has a weird and almost supernatural visibility spread transparent the film. The belief in Santa is presented together a test of faith and also plays as a constant theme throughout the film, and also Santa Claus himself is even given a big and practically angelic reveal once he lastly does step out on screen.

Although Santa is a character targeted greatly at children, the message of having confidence is a very mature storytelling choice. Whether that"s seeing Santa together a real entity or the definition of Christmas itself, a details amount of id is very much compelled to understand on a depths level.

10 Bells Both Start and also End the Story

A solitary silver sleighbell has become a powerful Christmas photo thanks to this film and also the book on i beg your pardon it"s based. The use of the bells i do not care a prominent feature both in the very first and final acts. Lock act as both the catalyst come the story the unfolds and also residual proof of Santa"s existence.

The film opens up with the boy waiting come hear Santa"s sleighbells on Christmas eve, however not hear a sound till the Polar Express appears right in his front lawn. Later in the film, he"s unable to listen them till he concerns grips and finds his belief, putting his confidence to the test and also showing the strength of belief.

Tom Hanks is definitely a film icon - and also that"s the understatement of the year. He"s played a shed castaway, a cowboy, and even Mr. Rogers and also Walt Disney. However in this festive feature, he plays not one, not two, but six various roles! That"s a large chunk of the main actors when friend think around it.

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Hanks not only plays the conductor the the Polar Express however the narrator, the boy"s father, the hobo, the Scrooge puppet, and also even Santa Claus himself. Granted, Hank"s organic voice deserve to be feeling in those first two, but we"re really impressed by his wide variety for these different characters.

8 Tom Hanks did Motion capture Too

Not just did Tom Hanks voice several characters in the film, but he detailed the motion record for a certain couple of as well, consisting of the facial framework for the boy. To speak what girlfriend want about Robert Zemekis"s usage of the animation technology, we gotta give him credit for utilizing Hank"s talent.

Motion capture is no the easiest thing in the civilization to do, but we tip our hats to the actors associated who provide such a broad display of emotions to lug the various characters to life. It might venture right into the uncanny valley at times, but we still obtained an enjoyable movie the end of it.

We recorded this on our first viewing too, but we can"t because that the life of us number out what its function was. During the jazzy "Hot Chocolate" music number, the girl take away a cup that hot chocolate for Billy in the back car.

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First, we check out her sneak a mug and also hide that under the table, yet when she"s given an additional she hides that under the chair. We don"t know if this was an accident or if this was the exact same cup the cocoa simply moved to a various spot, yet it absolutely stuck the end to united state on our critical viewing.

6 The shed Ticket renders a Needless Loop

We"re calling the end the filmmakers top top this one, yet it to be an interesting means to show us what the computer animation was qualified of doing. When the girl loses she ticket and also it"s sent out fluttering out the window, the goes on a brief adventure about the snowy forest. Visually impressive, but does it additional the plot?

The ticket can have to be trampled by wolves, snatched by one eagle, regurgitated through its chick, and sent ago into the train, however aside from mirroring us some creative techniques, it"s needless except for the eye candy. The characters are still in the same ar they to be before and nothing develops.

perform you think in ghosts? The Hobo is perhaps the most exciting character plank the Polar Express, the self-proclaimed king that the north Pole. He"s fun, but also mysterious and also cryptic in his ways. Is that an angel, a vacation entity, or a ghost? Well, we might have determined the answer.

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How is the hobo able come vanish and reappear, and also how did that know around the clearance in Flat-Top Tunnel? A deleted scene confirms it, however we deserve to guess by his dialogue that the personality is without doubt a ghost, supposedly crushed by the roof the the cave. And you believed Halloween was the time for ghosts.

4 Steven Tyler Cameos Twice

One member the the actors we absolutely didn"t expect to watch in this flick was Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. We know he sings the jamming north Pole finale, "Rockin" on height of the World" yet he likewise appears in the movie as two actual personalities as well.

The second time we check out him is much more obvious 보다 the first, as the leader the the elves" absent band. Come on, lock didn"t even shot to hide him on the one. However Tyler also appears as one of the head elves in the Naughty and Nice department. It"s difficult to notification at first but look for the sublievenant elf assisting in surveillance.

We might be a tiny crazy on this one, however there"s certainly evidence to support our claims. The many chilling step in the film needs to be the boy"s encounter with Scrooge in the toy car. At first glance, it can be a representation of the boy"s doubts and also fears, yet he can play a bigger component than we an initial knew.

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Using the same motion-capture animation, Zemekis made A Christmas Carol for Disney. Jim Carrey"s Scrooge is good but somewhat familiar. Through its very own ghost and also Christmas message, could the Polar Express and Ebeneezer Scrooge exist in the very same universe? Or is it just an Easter egg?

2 Santa appears in the Bell

as soon as again, we discover the bell returns as a significant symbol the the film. The cumulative sigh the relief once the boy finds the bell under the Christmas tree the morning ~ his adventure is delectably palpable, yet it"s right before the film ends where we get a tiny extra surprise.

Just prior to the display screen cuts to credits, we deserve to see a faint reflection the Santa Claus in the bell prior to the film ends. This not only serves together a whimsical keep in mind to end on but the confirmation that Santa does without doubt exist, at least to those who just believe.

This is definitely our favorite attribute of this film, the vagueness that reality. So numerous Christmas adventures space written off as simply a dream before the credits roll, but The Polar Express blurs the lines between dream and also reality so much that at time we gain lost in the trip of fantasy ourselves.

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If we"re gift honest, many of the trip to the phibìc Pole might be taken into consideration a dream, such as a train gift on a gigantic rollercoaster track, yet it could additionally be billed as Christmas magic. The sleighbell is definitely a sign that all things did involved pass, yet that"s additionally brilliantly left approximately whether the audience to trust or not.