When girlfriend decorate your Christmas tree, chances are friend string the lights around the tree in a coiled, horizontal fashion. But, together it turns out — follow to a current viral TikTok video — the most common an approach of acquiring those lights on your tree is no the many efficient.

Instead, try looping the lights vertically. Tik user Clare Hooper (
mrsclarehoops) claims decorating trees to be once component of she job, and also she demonstrates what she describes as a zig-zag an approach that’s provided by interior making pros. She video, i beg your pardon is set to the track “Rockin’ roughly the Christmas Tree,” has now garnered 2.4 million views and also shout-outs native several other TikTok individuals who thank her for the game-changing decorating trick.

Check it out:


This technique saved me so numerous times