The 2016 Rockefeller center tree bright is Wednesday night. Tracie Strahan has what you require to understand ahead that the huge celebration."data-ellipsis="false">

What to Know

NBC will certainly broadcast “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” native 7 come 9 p.m.Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, and Hoda Kotb will certainly co-host the broadcastThe tree will certainly be lit every work from 5:30 a.m. To 11:30 p.m. Till Jan. 7., other than for Christmas Day, once it will be lit approximately the clock

The Rockefeller facility tree is set to be illuminated Wednesday in a festive ceremony, but spectators need to expect some protection restrictions, be conscious of street closures and also prepare for feasible rain.

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NBC will certainly broadcast “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” from 7 come 9 p.m.

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Crowds room expected to kind in the early afternoon and police say motorists should expect heavy traffic and also avoid the vicinity of Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music hall from 3 p.m. Come 11 p.m.

Police additionally say the adhering to roads will be subject to closures indigenous 3 p.m. Until after the lighting ceremony: 48th, 49th, 50th, and 51st streets in between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

Spectators are urged to use mass transit to to visit the event. Umbrellas, backpacks and huge bags space prohibited, police said.

The tree will be lit every job from 5:30 a.m. To 11:30 p.m. Until Jan. 7., except for Christmas Day, when it will certainly be lit approximately the clock for 24 hours.

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Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, and also Hoda Kotb will co-host the broadcast, and also there will certainly be live performances from Neil Diamond, sarah McLachlan, Tori Kelly and the Radio City Rockettes. Additional performances space expected native Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, mock Groban and also Jordan Smith.

Mammoth 2016 Rockefeller facility Tree Readies for Spotlight

The 84th annual holiday solemn event will attribute a 94-foot tall Norway spruce indigenous Oneonta. The spruce is in between 90 and 95 years old and weighs 14 tons. Approximately 50,000 lights on 5 miles of wire will certainly adorn the tree and the Swarovski Star that sits atop the tree attributes energy-efficient LED bulbs.



After the tree is bring away down, it will certainly be milled into lumber because that Habitat for Humanity.

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Here space some historical facts around the Rockefeller facility Tree:

•1931 – building and construction workers building Rockefeller facility put up a Christmas tree, the first-ever Rockefeller center Christmas Tree.

•1933 - very first formal Rockefeller facility Tree light Ceremony. The tree to be decked through 700 lights in prior of the eight-month-old RCA Building.

•1936 - 2 trees, every 70 feet (21.3 m) tall, were erected. Because that the very first time the light Ceremony had a skating pageant on the freshly opened Rockefeller Plaza Outdoor ice Skating Pond.

•1942 - three trees were placed on Rockefeller Plaza, one decorated in red, one in white and one in blue to present support because that our troops offer during people War II.

•1949 - The tree was painted silver, come look choose snow.

•1951 – The Rockefeller center Christmas tree to be lit because that the an initial time on nationwide television on the Kate smith Show.

•1966 - The very first tree from external the United claims was erected. That was given by Canada, in honor of the Centennial that its Confederation. This is the farthest street a tree has traveled to Rockefeller Center.

•1980 - because that the 50th Anniversary the Tree Lighting, a 70 foot-tall (21.3 m) Norway Spruce come from the grounds of the Immaculate Conception Seminary that Mahwah, N.J. Bob expect participated in the Lighting.

•1999 – The biggest tree in Rockefeller center history, 100 feet high (30.5 m), came from Killingworth, Conn.

•2004 – The Swarovski-designed star became the biggest star to ever grace the tree.

•2007 – because that the an initial time, the tree to be lit with energy-efficient LEDs. They attract a fraction of the power that had been traditionally compelled by the tree, to reduce energy consumption from 3,510 kwH to 1,297 kwH per day, conserving as much energy as a single family would use in a month in a 2,000 square foot (185.8 m²) home. Thousands of solar panels atop among the Rockefeller center buildings assist power the new LEDs.

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The Rockefeller center Christmas tree overcome the George Washington bridge on Friday night together it finishes the final leg of its journey ahead that a bright ceremony on Nov. 30.