The City that St. Petersburg is excited to celebrate the holiday season! The yearly Holidays in the Sunshine City supplies holiday happenings and also festive fun for every ages.

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Tree Lighting

Saturday, November 276:00 PM

Join us for an evening of holiday funny in north Straub Park.

Schedule:- starting at 6 p.m., enjoy holiday entertainment- in ~ 7 p.m., market Rick Kriseman will light increase the downtown waterfront.

Santa in the Park

December 4 & 5December 10 - 12December 17 - 236:00 - 9:00 PM

Enjoy a meet-and-greet v Santa in north Straub Park! Cameras welcomed.

This year"s event will function Santa in a rocking chair v a designated area because that participants to chat and also take photos v Santa.


Saturday, December 189:00 to be - 2:00 PM

There will be toboggan slides for adults and children, inflatables, arts and also crafts tents, food trucks and more.The $5 wristband includes all tasks and have the right to be purchased online or at an City recreation center start Monday, Nov. 29, v Thursday, Dec. 16. Wristbands can also be purchased job of the event.

Online wristband purchases: lug your receipt come will call on the work of the event to pick up her wristbands.

Cookies with Santa

Friday, December 10Friday, December 176:00 - 8:00 PM$10 every person

Decorate gingerbread cookies, accomplish Santa and also his elves, and also purchase small gifts (all items $5 and under) for friends and family!Free gift wrapping provided.

Reserve her spot! space is restricted for this event.

Santa"s Calling


December 14-16

Chat with Santa about the holidays! Santa Claus, in teamwork with our department, calls kids to chat about their vacation wishes.

Children need to be 8 years ol or younger.One kind per child have to be completed.Forms have to be submitted by Friday, Dec. 10.This is a cost-free holiday activity.

Complete the form online:

Please be mindful that this is no an in-person event/activity nor a gift giving program.

Volunteer because that Santa"s Calling Volunteer to it is in Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus or one elf. Invite your family and also friends to join the vacation fun. Must be 18 year old come participate. Volunteer Schedule December 14-16 indigenous 5:30 - 9 PM at the leisure Services complicated If interested, email anita.westmoreland

Drive-In holiday Movie


Saturday, December 188:00 PMCrescent Lake Park

Enjoy a drive-in movie suffer with family and friends at the park.

TASCO will be showing "Home Alone" beginning at 8:00 PM.In cooperation with TASCO, Crescent Lake neighborhood Association (CLNA) will be reflecting the brief movie "Shrek the Halls" native 7:30 - 8:00 PM.Stop by the Santa photograph Booth for some funny holiday photos. Photo booth opens up at 7:00 PM. Expense is $5. Picture booth is funded by CLNA.Please be aware that spaces are limited. Lot of will open at 7:00 PM.

Holiday lamp & Displays


November 27 - January 2Downtown Waterfront Parks

Take a stroll along the waterfront to see hundreds of holiday lights and also decorations in north Straub Park, south Straub Park, Pioneer Park, and also the St. Pete Pier.

Don’t miss out on the huge greeting card display screen along Bayshore Dr. At Vinoy Park make by neighborhood teens and also participants indigenous St. Petersburg’s recreation centers.

About Holidays in the Sunshine City

Holidays in the Sunshine City is a month-long solemn event of holidays festivities in the city the St. Petersburg, likewise known together the Sunshine City.

The Holidays in the Sunshine City is funded by the City the St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation Department.

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For much more information, call the St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation room at 727-893-7441.

Sunshine City Events

There"s constantly something happening in the Sunshine City!

Click right here to view what"s happening roughly the city. #FunShinesHere

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