We invested weeks researching and also comparing dozens of synthetic Christmas trees to determine that the 7.5-foot Best an option Products – Premium Spruce is our optimal pick for best artificial Christmas tree. It’s quick and easy to collection up, looks full and festive and also is easy on her holiday budget plan at much less than one hundred dollars. The branches the this tree sit high turn off the ground, an interpretation plenty that room because that presents underneath! for an cheap starter tree, we additionally like the Home Accents vacation – 7 Foot Tree v Clear Lights.

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Our optimal Choices


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Best selection Products

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We invested weeks researching and comparing dozens of man-made Christmas tree to determine that the 7.5-foot Best an option Products – Premium Spruce is our peak pick for best man-made Christmas tree. It’s quick and also easy to set up, looks full and also festive and is basic on your holiday budget plan at less than one hundreds dollars. The branches that this tree sit high turn off the ground, definition plenty that room because that presents underneath! because that an inexpensive starter tree, we also like the Home Accents vacation – 7 Foot Tree v Clear Lights.

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Real Christmas tree vs. Fake Christmas trees

Real vs. Fake. Which is better? that a highly challenged topic each holiday season, and also it’s one that the American Christmas Tree association (the company representing the man-made tree industry) and also the nationwide Christmas Tree association (the company representing the actual tree industry) take it seriously. Both teams make their cases for choosing either a real or faux tree, and we offered them to notify our comparison.


Fake Christmas tree pros

While part faux Christmas trees may seem costly up front, they typically last in between ten and fifteen years, making castle a sounder financial invest than actual trees.Artificial Christmas trees are convenient, commonly requiring only basic assembly and fluffing once a season.You don’t have to worry about watering or preserving your man-made tree transparent the season.You space not cutting down a live tree and also disturbing pets that might inhabit it.

Real Christmas tree pros

You gain the quintessential holiday suffer of going come the farm (or tree lot) to pick a tree v your family.Though modern candles and air fresheners come close, nothing can specifically replicate the invigorating odor of organic pine.

Important features to consider

If you decision to walk artificial, there room a couple of buying determinants to keep in mind. An artificial tree have the right to last a te or more, for this reason it’s precious investing the moment to discover the perfect one for you. Right here are some vital features to consider:

Number of branch tips and shedding: If you’ve currently started perusing through faux trees online, did you do it noticed that many companies specify the number of branch tips on your trees. This is due to the fact that there’s a straight connection between the variety of tips and realism. More tips productivity a much more realistic tree. As with real Christmas trees, this branch advice are also bound to burned some needles. This is especially true the first time you take it the tree the end of package and collection it up. The finest fake Christmas tree will melted less with yearly of use.

Type the branches: The kind of branches top top the tree additionally has an influence on that assembly. You may want a tree through hinged branches, fairly than the kind you screw in because it makes assembly easier.

Material and also flocking: consider whether you want a tree flocked through fake eye (or glitter) or if you desire something more realistic. Friend may additionally want to select a tree that’s made with more Polyethylene (PE) than PVC due to the fact that PE is assumed to attitude less health and wellness risk. If you read the fine print, many tree suppliers will tell girlfriend what percentage of PE your tree is made through (if any).

Ease of assembly, disassembly and storage: most of the synthetic trees ~ above the sector (including the ones on our list) come in three parts that are easy to click together. However, the procedure of “fluffing” the tree (spreading the advice apart and also arranging the branches) have the right to be time-consuming. The more time you invest fluffing her tree, the much better it will certainly look. More on the later.

If you can not fit the tree ago into its initial box when it’s time to placed it far (who can?), just ensure the it’s covered and also stored in a cool, dry ar (or placed it in a Christmas tree bag).


Height and dimensions: take into consideration the elevation of the tree you’d like to purchase, bearing in mind that you’ll require to accessibility the height of the tree for decorating. If the ceilings in your home are within the traditional (American) eight to nine-foot range, a 7.5-foot tree is more than likely ideal because that you. The size of the tree friend purchase must be dependence on wherein you’re displaying it. If you placing it in a small corner, a narrow tree is best, conversely, a tree through a large girth is best for a front and center display.

Pre-lit trees and kind of lights: if deciding even if it is to buy a pre-lit tree is a an individual decision, we suggest that you don’t. Though the quality of cable lights has actually improved in the previous several years, friend still threat the lamp on your tree burn out prior to you’ve gotten complete use that the tree. Furthermore, you normally cannot eliminate the lights from the tree.

If you execute purchase a pre-lit tree, you must look because that one the has around 100 lights per foot-and-a-half that tree. Friend can uncover both incandescent-lit and also LED-lit trees on the market. However, LED lights space the by much the favored an option for their energy saving and long-lasting qualities.

Cost: The expense of man-made Christmas tree varies dramatically. While that true that higher cost is usually identified with a greater branch reminder count and better looking tree, there room some bargains out there that look nice realistic for an affordable price. The tree on our list run the gamut in cost, starting at about $20 (for a small apartment-sized tree) to end $100 for one of our height contenders. Though all of our picks autumn under $200, it’s no unheard of to drop nearly half a cool for a tree.

Want to gain the best deal on her tree? Some experts suggest girlfriend buy throughout the first two mainly of December.

How we selected finalists and winners

We started our pursuit for the best synthetic Christmas tree come buy through researching the fabricated Christmas tree market. While there are fairly a few brands the end there, many of the trees the are offered are nearly (if not completely) similar in material and composition. Numerous of lock are just renamed for various brands. We also found that part stores, prefer Walmart, offered multiple brand online yet only had their in-house brand in our local brick and mortar stores.

We additionally searched the web, scouring Amazon, home Depot, Lowes and Target for the most-reviewed and highest-rated trees. We stuck with trees under 8 feet tall due to the fact that that’s the height of the typical American ceiling.

Next, us consulted testimonial sites favor Wirecutter and growing sites like new York Magazine to acquire a more well-rounded watch of the trees on the market. Finally, we browsed home-decorating web page like good Housekeeping to see which artificial trees castle recommended. Indigenous there, us charted every one of the trees and their specs (like height and material) to compare and also contrast i beg your pardon ones were best.

The Christmas tree you choose will come down mainly to an individual taste, prefer which toothpaste you usage or what girlfriend eat because that breakfast. So, we didn’t acquire overly technological with our tree comparisons. Instead, us simply taken into consideration objective factors like the variety of branch advice on every of our peak contenders. Us took an in-depth look at the material composition of each tree. Then us looked at what it required to assemble and disassemble each one and also considered each tree’s cost.

Finally, we piled on ours sweaters and headed come the stores to check out our picks in person. We took pictures and notes and examined your textures up close. Then, us took the top contenders home and assembled, decorated (and photographed) lock ourselves, come make sure they lived approximately the hype.

Our finalists to be trees that had a good needle count for the price, looked great both decorated and undecorated and were a breeze to collection up.

The best fake Christmas tree: Best choice Products


When the comes under to it, a lot of fabricated Christmas trees in the $80 – $200 are really similar, if not identical, in design. For this reason, we had a difficult time choosing in between our height two contenders, the Best choice Products – Premium Spruce and the national Tree company – North valley Spruce.

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Ultimately though, we think the the 7.5 foot Best choice Products is the best synthetic Christmas tree. (And we promise we weren’t simply swayed by the name.) It’s obtained 1,346 lengthy branch tips that offer it a full and also fluffy look, even with its 52-inch width. It likewise seems to be a slightly lighter green shade than the NTC tree, i beg your pardon looks nice v the warm glow of cable lights.