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In the 31 years because its release, National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation has earned the difference of gift a holiday classic. A lot has happened in those 3 decades, of course, consisting of with the actors that aided make the comedy so memorable in the first place.

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Before we gain to the cast, though, let"s talk about the title. Yes, it"s true, there"s no actual vacation in the film. It"s a holdover native the 2 previous movies in the franchise, National Lampoon"s vacation (another classic) and also National Lampoon"s european Vacation (not therefore much). Prefer those films, Christmas Vacation speak the story of the all-American family, the Griswolds.

Chevy Chase

As Clark Griswold, Chase discovered one that his many memorable screen characters—a hapless, bumbling, however well-intentioned dad that many viewers found an extremely relatable. Since Christmas Vacation, follow starred in a series of mostly forgettable movies in the 1990s favor Memoirs of one Invisible man and Cops & Robbersons. He likewise reprised Clark in Vegas Vacation in 1997, i beg your pardon didn"t discover the success as the former films.

The previous Saturday Night Live star"s most high-profile function post-Christmas Vacation was most likely as a racist, sexist tycoon on the TV cult classic Community. (His function mirrored his offscreen personality a tiny too much, follow to some, consisting of co-star Donald Glover.)

Chase also had a memorable cameo in Hot bath tub Time machine (2010), and also a not-so-memorable one together (once again) Clark Griswold in the ill-conceived 2015 National Lampoon"s Vacation installment starring Ed Helms entitled...Vacation. His many recent live activity movie appearance was in The very Excellent Mr. Dundee, a straight-to-Amazon sequel the Crocodile Dundee.

Beverly D"Angelo

Ellen Griswold regulated to be both a mom figure and also a sex symbol, because of the spreading of D"Angelo. She"s mainly stuck with supporting duties after the Vacation franchise, which significant parts in American history X and Harold & Kumar Escape native Guantanamo Bay. She also had a recurring function on HBO"s Entourage, as well as made appearances top top Law & Order: one-of-a-kind Victims Unit and Cougar Town. Offscreen, she remained in a relationship with Al Pacino native 1997 to 2003, with whom she had twins.

Randy Quaid

An entire book could it is in written about Quaid"s life after playing the husband of Ellen"s cousin in Vacation, and that would simply cover his real-life exploits. To keep it brief, he and also his wife Evi have actually been associated in a a collection of controversies that have actually led to prevalent speculation about their mental health.

For numerous years, they lived on the run—mainly in Canada—due to unpaid hotel bills (among other things), all the while giving interviews and also posting videos virtual claiming they to be being hunted by a secretive crime group, the Hollywood Star Whackers, that kills turn off celebrities.

Before Vacation, though, Quaid was a highly respected actor that acted in the 1970s tv series The Last photo Show and Midnight Express. Post-Vacation, he brought on in comedy because that a time with movies like Kingpin before transforming in a prominent supporting function in 2005"s Brokeback Mountain.

Sadly, the starts of his criminal misadventures soon complied with with the cancelled theatrical production Lone Star Love in 2007. Allegations of physical and also verbal abuse throughout the rehearsals from that present resulted in him acquiring banned for life by the Actors" same Association, and also his life has actually seen countless bizarre turns ever since.


Chevy chase as Clark Griswold carving turkey in 1989"s "National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation."National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation: Warner Bros.

Juliette Lewis

Lewis actually played the 3rd Audrey Griswold, following Dana Barron and also Dana Hill from the very first two films. (The producer felt having actually younger kids was necessary to the Griswold story.) It"s funny come think this now, but Lewis to be unknown at the moment of Christmas Vacation.

Only two years later, she turned in an Oscar-nominated power opposite Robert De Niro in Cape Fear, which was adhered to by a slew of critical and advertisement hits. What"s eat Gilbert Grape, natural Born Killers and From Dusk till Dawn all followed. While she wasn"t able to sustain that warm streak of the 1990s, she has because fronted the rock tape Juliette and also The Licks off-and-on because 2003 v modest success.

Johnny Galecki

Galecki took end the role of kid Russ Griswold, complying with in the actions of Anthony Michael Hall and Jason Lively. While he never made much headway ~ above the large screen, Galecki is a bona fide TV star thanks to Roseanne in the 1990s and also then for his part as Dr. Leonard Hofstadter ~ above the fight The huge Bang Theory, i m sorry ran indigenous 2007 until 2019. Currently, he can be seen in a recurring role on the Roseanne spin-off, The Conners.

Notable mentions

Diane Ladd together Clark"s mother. Though Ladd to be arguably a larger star pre-Vacation thanks to a role in roman Polanski"s 1974 movie Chinatown and one Oscar-nominated part in Alice Doesn"t Live here Anymore (also 1974), she also enjoyed success v Primary Colors (1998) and also 28 Days (2000).

Doris Roberts together Ellen"s mother. Back she delighted in a long and successful career prior to Christmas Vacation, Roberts is finest known for she 1996-2005 operation as the matriarch on Everybody Loves Raymond. Sadly, she passed away in 2016 in ~ the period of 90.

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And who deserve to forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus? She was fresh turn off a run on the poorly-received 1980s Saturday Night Live cast when she landed the part of one obnoxious brand-new Yorker in Christmas Vacation, and she hasn"t looked earlier since. An initial was a small show dubbed Seinfeld, climate The new Adventures the Old Christine, and also then she Emmy-winning portrayal that Selina Meyer ~ above the HBO hit Veep. In January 2020, she signed a multi-year address Apple TV+ to serve as an executive, management producer and also a star on brand-new projects. Most recently, she emceed the last night the 2020"s autonomous National Convention.