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WDIVPolice body cam footage shows police officers arresting Christopher McKinney.

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Fox News 10 Phoenix mutual body camera footage the was exit by police. McKinney’s hands look come be spanned in blood as he resists several police officers who are trying to arrest him. McKinney is viewed spitting at officers and is heard saying, “You guys are walking down,” and also spews a racial slur.

He later says, “I’ll phone call this in the trial. I’ll call this in the trial and also they believe me due to the fact that I’m white!”

Haines told local 4, “It’s a lot because that the police officers to take on. Add the pandemic on height of that, girlfriend don’t desire someone else’s blood on you as lot as they don’t want yours ~ above them. Here, it’s everywhere.”

Local 4 said McKinney additionally assaulted a fire lieutenant who was trying to administer an initial aid in ~ the scene.

McKinney’s LinkedIn page Says He has actually a Psychology degree & Was involved in social Work involving Youth, education and learning & Poverty

A elevator check and some society media sleuthing top top McKinney seem to point to a man who has changed significantly over the last couple of years.

According to McKinney’s LinkedIn page, where he explains himself as a “Life-long learner. Problem solver. Known to do a difference,” he earned a psychology degree from Northwestern college in 2014.

His work history includes work in education, particularly in helping underserved and also impoverished human being navigate their method to financial and also educational success v nonprofit organizations.

An organization McKinney said he founded and was executive, management director of, Campus Rise, look at to have actually never acquired off the ground. Follow to info on LinkedIn, that was started in 2015, climate social media short articles stop that year and the connect to the website leads to a dead end.

While his LinkedIn profile paints a photo of a young male trying to do great in the human being and aid others, court records present he to be arrested in 2012 ~ above an assault charge in King County, Washington, but was found not guilty. Regional 4 reported that police said McKinney was charged with an assault in the current past against his mother and also stepfather, however those charges to be dropped.

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McKinney’s current charges include homicide, attack with intent to murder, and two counts the obstructing or resisting one officer. The is being hosted at the Oakland county Jail ~ above a $760,000 bond, jail documents show.

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