Wet hot American Summer is a TV regime that debuted in 1970 . Wet warm American Summer completed its operation in 1970.

It features Howard Bernstein as producer, Theodore Shapiro (composer) in fee of music score, and Ben Weinstein together head that cinematography.

Wet warm American Summer is videotaped in English and originally aired in united States. Each illustration of Wet warm American Summer is 97 minute long. Wet warm American Summer is distributed by USA Films.

The cast includes: Paul Rudd as Andy, Marguerite Moreau as Katie, Amy Poehler as Susie, Michael Showalter together Coop, Bradley Cooper together Ben, Zak Orth together J.J., Michael Ian black color as McKinley, A.D. Miles together Gary, Christopher Meloni together Gene, David Hyde Pierce together Henry, Janeane Garofalo as Beth, Molly Shannon as Gail, Marguerite Moreau together Arty, Michael Showalter as Alan Shemper, Elizabeth financial institutions as Lindsay, Ken Marino as Victor, Joe Lo Truglio together Neil, and Marisa Ryan as Abby Bernstein.

Wet hot American Summer Quotes

A.D. Miles together Gary

(A.D. Miles) "Hey Abby, I thought this was a different bunk." (Marisa Ryan) "No." (A.D. Miles) "Am ns bothering you?"

Amy Poehler as Susie

(Standup Comic) "White folks sound therefore stupid as soon as they gain mad. Castle be choose "hey asshole, I"m going to kick your b-hind." yet the brother won"t also need come raise their voice. This motherfuckers be favor "don"t make me speak it twice."" (Amy Poehler) "That"s true, that"s true." (Michael Ian Black) "I dislike white people." (Amy Poehler) "OK, stop. Ns feel like I"m watching regional theatre, friend guys. God. Am i in the Cleveland Playhouse or something? her craft is a muscle, you should exercise it. Take a break; think around what you"ve done." (Amy Poehler) "You guys, I"m yes, really going to miss out on this place." (Michael Showalter) "Me too." (Bradley Cooper) "Hey, let"s every promise the in ten year from today, we"ll accomplish again, and we"ll check out what type of human being we"ve blossomed into." (Amy Poehler) "Yeah." (Bradley Cooper) "What time perform you wanna meet?" (Zak Orth) "You median ten year from now?" (Michael Showalter) "Let"s satisfy in the morning so we have the right to make a job of it." (Amy Poehler) "Okay, for this reason what is it? Is it favor 9:00? 9:30?" (Michael Showalter) "Well, let"s speak 9:00, that way we can be right here by 9:30." (Michael Ian Black) "Well, no, why don"t we say 9:30, and then make it your beeswax to be here by 9:30? ns mean, we"ll every be in our so late 20s by then. I simply don"t see any type of reason why us can"t be areas on time." (A.D. Miles) "Okay, then, it"s settled. 9:30 that is. All agreed?" (Unnamed) "Agreed." (Michael Ian Black) "Good, because I have something at 11:00." (A.D. Miles) "You just have like a trapper-keeper complete of appointments, right?" (Michael Ian Black) "No, ns just have actually something in ~ 11:00, and I can"t readjust it, since I currently moved it twice." (Amy Poehler) "Hey you guys, everybody emphasis up, okay? every eyes here. I would choose to announce the Ben and I are planning to develop a music number from Godspell because that the music tonight." (Amy Poehler) "I"m sorry, Ben is producing. I am directing/choreographing." (Bradley Cooper) "I"m only speaking from an individual experience, but if friend can"t carry a tune, don"t come into the audition environment and also waste our time. For serious, okay?" (Amy Poehler) "Okay, and also bring a most movement clothes, AKA jazz shoes, dance belts, Lycras, et al. And seriously, FYI, you guys, this is no an excuse to obtain out of your continuous activities. This is one excuse to carry out some an excellent musical theatre. So be prepared, be enthusiastic, and leave her bullshit attitude and also baggage at the door due to the fact that we don"t require it." (Amy Poehler) "Beth, I might regret speak this, but how dare you usurp my authority as producer --" (Bradley Cooper) "Hmph." (Amy Poehler) "-- director-slash-choreographer that the talent show. I require you to recognize I have been busting mine balls, woman. Ns am informing you, the musical numbers are a mess, my kids are a bunch of amateurs, and also the last point I need today is some diabetic freak prancing roughly on phase making my life a life hell." (Amy Poehler) "All right; I"ll put him ~ above last." (Janeane Garofalo) "Good." (Amy Poehler) "Oh, she constantly wins." (Amy Poehler) "Before we start, I"d as with to to speak the campers you"re about to watch suck dick. However nevertheless, you re welcome welcome them."

Janeane Garofalo together Beth

(Janeane Garofalo) "McKinley, there are some reduced campers grounding in the ropes course. I supposed to call you about that yesterday, yet could you gain to the now?" (Janeane Garofalo) "Well guys, we"ve make it to the finish of the summer in one piece, except for a few campers who space lepers." (Janeane Garofalo) "The phone. The phone. Where"s the fucking phone?" (Janeane Garofalo) "Listen, Henry --" (David Hyde Pierce) "Please, speak to me Henry." (Janeane Garofalo) "Okay, Henry it is." (Janeane Garofalo) "Hey, you; coin for her thoughts." (David Hyde Pierce) "Beth, morning is the least of our problems." (Janeane Garofalo) "Don"t call me, oh, don"t call me, don"t also tell me you have actually crabs." (David Hyde Pierce) "No -- Yes, however that"s not the point." (Janeane Garofalo) "Andy? friend gonna clean that up?" (Paul Rudd) "Oh yeah. I will. Uh, i just obtained -- ns don"t have time best now." (Janeane Garofalo) "Clean it up, and come to mine office because that the meeting." (Paul Rudd) "I gotta --"

Paul Rudd as Andy

(Paul Rudd) "You French great." (Elizabeth Banks) "You"re no so bad yourself, Mr. Man." (Paul Rudd) "You taste choose a burger. Ns don"t like you anymore." (Paul Rudd) "Fuck you, dyke." (Bobby"s Buddy) "Andy, have actually you viewed my swimming buddy? If i can"t uncover him, I"m informing Beth the you let that drown." (Paul Rudd) "I was busy." (Bobby"s Buddy) "It"s your project to make sure kids don"t drown."

Christopher Meloni as Gene

(Christopher Meloni) "Now, we should make 8 gallons of pest juice through snack hour; carry out you understand where the flour packets are?" (A.D. Miles) "Yeah." (Christopher Meloni) "In the pantry, over the sink, right next to my bottle of dick cream -- Uh, wait, forget the last part." (A.D. Miles) "Did friend say cock cream?" (Christopher Meloni) "No. Ns said alongside my -- stick -- team, girlfriend know, stick team. Stickball. Walk away, leaving me alone." (Christopher Meloni) "Now end up up lock taters; I"m gonna go fondle mine sweaters." (A.D. Miles) "Come on; what?" (Christopher Meloni) "Finish increase the taters." (A.D. Miles) "And then what did friend say?" (Christopher Meloni) "And climate what did ns say?" (A.D. Miles) "You claimed you were going come -- fondle your sweaters." (Christopher Meloni) "Ah, uh; no ns didn"t. I claimed -- fondue the cheddar -- ns was thinking around making fondue v cheddar cheese because that dinner tonight." (A.D. Miles) "No, Gene, that is no what girlfriend said." (Christopher Meloni) "That is what ns said. Fondue cheddar." (Christopher Meloni) "Be proud of that you are." (Michael Showalter) "Huh? Gene?" (Christopher Meloni) "Shh -- that isn"t about the girl, Coop." (Michael Showalter) "It isn"t?" (Christopher Meloni) "Well, the is. However see if you have the right to follow me below -- it" (Christopher Meloni) "-- isn"t." (Michael Showalter) "Oh. So the is -- and also it isn"t." (Christopher Meloni) "You are ready to be teach the new way." (Michael Showalter) "Will friend teach me around this; what is it? A new way?"

Michael Ian black as McKinley

(Michael Ian Black) "Come on, execute something." (Zak Orth) "Or gain the fuck off the stage." (Michael Ian Black) "Arty, I need you to carry out me a favor. I need you to take a shower today." (Marguerite Moreau) "OK." (Michael Ian Black) ""Cause your parents room coming tomorrow, and I don"t desire to gain in trouble." (Marguerite Moreau) "Sure." (Michael Ian Black) "You haven"t bring away a shower once this summer. Not when in 8 weeks." (Marguerite Moreau) "I will." (Michael Ian Black) "You"re spanned in dirt. Take a shower."

Michael Showalter together Alan Shemper

(Michael Showalter) "When we first started hanging the end together, this morning, we were simply friends; but things change, and I"ve collapse in love with you. I simply know that if you offered me a chance, I might make you feeling so good. So i am coming, no as your buddy, and not together a co-counselor, but for the very first time together a man; a male who loves a woman, and also who desires to hold her and carry out for her and, yes, have sex v her; yet no, seriously, Katie, ns love the way you laugh and I love the method your hair smells and also I love it that sometimes for no reason you"re late because that shul, and I don"t treatment that you"re bowlegged and I don"t care that you"re bilingual; every I recognize is that ns would have said no to every single person on her list due to the fact that I"ve constantly wanted you." (Michael Showalter) "I want you inside me." (Marguerite Moreau) "What did girlfriend say?" (Michael Showalter) "Oh hey -- from before --" (Michael Showalter) "I checked out sleepaway camp so long ago that it to be the stone Age. No, but seriously, that wasn"t the stone Age -- it to be the ice Age. No, really, it was the rock Age." (Michael Showalter) "When i was at camp, mine favorite task was always arts and also crafts. Or, together we provided to call it: arts and farts and also crafts. We offered to make drawings -- cave drawings. I beg your pardon is my way of saying we were cavern men. I went to camp so long back that I deserve to remember saying "sticks and stones may break mine bones" and definition it. I visited camp therefore long back that fucking Jesus Christ was my counselor. And also my best friend hadn"t fully evolved yet. His surname was Ug and also he go on all fours. There were 2 epidemics as soon as I checked out camp: head lice, and the plague; the bubonic plague."

Ken Marino as Victor

(Ken Marino) "I"m a virgin." (Joe Lo Truglio) "Wh; you"re joking, right, dude? i mean, you"re a stallion, man, you"ve had actually like fifty or sixty women, for this reason it"s, you know, it"s favor --" (Ken Marino) "Actually it"s closer to -- zero." (Joe Lo Truglio) "Oh my god, oh my god. You space a loser. You room a loser. No." (Joe Lo Truglio) "You"re together a loser."

Marguerite Moreau together Katie

(Marguerite Moreau) "Listen, Coop; critical night was really great. You were exceptionally romantic and heroic, no doubt about it. And that"s great. Yet I"ve thought around it, and my point is this: Andy is yes, really hot. And don"t acquire me wrong, you"re cute too, but Andy is like, cut. Native marble. He"s gorgeous. He has actually this beautiful face and this incredible body, and also I genuinely don"t treatment that he"s kinda lame. I don"t even care that he cheat on me. And also I prefer you an ext than I favor Andy, Coop, however I"m 16. And also maybe it"ll be a different story once I"m ready to acquire married, however right now, i am entirely around sex. I simply wanna acquire laid. I simply wanna take it him and grab him and fuck his brain out, ya know? for this reason that"s whereby my priorities are ideal now. Sex. Especially with Andy and not with you."

Elizabeth banks as Lindsay

(Elizabeth Banks) "What "cha doing?" (Paul Rudd) "Writing in mine gournal. I create my think in that every day." (Elizabeth Banks) "Oh, you average a journal?" (Paul Rudd) "Yeah, whatever.

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Ns guess I"m no all smart favor you."

Molly Shannon as Gail

(Molly Shannon) "I hope you favor shrimp cocktail, since I desire you to be guest of respect at our wedding next week." (Janeane Garofalo) "Well, i hope it"s not jumbo shrimp, due to the fact that I"m allergy to oxymorons."

David Hyde Pierce together Henry

(David Hyde Pierce) "Oh, fuck my cock." (David Hyde Pierce) "So, do you job-related here?" (Janeane Garofalo) "Yeah, I"m the Camp Director. You?" (David Hyde Pierce) "Me, no, ns don"t work-related here." (Janeane Garofalo) "No, yeah, I"m the camp manager -- ns would know if you worked here." (David Hyde Pierce) "Oh, right."

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